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Xforce Keygen Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2009 Mem Patch

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Rest api for a mobile app is not working properly

I am trying to build a mobile app using ionic framework which can communicate with rest api. Rest api is hosted in our own server. I am trying to make a simple reservation for a flight. But whenever i click the submit button it redirects me to the homepage. But if i open the website directly or if i install the app in the phone itself then it works properly.
Here is the code.
I have tried this using ionic serve
var reservation = {
‘from’ : {
‘name’ : ‘Jessy’,
‘origin’ : ‘JCT’,
‘flight’ : ‘FR1285’,
‘to’ : {
‘name’ : ‘Cobra’,
‘origin’ : ‘BDL’,
‘flight’ : ‘FR1285’
‘to’ : {
‘name’ : ‘Rachak’,
‘origin’ : ‘BCN’,
‘flight’ : ‘FR1285’
‘flightId’ : ‘FR1285’,
‘propertyId’ : ‘AUD’

ionic.getPlatform().ready(function() {
method: ‘POST’,
url: »,
data: reservation
}).success(function(res) {
}).error(function(error) {

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