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Vigam is a video background manager and an excellent player for multimedia files. It has a customizable, playable video layer on the desktop background with a small integrated video player right there in the taskbar. You don’t have to install any extra apps just to play videos on your desktop. With Vigam, you don’t have to open extra media players and browse through your hard disk looking for the right video to play. Vigam is a ready to use full-featured solution to play all your video on the desktop background. Vigam is built to quickly play any video on your desktop and when you do you can see video titles in the taskbar. Anywhere you need to play movies or video files Vigam is ready for you to enjoy. The integrated media player is available right in the taskbar, so you can play your favorite multimedia files or files from your hard disk.

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Navigate to the desktop and you will see the shortcut on the desktop.


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Vigam 2.1.5 Crack

Vigam is a wallpaper changer with a twist. It changes the picture on your Desktop and locks you in a movie where the only thing that remains visible is the taskbar. You are free to put your icons anywhere within the borders of the screen.
* The Animated Wallpaper software is a great thing and has the ability to change and lock the wallpaper on your Desktop. However, this is only part of the puzzle. The other part is that everything that appears on the desktop is locked in the movie so you are free to put your Icons wherever you want.
* Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy this software. It is definitely not a game.
*Vigam makes your Desktop into a media player where your music and movies can play all by themselves. However, there are a few things you should know about. Vigam has an elegant interface, however, it is minimalistic and somewhat quirky.
*The video player software can be operated in a tray icon or window. This is a trade-off of making Vigam a desktop background application and making it a media player.
*Vigam has a built-in playlist with a few different video file formats which include a good amount of ones that aren’t from YouTube.
Integration of a video background is pretty close to success because the context menu works just fine, and desktop icons can still be visible, but only for fractions of seconds because of the overlapping video layer.
Far from being a pro
Pulling the application from the tray icon reveals the minimalistic and somewhat strange interface. Several themes can be selected in case you don’t quite fancy bugs, which is the default theme.
Attached you find a small playlist where you can add a decent amount of multimedia file formats for videos, as well as MP3. Controls are close to impossible to spot but are found as minuscule buttons right below the playlist.
A set of built-in settings give you the possibility to set a slideshow background, with options to choose several pictures. You also find a timer that either restarts or shuts down your computer at a specific hour.
A few last words
Bottom line is that Vigam was developed to let you have an animated desktop background, but also to serve as a multimedia player. However, merging a background manager with a media player resulted in an odd, poor, and faulty overall program. Starting from the want

Vigam 2.1.5

Turn your desktop into a video player.
Animated Desktop Background
Low-profile and light in weight
Simple interface
Main features:
Choose one of twenty built-in themes
Choose one or more video files
Choose one or more songs to be played in sync
Adjust the speed of the video or song playback
Add playlist to the desktop
Choose file management in the application tray
Set the desktop timer
Add songs to your playlist
Choose a background for the desktop timer
Set slideshow backgrounds
Start or stop the timerImmunohistochemical analysis of the mitotic index in the rat spinal cord following administration of 6-hydroxydopamine.
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What’s New in the?

Introducing Vigam – your new tool to convert your desktop picture into a stunning animated desktop background!
Watch your desktop become a background for an ever changing video. Search the built-in video library for the perfect one or upload your own. There are plenty of themes to choose from, including a slideshow mode.
And don’t just look at your desktop – with the ability to play videos, Vigam can work as a remote media viewer as well. Share your media with friends and you can be even busier thanks to its built-in MP3 player.
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System Requirements For Vigam:

Program files can be installed in the following locations:
Program files can be installed in the following locations: %WinDir%\System32
Installed version of the program
Other restrictions
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