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Creating and managing notes, memos, and other similar small short documents can be of vital importance in various situations and is, generally speaking, one of the most overlooked aspects of data gathering and storage today. Ensuring users do not feel the painful effects of lacking such simple tools, VersaNote for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 provides its users with a practical solution for storing little tidbits of information.
Store notes and reminders
The lightweight utility is highly intuitive, as newcomers can start creating entries without any issues of any kind. The one-window tool displays all currently stored notes in an ample list and users can reorder items by simply dragging them around. It should be noted that the program is best used for short and concise text fragments, as the application does not distinguish between the title and the body of the invoice (i.e. only one field stores information).
This intuitive setup ensures essential memos are kept above other items and well in plain sight. A visual 'star' marker is also available for selected items, and users can opt to display it when creating a new invoice by simply checking the “Important” box.
Share text fragments via OneDrive
Deleting notes can be performed individually or in batch, by employing the “Cleanse” button. However, since simply creating and storing short text fragments is not very helpful, one can also use the built-in search function to locate items quickly.
One satisfied with their memos, users can synchronize content with their OneDrive Cloud account; this ensures one can share information quickly, including to other supported mobile devices.
An overall practical tool for creating and managing small invoices
Summing up, VersaNote is a simple solution for anyone regularly working with notes, memos or similar short text fragments. The lightweight utility is well-suited for storing tidbits of information and comes complete with a search function and a OneDrive synchronization feature.







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VersaNote for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 is an easy-to-use, lightweight, and clean memo and notes application. It allows users to create and save texts, to import text data from many different sources, and to add attachments. Create, organize and manage notes quickly and easily from one window using a variety of easily accessible functions. VersaNote helps you make the most of the time you spend by making it fast and easy to take notes, write memos, create invoice, or just complete a quick shopping list.
It works on all modern Windows PCs and can be installed as a portable application (run it in your Windows file manager and move it wherever you need). You can also make it your default file manager.
NOTE: VersaNote works only on Windows 10. VersaNote for Windows 8.1 not works. VersaNote for Mac OS X is not available yet
Key Features:
Create and organize memos, notes and to-do lists
Store text-based files in online OneDrive storage
Import text data from many different sources and save it in your notes in a convenient way
Attached files are also saved for all your notes
Search text data in all notes quickly
Generate and print invoice
Export notes to PDF, EML and TXT formats
Include images, links, charts and any other attachments in your notes
Sort notes from within the application
Synchronize your notes with your OneDrive and Google Drive account
Compatibility: VersaNote for Windows 8.1 is installed and works on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. VersaNote for Windows 10 is an add-in program for Word, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook and most other applications. VersaNote for Mac OS X is not available.

The main window of the application is divided into three boxes. The left box is for the text entry and storage, the middle box allows switching between different note types and the rightmost one is devoted to adding attachments.

The left box allows users to create and save notes, memos or jotting down notes on a piece of paper. Underneath it, in the middle box, a notebook can be created in the format of simple text, calendar, ToDo list, memo, shopping list, or calendar. The notebooks of the same type are displayed in a sorted order on the rightmost side.

The middle box allows users to switch between notes, memos, shopping

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Quickly create notes and memos, share them with others, organize them in categories, reorder the list using drag-and-drop and use the search function.
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VersaNote for Windows enables users to create and store notes, memos and other short text fragments. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for users to create, edit and share their short text fragments. A simple drag and drop function makes it easy to rearrange and even reorder items by dragging them from one group to the other. As VersaNote for Windows was designed with simplicity in mind, no training is required, making it ideal for beginners. Share notes to OneDrive. VersaNote for Windows is open source and the code is available on GitHub.
Download VersaNote for Windows 8.1-10

Installer’s key Features:
– Create and manage notes, memos and other short text fragments
– Automatically and synchronize notes with OneDrive
– Simple drag and drop notes to reorder and move items in list
– Icon on desktop view for easy access
– Very intuitive user interface
– Newest versions are available as a free download

Note = this is a free product, but up to 5 VersaNotes can be added to any accounts with a paid account.
– Create a free account at
– Download and install onto your computer
– When asked for an update, confirm the Windows software notification to update.
– If a month or more has passed since last update, the application will not be downloaded, but this is safe and your notes are still available to you. Note that you do need to restart the app before using it again.
– The software will not be downloaded if you are currently using version 9.x. Versions 9.x and older have been discontinued.
– The Windows software notification will appear at the same time every month

1. Invitation to “Simple Notes” gives you your first note free.
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5. Additional new notes can be purchased in the “PLUS” version. Prices are established by the number of notes and by time.
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7. The application stores all the

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