TweetDeck Portable 3.1.3 Crack Free Download (2022)


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TweetDeck Portable Crack+ Free [March-2022]

-An automatic updates in the background
-Compatibility with major networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace
-Automatically recognizes IP address
-Ability to backup and restore tweets and accounts
-Manage multiple accounts
-Tape a screen shot of a web page
-Open multiple websites simultaneously
-Select Favorites and send them through e-mail
-Search web pages, news and more…
-Get new Tweets
-Include users in your Favorites
-Import Twitter RSS
-Publish new Tweets
-Post images
-Search timeline for the key word and see what’s trending
-Copy a line, phrase, image link or address
-Post the message publicly or privately
-Forward Tweets to other accounts
-Syndicate others’ content
-Make Twitter into a social network
-Share Tweet links
-Add a Tweet to your Tweet Journal
-Edit Tweets and add attachments
-Add lists, quick add and more
-View your Tweets, likes, replies and retweets
-View the Who’s Who
-Find and search users
-Stream a section of your Twitter feed
-Show friends on your friends’ timelines
-Use a database of Twitter URLs
-Sort out your Tweets by source
-Organize your Tweets by your friends, search and the date posted
-Save screenshots and print
-Support for all major browsers
-Powerful search and filtering
-Create profile pages and custom avatars
-Receive Tweets through email
-View timelines of your friends’ accounts
-See incoming Tweets
-Post Tweets
-Specify a priority for Tweets
-Other useful features
-Community forums and user groups
-And much more

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Author: ‘tomanm31’ –
License: Not Assigned
Size: 672 KB

TweetDeck Portable Full Version Download

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TweetDeck Portable Free Download

► Includes all the features available in TweetDeck.
► The interface is fully customizable.
► You can choose the background color.
► Can add columns.
► Schedules Tweets
► Customize and use to take care of multiple accounts
► Minimize to tray when the application quits
► Easy to use.

TweetDeck is a popular and one of the best twitter apps, even with the integrated presence in Windows. TweetDeck Portable makes it easier for you to browse your timeline, reply to messages or view any of your favorite or latest tweets. Moreover, it is fast and totally reliable tool to manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets, follow people and much more.
Comment if you have any query regarding the TweetDeck Portable and Share your experience with us.
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TweetDeck Portable is the unofficial iPhone client that includes all the features of the desktop TweetDeck.
TweetDeck is a popular and one of the best twitter apps, even with the integrated presence in Windows. TweetDeck Portable makes it easier for you to browse your timeline, reply to messages or view any of your favorite or latest tweets. Moreover, it is fast and totally reliable tool to manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets, follow people and much more.

TweetDeck for Windows version 5.2 is a lightweight client for the popular Twitter microblogging service. With TweetDeck for Windows 5.2, users can easily access and browse their timelines, update feeds and view tweets from Twitter and other services such as Instagram and Tumblr. The latest version of TweetDeck for Windows includes an upgrade to the new user interface based on the Ripple framework and new features including a Collections manager.

TweetDeck for Android is a lightweight app that allows you to browse through your Twitter feeds and update your timeline and comments for your tweets. TweetDeck for Android, you can also check out your other accounts by placing them in the grid. Tweets from your accounts can be viewed in lists, which lets you keep track

What’s New In TweetDeck Portable?

The TweetDeck Portable is a software tool that enables users to monitor and easily manage their Twitter account.
It enables you to check out what’s happening on your Twitter account in a graphical and feature-rich user interface.
This package consists of the portable version of TweetDeck, meaning you don’t have to install a program on your machine.
This software consists of several columns that enable you to view “Interactions,” “Messages,” “Activity” and “Home” on one single page.
It is possible to add more columns, such as mentions, lists, followers and the list goes on.
This package incorporates a search function so you can look for tweets or users by inputting a keyword.
You can set time to schedule Tweets and stream them.
This software tool also includes an option to minimize to tray on close, a feature that does not appear in the official version of TweetDeck.
This software package also includes the option to customize the font size and column width.

TweetDeck Portable supports multiple users, accessible by holding down the «Ctrl+Alt» buttons on your computer keyboard.
It is possible to check out users who are connected to the same Network or even different Networks as well, such as Facebook and Twitter.
The application includes a feature where you can link your Twitter account with your Facebook account.

You can add multiple Twitter accounts by holding down the «Shift» keys.

You can also create your own list of lists and manage them so that you can keep track of your interests.

You can also schedule Tweets and stream them in real-time, which makes the application very useful for users that wish to monitor the information coming from sources such as news or sports scores.

TweetDeck Portable Supports following other users, by simply holding down the «Ctrl+Alt» buttons on your computer keyboard.

The software tool includes the option to save your tweets in a folder, so that you can delete the tweets that have been viewed and archived.

The TweetDeck installation package is portable, meaning that you can move it from machine to machine without the need to reinstall it.

There are no annoying advertisements, hence you can actually use this tool without having to deal with pop-ups or Flash content.

You can easily add more columns and sort out the data visually on the application.

There are additional user features and screens that you can

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8
Intel® Core™ i3 2.4 GHz or higher
10 GB Hard Disk Space
DirectX® 11
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