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Waste management system

Waste management is the branch of waste management in which the storage, recovery, recycling and reuse of various types of waste are managed. Waste management is an essential part of environmental protection, to ensure sustainable development and protect the life and health of the current and future generations. Waste management is the ‘the science and technology of resources management’

Actual Waste

An actual waste is the final waste produced by the end user of the product or service. It can be defined as anything that will be disposed of by land, air, water, or by incineration (3). To be classified as actual waste, the material must either be inherently or potentially toxic. It does not matter where the material was produced. Even if the material was produced in your own backyard, it still constitutes actual waste.

Organic Waste

Organic waste is a substance that is made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and the other elements that are naturally occurring in living materials. It can be defined as anything that is derived from living organisms or is produced by living organisms. Inorganic waste (also known as non-organic waste) is made up of a substance other than those above. It can be defined as anything that is not derived from living organisms. For example, some inorganic waste includes glass and paper, but these cannot be considered to be organic waste. As these are not made up of living organisms, they will not decompose under natural conditions in a landfill and should be recycled or incinerated.


Recycled material is material that has been generated by a manufacturing process, and has already been used in one or more manufacturing processes. Recycled material can be defined as anything that is made up of one or more materials that have been recycled in some way. Examples of recycled material include metal, plastic, glass, paper, stone, stone wreaths, and other materials.


Recycling means converting or separating waste into new, useful material or energy. Recycling is the only environmentally sound way to deal with waste. Our planet is polluted with all sorts of nasty chemical and biological waste. Even the most innocuous wastes pollute and soil and contaminate water and air

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