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Timestomp-GUI is as the name suggests a simple graphical user interface specially designed for the timestomp program. timestomp  is a handy tool designed to enable the deletion or modification of time stamp-related information on files.







Timestomp-GUI Crack + Free [Updated] 2022

timestomp  is a handy tool designed to enable the deletion or modification of time stamp-related information on files. timestomp  allows the user to change the owner and the group associated with a file, to set the Modified, Accessed, and Created (m,a,c) times or to modify any of them. Supported files formats are: .NTFS .ISO .FAT .HFS .EXT .RAR .7Z .zip .MP3 Highlights: Allows changing any timestamp-related information on a file, or on multiple files Can modify (recreate) any data without losing the timestamps on the original data Can overwrite time stamp-related information on files with new information Can easily control how the time stamp information is changed (for instance, applying the new timestamp immediately, or at a later time) Can optionally save the modified/changed files back to disk Installation: Use PPM (easily available on most Linux distributions), WinRar 5.x / WinZip 5.x or some other compression tool to extract the archive. If it is not possible to use the GUI, you will need to use bash to extract the archive. To perform the tasks mentioned above, you will need to enter a command into the terminal. The commands for changing file timestamp are: timestomp :modify (time) (owner) (group) (directory) (name)  timestomp :changeOwnersAndGroups (time) (owner) (group) (directory) (name) To perform the tasks mentioned above, you will need to enter a command into the terminal. The commands for changing file timestamp are: [*] timestomp :modify (time) (owner) (group) (directory) (name)  [*] timestomp :changeOwnersAndGroups (time) (owner) (group) (directory) (name)  Examples: timestomp :modify (m,a,c) (file.zip) (2017-12-21 10:40:00) (zip file) «zipfile» (2017-12-21 10:40:00) timestomp :changeOwnersAndGroups (

Timestomp-GUI Crack

Running time stamp checks on your system. You don’t need to have any Unix-like or POSIX-like system. (Currently) supports 7x (SunOS 5.x, SunOS 4.x, Solaris 9, HP-UX 10.x, HP-UX 9.x, AIX 5.3, AIX 5.2, Linux 2.2, Linux 2.1, FreeBSD 2.x, NetBSD 2.1, OSF/1 1.x, OSF/1 2.x, OSF/1 3.x, BeOS 1.3, BeOS 2.1) The projects can be found at: [ [ [ [ [ [ 2f7fe94e24

Timestomp-GUI Crack +

Timestomp-GUI is a graphical user interface for the timestomp program. It allows to make changes to the time stamp of a file or of multiple files at once. Using timestomp-GUI, it’s possible to set the time stamp of new files before they are moved or copied, to remove a time stamp, to forward or backward time, to set a specified time interval to files. Features: 1. Modify files’ time stamps 2. Make copy of specified files 3. Move specified files 4. Set time interval 5. Set the time stamp of new files 6. Program resume 7. Display information of all time stamps in a file 8. Export/Import time stamps to/from other formats Example usage: > timestomp-gui timestomp is starting… Select the files you want to change the time stamp of. Please choose the file(s) you want to change. Current time stamp : New file time stamp : Specify delta by using ‘/’ separated values: > Now I made a copy of the above file, with the new time stamp: > The new file has been copied. Use ‘/’ separated values to do other actions. Please type ‘/’ separated values. 1. Delete a file 2. Fast forward 3. Create a folder 4. Delete a folder 5. Create a file 6. Delete a file 7. Send a file to terminal 8. Generate a file 9. Reverse a file 10. Reverse all the files 11. Send a file to terminal 12. View time stamps 13. Submit a file 14. Export time stamp to’strftime’ 15. Export time stamp to ‘PST’ 16. Export time stamp to ‘GMT’ 17. Export time stamp to ‘Unix time’ 18. Export time stamp to ‘US America’ 19. Export time stamp to ‘Universal time’ 20. Export time stamp to ‘Asia’ 21. Export time stamp to ‘Middle East’ 22. Export time stamp to ‘Europe’ 23. Export time stamp to ‘Africa’ 24. Export time stamp to ‘Australia’ 25. Export time stamp to ‘New Zealand’ 26. Delete a file 27. Add a file 28

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Timestomp-GUI will automatically and visibly indicate the result of any changes you make to a file’s timestamp, including saving a copy of the existing timestamp. Changes to the timestamp will also be highlighted on the file itself. Requirements and Setup: timestomp-GUI is basically a GUI Tool to edit and delete the timestamp on a file You need to add the timestomp executable to your path like so PATH=/path/to/executable:/usr/local/bin In order to use timestomp-GUI you should have timestomp installed. timestomp  is a handy tool designed to enable the deletion or modification of time stamp-related information on files. timestomp  will be available in most Linux/UNIX distributions. Starting timestomp  you first have to set your file selection. You can do this in three ways By left clicking on the filename. The filename is selected. By selecting the filename and pressing the enter-key. By selecting the directory and pressing the enter key. The three result are the same but the three method are different left clicking shows the menu right clicking shows the menu on the file. If you select the directory right clicking show you the directory tree menu. If you select any of these make sure that you select the last item you pressed. Otherwise you will select a different file that was not intended. The first menu shows the option to edit the timestamp or delete the time stamp. The second menu shows you the options to change file permissions. The last menu is the options to change the file owner and group Activation: In order to run the GUI itself you need to add timestomp-GUI as an executable to your path PATH=/path/to/timestomp-GUI:/usr/local/bin To start the GUI once you are logged in to your system execute the following command. timestomp-GUI –gui Plants and trees are awesome. They literally change the air we breathe, feed us, purify our soil, and give us shade from the sun. In this article we’ll find out what plants can teach us about grammar. These plants not only bring us food, but our living environment, and they are some of the most important for our survival. First, we’ll have a brief overview of Gram


System Requirements For Timestomp-GUI:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.66 GHz RAM: 1 GB OS: XP SP2/ Vista/7/8 HDD: 6 GB GPU: Intel GMA X4500 The USB keyboard works on most laptops and desktops. If you can’t connect it through the USB port try connecting it to a PS/2 port on the back of the computer. If it is connected via a USB keyboard, the resolution will be fixed to 1024×768. If the resolution is not fixed you need to


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