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Correctly models the tape motion and some of the smear effect, there is no simulation of the head saturation at the moment. When I get one I will add it.The way the tape accelerates and decelerates gives a nicer delay effect for many purposes.







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The static tape delay and CDP 3 levels are based on a recently
patented and improved tape delay scheme (sometimes called
«shortest path delay», or sometimes «multifaced delay»).
The trick is to use the shortest path, which (in the absence of
pre-recorded tracks) is fastest.
As with all methods that involve path selection (such as, say,
those used by the smallest-arc CDP and most small-arc
interfaces), the overall delay is a strictly exponential
function of the number of accesses. If you use fewer accesses,
you get less delay. But the delay becomes negligibly small.
The delay is computed as follows: Each time that the read head
begins to cross a track, the pointer is advanced by a fixed
distance. Each track is a fixed distance from the head. When the
pointer reaches one of those tracks, it is advanced another
fixed distance which (if the tracks are numbered with -1 being
the read track, 0 being the write track, and +1 being beyond
recordable) is (easily computed) +1. The tape is advanced a
fixed amount of time (30ms) before the head goes to read the
next track. No matter how far the head goes, it always goes
towards the center of the tape, and when it reaches there, the
tape ends. For example, if the user points the tape at track 0,
and tells it to play, it will read track -1, then +1, then +2,
and so on. If the user points the tape at track 2, he will play
all the way to track 3; but the time taken for the tape to go to
the end will have effectively made track 3 play immediately. The
tape is then advanced to the beginning of the next track.
This same technique is used for the 3-level CDP signal. The
«3» is «0» when the read head is at the center of the tape,
«1» for the first edge, «2» for the second, and «3» when it is
at the end.
The delay for the CDP 3 signal is computed the same way,
except that it doesn’t take 30ms to get to the last edge.
You can build a digital version of the above; have the tape
stretch across the number line, with

Tape Delay Simulation [Latest] 2022

This introduces the user into the world of tape modelling and delays at a deep and detailed level. It is difficult to describe what it does but here are some of the results:

Tape delay effect without saturation and acceleration

Tape delay effect with saturation and acceleration. Note the acceleration is not noticeable without the saturation.

Tape Delay and Simulation Description:
Some of the effects of tape delay:

More information about the code and how to use it can be found at Github.

Tape Delay Effects on MPC. On the Video:


JTR has a number of delay models, including two tape models, that are quite accurate when not using saturation. Some notes on it from late 2000:

Here’s a video that shows the effects of JTR when neither saturation nor acceleration is turned on.
(The above video and the following links are both from JTR developer Joris van Rosmalen’s site.)

Enantioselective and Mechanistic Aspects of the Aqueous Acid-Catalyzed [3+2] Cycloaddition Reaction of Maleimides and Yne-Derived Isocyanides.
We have studied the enantioselective and mechanistic aspects of the aqueous acid-catalyzed [3+2] cycloaddition reaction of maleimides and yne-derived isocyanides. With 2-benzoyl-3-pyridyl-1-maleimide as a model substrate, a series of maleimide-acetic acid/acetic acid-pyridinium salt (MAP) systems have been prepared and characterized. As shown by the total reaction kinetic analysis, maleimide can readily react with isocyanide in the MAP systems. Various factors, including the reaction condition, template effect, reaction rate, and enantioselectivity, are discussed in detail. It is found that the reaction rate of the ionic complex formation between maleimide and acetic acid/acetic acid-MAP is significantly enhanced by the template effect, which is the basis of the template effect for the asymmetric transformation. At low concentrations of the

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What’s New In?

If I record/replay from the main output this is recorded with the same delay as normal and its give the impression that the file is done.

— TRACK —-

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10. MacOS 10.7 or higher
VGA compatible or HDMI (if playing on a TV or monitor with HDMI port)
Internet connection
1 GHz CPU with 128 MB RAM
160 MB free HDD space
Compatible system speakers or headphones
Does not support some of the same features as the original Fallout 3?
Fallout 3: FO3 Scripting FAQ – English
Fallout 3: FO3 Scripting FAQ – French


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