SysInfo EDB To PST Converter 19.0 Crack Free Download

Email applications these days have a very diverse file format palette, and this, together with other intrinsic aspects, can often cause interoperability issues. This is where converters come in, to situations where for instance, one is working with the Microsoft Exchange email environment and needs to migrate the data to other, email-friendly formats.
Build specifically for addressing such requirements, SysInfo EDB to PST Converter will offer users a compact package that will allow them to transfer Microsoft Exchange email data, to PST or other Outlook-compatible formats, such as MSG, EML, MBOX, etc., as well as standard document formats, such as TXT, RTF or PDF.
In cases of data corruption in Exchange frameworks, storing data to EDB format is one of the most commonly used tactics. The application will enable users to convert all the information contained in these files, including tasks, calendars, events, journals, etc. The specific characteristics, such as header processing, dates, CCs, or other relevant details, are all maintained throughout the conversion process.
Last but not least, users will have the choice of splitting the exported data, therefore saving the information into multiple PST files, which can make things easier for further processing the resulting data.







SysInfo EDB To PST Converter Free

SYS INFO EDB to PST converter has the ability to read EDB files from any Windows Operating system and export to Outlook (.PST) files which makes it a great tool to use for migration and recovery of EDB files into Outlook format. It can import/convert data from EDB, ACCDB, DBX, Lotus Notes, Sybase.
SYS INFO EDB to PST Converter is very easy to use, just select the type of file that you wish to convert(eg. MSG, PPT, XLS, JPEG, TIFF) and click on «Start Export» or «Start Import» to convert it to.PST file.
It can convert any type of EDB file including folders, emails, journals, tasks, contacts, calendar, notes, attachments, categories, and any other relevant details.
SYS INFO EDB to PST Converter Features :
1. SYS INFO EDB to PST Converter Features:
*Export EDB, ACCDB, DBX and Lotus Notes Data to Outlook PST Files (.PST)
*View, edit and open.PST files
*Import/Convert EDB into Outlook (.PST) format
*Extract any kind of data including tasks, contacts, calendars, notes, etc. from EDB files
*Convert.PST files using Save As option
*Export EDB data to MSG, XLS, PPT, TIFF, RTF, SYS INFO EDB to PST converter offers multiple export formats for.PST. You can select any of the above mentioned formats before exporting EDB file and a.PST with the corresponding format will be generated.
*Support all Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
SYS INFO EDB to PST Converter Supported formats:
*HTML files, PDF files, RTF files, DOC files, MHTML files, TXT files, JPEG files, JPG files and Windows Mail in Outlook Express
*4-Thirds and 2-Thirds support
*Header data including dates, To/Cc/Bcc, Subject, From, Attachments, Categories, Free Space, Free E-mail Space, E-mail Messages Count, Free E-mail Space Count, Free E-mail Space Messages Count, Total Size, Used E-mail Space, Total E-mail Space, Total Exchange Space

SysInfo EDB To PST Converter Free Download

The powerful SysInfo EDB to PST Converter is compatible with most versions of Exchange and does not require special skills to operate. The tool allows to transfer EDB files to PST with ease, and it provides the possibility to convert multiple Exchange EDB files simultaneously. The program is backed up with an effective built-in support for all the most current multi-platform operating systems, including Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008.
With a batch conversion engine, the converter enables users to change the starting point of the conversion process from a specified folder, to all the Exchange items contained in the particular directory. The process will remove all the junk data so that user doesn’t get any complaint with the new system.
The program will work with EDB files stored on local disks or on FTP servers. Depending on the environment, the converter offers to process EDBs of various file sizes, including large ones, as well as for sizes covering large periods of time.
The product allows the extraction of the whole range of information contained in EDB files, including tasks, contacts, calendars, events, journals, notes, to-do lists, etc., which can prove very beneficial when dealing with users who have to work with this type of files.
A feature worth noticing is that one can select the conversion settings based on their own needs, such as reading header data, date values, text content, multi-line data, exact data formatting, etc., which will allow to configure the application in such a way that the users will get exactly what they want. In addition to this, the software will allow to change the standard filter settings and to alter the conversion settings accordingly, so users can make their files compatible with various email applications.
What is New in SysInfo EDB to PST Converter 2016?
Version 3.1 improves compatibility with recently introduced Microsoft Exchange versions.
Version 3.0 adds the ability to split multiple EDBs into separate PSTs.
Version 2.4.1 fixes bugs and improves compatibility with specific versions of Outlook, as well as with Exchange 2000.

SysInfo EDB to PST Converter Main Features:

Supports email conversion from EDB (Exchange Data Base) to other formats such as SMS (Sent), PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, etc.

After conversion, the client can use the new files with any mail client they want, the files will look exactly as an Exchange application would display the info.

The output (new PST files) contains

SysInfo EDB To PST Converter Crack+

Using the most advanced conversion technology of the market, SysInfo EDB to PST Converter is a solution that will let users to convert any EDB files, to the formats MS Outlook can process, such as:.EML,.MSG,.MBOX, and.PST.
Files with attachments can be quickly and easily imported into the selected format. Users will be provided with a variety of options, like:
– Automatic or manual conversion
– Ease of file processing
– Stability during the conversion process
– A wide range of conversions
– Compression and speed of conversion
– Extract, merge, split, or clone files
– Customize the converted data
– Possibility of downloading converted files from the FTP
– Customized folders in the destination mailbox
– Folders copying
– Configuration of the project
– Auto mail merging
– Email address indexing
– Customizable settings
What’s New in v2.0.3:
1- Improved Speed: SysInfo EDB to PST Converter is considerably faster and more stable than the previous version (with over 22000 customer reviews on mobile app store).
2- Fixed issue: Removed file format in advanced settings which might cause wrong conversion.
3- Fixed issue: Modify should be more intuitive: when using the Import button, «Modify» button will replace «Apply».
4- Fixed issue: There is a bug where you can get an empty export/import folder when exporting data in formats that have folders.
5- Fixed issue: Error message while setting advanced parameters.
6- Fixed issue: There is a bug for non-English language where export/import path is incorrect.
7- Fixed issue: There is a bug for non-English language where export/import path is incorrect.
8- Fixed issue: Crashes when some parameters are incorrect.
9- Fixed issue: Crash when deleting folder when some parameters are incorrect.
10- Fixed issue: There is a bug in app for full conversion mode where a mass rename option is not available.
11- Fixed issue: While setting renaming options, filters are not applied for renamed files.
12- Fixed issue: Outlook email address filter is not applied for renamed files.
13- Fixed issue: Some merge options are applied to converted folder even if you do not want them to be.
14- Fixed issue: There are some errors caused by file types and maybe we should change to

What’s New in the?

SysInfo EDB to PST Converter is an efficient and flexible application that will enable users to precisely extract information from the EDB files and export it to a variety of standard formats, such as Exchange.EML, Outlook.PST, MSG, EML, MBOX or other formats.
And by choosing between different formats and file types, the application will also allow users to choose which ones will suit their needs the best. This makes it easier to process the resulting data once it’s been saved to different formats, including the creation of backup copies.
The rich user interface and powerful options allow users to have access to specific data, fields, message formatting, and to make the most out of their additional requirements.
Using EDB to PST Converter User-Friendly Interface:
The software does not require special skills in order to use. Users will just have to make a few settings and, in no time, they will be able to export Outlook data and other information into MSG, PST, MBOX, TXT or RTF file types, or to any other, compatible format.
The user-friendly interface will allow anyone to handle the software without having to spend time adjusting the settings and options, therefore saving users the potential of making mistakes and having to manually re-process the conversion process.
EDB files, in the case of the application, refer to the slightly different Exchange EDB format, rather than the more traditional and popular MS SQL Server DBMS-based format. As the name says, users will be able to simply download the provided software and open the saved.EDB files that come with the installation.

Easy to use fully automatic offline data backup with a GUI, users can save office docs, pdf, images, contact info, emails, calendars, tasks, notes, bookmarks to the usb. You can also backup data to the PC to PC / network fileserver / NAS.
So that a different automatic data backup can be done.
Can back up all data to local usb / network / PC fileserver.
Can back up all data automatically.
Can back up to specific filetype like doc, pdf, jpeg, png, jpg, bmp, txt, zip, xls, xlsx, txt
Can back up to specific file size like 1MB, 2MB, 3MB, 5MB, 10MB, 20MB, 30MB, 40MB, 50MB, 100MB.
Data can be backed

System Requirements:

Minimum Specifications:
OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 4 GB free space
Video: Geforce 9600GT or higher (256 MB) with latest nVidia drivers
Graphics: ATI Radeon X800 or higher (256 MB) with latest ATI drivers
Networking: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: For best performance, the client requires the most recent DirectX 9.

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