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Download === DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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The Subliminal Master application can incorporate 21 categories of subliminal, therapeutic suggestions. The system functions as an interface between user and all the programs in the Subliminal Master library, and allows the user to select the programs, modify the programmed subliminal messages, and even recall the subliminal sessions via the provided software.
Subliminal Master Features:
+ Includes more than 21 new Suggestion Categories:
– Health, Relationships, Career, Finance, and more!!!
– 1,000 Suggestion Categories (1,000+ Suggestions)
+ Includes Un-Limit Suggestions:
– Unlimited number of suggestion categories, unlimited number of suggestions for each category
– Unlimited number of suggestions for each suggestion category, as user wants
– 6 different suggestion categories for 9 different location suggestions, as user wants
– 88 Custom Suggestion categories, as user wants
– 23 popular suggestion categories with a total of nearly 100 suggested suggestions (copy, paste, organize, choose or modify them as needed)
– Suggestions for any combination of category and suggestion
– 7 categories for 13 locations
+ Notification Sounds
– User can set most of the sounds for downloading audio files
– User can choose Download All Sounds of Each Category & Each Location
– User can choose «Aloud» or «Silent» for each download
– User can choose Do Nothing
– Short (1-2 second) or Long (5-30 second) download
– Download paused
– Download complete
+ Programmable Subliminal Messaging
– Include AdLib Sound Library (plays well with all AdLib compatible sound modules)
– User can easily choose which categories are playing, and the volume for each category
– Each category can have from 1 to 5 subliminal messages for that category
– User can easily save subliminal messages on to a CD for later use, or perform a serial download and save audio files for other users or computers, or add them to «MS:Nt» and «C:Nt» for easy organization.
– File Types:
-.MP3 and.WAV are compressed audio files
-.MP3 and

Subliminal Master Crack+ Activation Code

Subliminal Master is a fully intelligent, interactive subliminal software program, that mixes the power of subliminal messaging with user interactive options…
1. You can choose which messages should be displayed… or have them automatically displayed at the end of a session!
2. You can choose which interface to display, whether flat or 3D…
3. You can choose which interface to use…
4. You can choose which controls to use…
5. You can choose the options for each category…
6. You can create, save and restore your own personal library of «categories» and suggestions…
7. Subliminal Master can be run in the background, and will display still graphics when windows is minimized…
8. Subliminal Master can be run under Linux (with modification)…
9. Subliminal Master can be run under Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8…
10. Subliminal Master can be run in the foreground or the background…
11. Subliminal Master can be run on either a keyboard or a mouse!
12. Subliminal Master can be set to run in the background, meaning that you can be working or surfing and will still have subliminal suggestions displayed…
13. Subliminal Master can optionally allow you to display the results of your subliminal suggestions.
14. Subliminal Master can optionally allow you to display the results of subliminal suggestions when Windows is minimized.
15. Subliminal Master is designed to make suggestions that enhance your life, your work and your vision, that help you dream and create, that propel you into your future, and that keep you on course!
16. Subliminal Master’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create subliminal suggestion libraries and modify their suggestions to fit your own needs!
17. Subliminal Master uses a unique 3D interface that allows you to watch suggestions as they play out, giving you a much better idea of how your suggestions will affect you, and why.
18. Subliminal Master uses a unique 3D interface that allows you to watch suggestions as they play out, giving you a much better idea of how your suggestions will affect you, and why.
19. Subliminal Master uses an advanced implementation of Stereopsis to make the 3D interface feel like «real life»!
20. Subliminal Master uses an advanced implementation of Stereopsis to make the 3D interface feel like «real life

Subliminal Master Crack + Full Version

… more features, more subliminal categories, and more subliminal suggestion categories than any other Subliminal Master! With Subliminal Master, there’s absolutely no need to guess, or to experiment with different settings. Just type in the time and the code for the suggestion you want to trigger, and let Subliminal Master do the rest!
… ability to auto-play audio files for long term subliminal effects, set the volume of the subliminal suggestion, and even set the volume of background music!
… more categories, more audio files, more suggestions, more study times, and much much more than any other Subliminal Master.
… with binary switch technology, there’s no risk of accidentally subliminally contradicting yourself, or your own advice! With binary switch technology, you never need to compromise a concept or idea for the sake of other, less important suggestions.
… fully programmable subliminal messaging program, using the Subliminal Master’s user controls to create custom subliminal messages with unlimited customizable suggestion codes, and unlimited customizable study time configurations.
… user customizable subliminal messages, including customizable file names, customizable wording, customizable text color, customizable audio speed, and customizable sound density.
… fully customizable background music for user study purposes, or for when you are listening to your own subliminal advice program.
… and more than 100,000 pre-created subliminal messages ready to use in future studies.

… all categories and audio files included! No need to buy extra subliminal categories or files! Subliminal Master includes the most categories and files of any product!

… over 100,000 ready to use subliminal messages, including time lapse as well as second line suggestions!
… Advanced categories (time lapse suggestions):
High-dose Stress
Strong willedness

What’s New In Subliminal Master?

The Subliminal Master (SMM) is the most powerful, effective, comprehensive, and fully programmable Subliminal Messaging application has finally arrived.
The first and only program that truly deserves its name…
The Subliminal Master! Fully user programmable subliminal messaging program, displaying therapeutic subliminal suggestions while user works or surfs with their PC!

What is subliminal messaging?
The Subliminal Master takes any sound clip, program, video clip, or any image clip and inserts «suggestions», «reminders», and/or «reinforcements» (including affirmations, visualizations, and/or meditations) from the following sources:
-Personal Subconscious Mind (via Hypnosis, Meditation or Hypnotic Programming)
-Fully Random Generated subliminal messages with built in statistical analysis (via Pan)
-Humans and animals who are using subliminal messaging to change their lives (Subliminal Humans, Subliminal Animals, Subliminal Imagery)

As an independent software developer, I wanted to make a program with as many features as possible to satisfy the needs and desires of subliminal software users, and even to make a little extra money. The Subliminal Master was the result of that desire!

What’s New:
SVBS Version 1.5.4

Improvements in subliminal messaging:
-Now you can record the audio, image, video clip and choose the number of subliminal suggestions to send at once
-Sets of Suggestions can now be presented in a message with a choice of categories to choose from (for example, Crying, Happiness, Depression, Anger, Stress, Family, and Injury).
-The Stochastic part of the Suggestions setting is now called the Search Field. You are now able to select the range of numbers (typically, between 1 and 256) that is going to be searched using a search field for the computer to find the least number.
-You can now rerecord a message for free; simply hit the Rec button
-You can now choose a message speed to broadcast a message
-You can now delete messages that are overwritten by newer messages
-You can now click on the help button and get a brief description of any subliminal suggestion, custom sound or image clips, and other features

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-2350M or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 700 MB available space
Additional Notes: SLI enabled motherboard and graphics card required.
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i7-3820 or AMD equivalent

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