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Simple clock to help you read your favorite online news This is a simple plugin for your browser, specially designed for reading news from online news sites. Online news users often read the websites on their computers and tablets. It can be configured in the list of supported websites for the following browsers: ■ Firefox, Chrome, Safari ■ Does not work on mobile ■ The plugin is in Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Italian and Spanish. ■ Works offline. ■ Requires Internet Explorer 7 or newer and Internet Explorer 9 or newer. ■ Download for Windows OS The software works as a freeware, it does not contain any form of advertising. It is possible to get to the online help for free, if this is not enough, you can purchase a one-off license by clicking the button included in the application. Features: ■ Online news on a list of websites ■ Can be configured offline ■ Supports Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 9 ■ Does not require a connection to the Internet ■ Allows you to choose the region you prefer ■ Is able to display as much as 8 languages ■ Can be downloaded for free Requires: ■ Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 9 ■ Minimum supported OS version is Windows XP SP2. ■ Only works on the English language. ■ Make sure that Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 9 is installed in the system. ■ May not function well in some configurations. ■ Requires a user with administrator rights, or preferably a user with the rights to modify the registry. ■ Supports Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 7. About Internet Explorer Internet Explorer (IE) is a browser which was originally developed and published by Microsoft, and is a primary browser for the Windows platform.Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge is a web browser that was formerly known as Microsoft Internet Explorer. Support of IE on Windows XP ends in April 8, 2014. The successor to IE is Microsoft Edge. Download the software from the official Internet Explorer site, or from their official GitHub site if you choose to donate. Features: ■ The command line to enter in the configuration from the registry. ■ List of websites for reading. ■ Can

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Hey! Just another clock, only different. Yes, the interface is typical, but this one has some advantages over other clocks. Important! On Windows 10 and later versions, be warned that you must turn off “System protection” and “Privacy” in the “System” or “Administrator”-tab, then restart the computer. After you do that, the program will work fine, but in the past it was reported that some other issues arise at that point. On an alternative, you can disable the “Windows Defender Smart Screen” settings or check the “View Fullscreen” option in the settings’ menu. Note: In some cases, it may turn off the notifications in the Start Screen. Air Screen is a full-featured MS Windows application designed to help users better control the audio in the background when videos are played on Windows. Features: ○ Restores audio settings in Windows Media Player ○ Automatically pause/resume audio playback when a new video plays ○ Improves quality of media playback by detecting audio/video codec of the current media and adjust audio level accordingly ○ Reduce system volume when no video is playing ○ Automatically scale audio volume to prevent sound distortion ○ Automatically pause/resume audio playback when a new video plays ○ Automatically adjust audio volume when playing videos and adjusting video volume when playing audio and vice versa ○ Automatically adjust volume and audio/video playback rate ○ Mute, pause, volume and playback speed controls ○ Transparent and customizable window ○ Supports multiple audio and video files ○ Can schedule playlists for later ○ Organize playlists and albums ○ Optimized for use with Windows Media Player ○ Optimized for the Windows Media Player volume controls Sound Screen is a useful audio utility that helps users manage audio levels, manage the device’s speakers, change between and convert audio formats, and play with audio effects. It is important to mention that if you have limited knowledge in electronics or hardware, you can take advantage of this program to set up your computer’s audio system so that it automatically adjusts its audio volume level based on different situations or events. The program itself is extremely easy to use and comes with a clean interface. This b7e8fdf5c8

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Users of Internet or the internal networks can synchronize various applications that use the clock and display it on the desktop, or show the clock on the various monitors Requirements: – Internet – Java Applet – Internet Explorer or Mozilla-based browsers – Networks This is a desktop application which let you create an alarm that can be set in exact time. Using this application, you can create any alarm, from a simple Alarm to a Alarm which can be sent via email, text messages, mail to your mobile phone and many more with any notification option and in any window of your choice. To create an alarm, first of all, you need to set up your options for changing the time and time zone. It also contains a range of different notification options like, popup, text, email, call and many others. After that, you can add any application by clicking on the + button. Then you can setup alarms for the given times. Finally, you can save your setup by clicking Save. It is also possible to change the alarm type, time for the alarm, the location of the alarm, the sound and many more. OpenVPN Windowswil help to open connection ports to the network and use security protocols such as SSL-VPN, IPsec, IPSec. Requirements: • Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 • SSL or OpenVPN IOCE4u is an application which helps you to create an ad hoc network with a single push button without having to connect to the internet and use the mobile internet. Creating an ad hoc wifi network is easier than ever with only one button, and it will work for WiFi and LTE with great customer service. Customer service support is available to help the customer if there are any issues. Requirements: • Microsoft Windows 8 or higher • Optional: 4G LTE Modem Show MP3 or Video On Your Monitor – WinAmp will do everything for you. Try it and you will see how easy it is. The user interface is also available in both English and Spanish. To create a shortcut, you need to connect with the http2Sock tool by adding it in the registry or a hard drive. One can create shortcuts in a couple of ways: · Create a shortcut using the Minishell · Create a shortcut using the command line Minishell · Create a shortcut using the command line Minishell The first step in creating a shortcut is to

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Select Clock that you need, it supports not only Alarm Clock, Digital Clock, Repeating Clock, Stopwatch, (ESC) and Pendrive Clock. You can choose the Clock font and choose your clock background image, set the clock face background color, select the color of the clock hands, the color of the indicators such as Minute and Hour hands, the color of clock hands from which, from which the hour and minute hands can be moved. Add/Edit/Delete your own data via set of predefined pattern, looping function, and customize to your preference. The tool is simple to use, it requires only a few clicks to set up. All the time periods can be previewed by playing a song or video in background, in addition it is also possible to record one or more time periods by taking a screenshot. The output is a.MP3 or.OGG file and the saved screenshots can be moved to the app’s application folder or a desktop folder. Saved screenshots can be opened directly in the application or at the desktop from which they were taken, so they can be edited directly using the standard photo editing software such as Paint, Gimp or other, all you have to do is save, and then drag and drop the image from the program you open it in onto any other application. Egrector pro allows you to change the handwriting of its default script to any other script or to create your own. It is a fully programmable handwriting recognition software that does not limit you to the standard Japanese writing system. You can add an unlimited number of dictionaries and easily create a customized handwriting recognition engine from scratch. Also, it is possible to connect to several dictionaries and merge them. Also, users can connect a list of words to the engine and get the spellings or output notations for any word in that list. Also, it is possible to specify the pronunciation of any word in any language, which allows you to add dictionaries easily. Write/ Recognition function In addition to handwriting recognition, users can easily create their own script using its various editing tools. Users can use the script editor to change the handwriting font or text style or customize the offset position and the size of the characters. Users can use the input and output functions to take input or create output any time they want. The software can generate a.TXT file or output of the.XML file using the selected input/output. Write/Input/

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Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 1 GHz CPU 1 GB RAM Minimum of 100 MB of free hard drive space Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox, or Chrome PCIe-bus connected sound card with 2 channels (mics/lineouts/headphones) Additional Notes: The source material of these scripts is carefully protected and not distributed in any way. Any attempt to use them in violation of the author’s copyright, for example by posting the files on a public website, may result