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ShowDLLs is a lightweight command-line application that you can use to find out all DLLs being used by a specific process. This type of software can help you track down the resources of a running program and diagnose DLL-related issues.
Find all DLLs being used by a specific process
Installing this tool isn't necessary. Instead, you can unpack the downloaded file to any location on the disk or straight to a USB flash drive to be able to run ShowDLLs on any computer directly.
Although double-clicking the executable file brings up a console window and lists the available commands, you have to first open a Command Prompt window and then call ShowDLLs's process to be able to use the tool.
Lists DLLs in load, initialization or memory order
The usage is ShowDLLs [-l | -i | -m] <process_id>. If you only execute the ShowDlls <process_id> command, then the utility simply analyzes the process you indicate by ID, and displays a list of all DLL files being used by it.
In addition to the file name and format of each DLL item, you can find out the base address, entry point, load count, and full path on the disk to be able to track it down easily. Furthermore, you can instruct ShowDLLs to show all DLLs in the load order (-l switch), initialization order (-i switch) or memory order (-m).
There are no other noteworthy options provided by this application. Unfortunately, the current version of the program is capable of listing DLLs from 32-bit processes only. For the 64-bit ones, you get an error message.
Simple and straightforward tool for identifying used DLLs
All aspects considered, ShowDLLs offers a simple solution for identifying all DLLs being used by a running process. It worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our evaluation. Since this is a console-based program, it can be easily used for scripting and automation.







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Platforms Supported: Windows

Downloads: 1

File Size: 12

Developer: Joe Hughes

Note: You can get the trial version that will be available for 15 days from the link below. After that, you will need to renew your subscription.

P.S. This article uses the ShowDLLs software to demonstrate the command-line syntax to list all used DLLs by process.


I’m sure there are many tools out there, which can list the DLLs loaded by any process. However, I have a quick tool that does exactly this.
Here’s what it does:

List all loaded DLLs in the startup process
Possible arguments:

-s Start the list for all processes in the system
-r Start the list for all processes in the current user’s session
-l DLLs to show the name and path

Do not need to run any additional windows command. It comes by default with Windows.
The tool itself is released under the MIT License. I’m not going to
make it available online, as the source code is copyrighted to me.

Some of the other features:

It doesn’t need to run external program to find the path of the DLLs
The order in which the DLLs are loaded is kept (this is useful for
debugging, which is well beyond the scope of this answer)

The tool can be downloaded here:
Here’s how to use it:

Run the tool without any argument to get a list of all loaded DLLs. For example,
binsearch -s

If a DLL is being loaded in the startup process, then it should have a prominent label next to it. For instance:

For larger screen resolutions, the output of this tool should look similar to this:

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ShowDLLs Crack Serial Key For PC

Simple and straightforward tool for identifying used DLLs
The tool scans processes
and checks for dependencies on a running process by analyzing the
proccess name, process ID and the modules required to start the
The tool can be run without installing any additional software and
doesn’t need a password.
A complete list of DLLs or executables used in a process is listed
in the standard Windows module table.
ShowDLLs Activation Code is able to identify non-system DLLs being used by a
The scan can be performed on:
Processes started by other processes
User accounts with special permissions
The Windows system process
Running from local media
ShowDLLs Crack Mac can be executed from the command line without any GUI,
which makes it perfect for unattended usage scenarios.
It is able to identify the following DLL formats: PE32, PE32+, PE32++, PE32- or PE32+.
ShowDLLs Crack Mac can show all loaded modules by modules, or only the modules
requested by the process.
For a full list of supported DLL formats visit the documentation page
ShowDLLs – wiki

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ShowDLLs With Key [April-2022]


I’ve written a small cross-platform tool to do exactly what the question is asking. You can find it here: It works by running the process you want to examine, getting a list of all process loaded DLLs from the Windows API, then scanning those DLLs for the functions they contain. It will then output them as a CSV file, with the column headers being the original function name and the column values being the symbols table locations for the two functions, with a boolean flag denoting whether or not the symbol is being used by the process.
I hope you find it useful!


Call a method only once in a class

I want to call a method only once in a class.
private void button3_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
label2.Content = Convert.ToString(Convert.ToDouble(«258.00»));


public void Calc()
label2.Content = Convert.ToString(Convert.ToDouble(«258.00»));

What I want is:
I will click a button for the first time, the program will call the «Calc» method. But if I click the button again, the previous result will stay there.
How can I do that?


No you cannot in one operation. You can simply modify the content of label2 to the original value.
private void button3_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
label2.Content = Convert.ToString(Convert.ToDouble(«258.00»));

label2.Content = Convert.ToString(Convert.ToDouble(«258.00»));

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What’s New in the ShowDLLs?

ShowDLLs is an easy-to-use utility that lists loaded DLLs in a process. It also lists DLLs in the initialization and memory order, and provides some additional information for each.
ShowDLLs is free to download and uses Windows 98/2000/XP/7/Vista/8/10 interfaces. It does not require administrator privileges or an installation.
There are no other positive features provided by the utility. It is a simple and straightforward application that only lists all of the loaded DLLs, regardless of their usage.

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SimpleNIO : BadElementException for running integration test

For my integration tests I need to create a new netty server and then proceed to starting some routes, it is working fine if not in the integration test.
My integration test:
public class HomeControllerIntegrationTest {

private MockMvc mockMvc;

public static void beforeClass() {

public void indexShouldReturnHome() {

NetworkManager is a custom manager class and provides an interface that allows me to set an external scheme.
Sometimes this integration test never works. Any idea why this could be?
Full StackTrace:
java.lang.IllegalStateException: missing lookup for key (type=int
, key=25) at com.funtl.funtl.samples.web.controller.HomeControllerIntegrationTest.beforeClass(
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

System Requirements:

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Where does it have to play, where is the sound chamber, where is the power distribution…
From the developer’s point of view, it’s an interesting product and a high cost / quality product.
To complete the list, the best question is the possibility to expand its offer.
The idea of ​​the development of this pedal is to provide

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