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Can’t set the AutoCompleteBox to searching a specific field

I’ve a rather complex WF to do so I’ve created a new query for my existing data source.
I’ve also created a new query based on my temp data source to be used by the AutoCompleteBox:
string tempDS = @»temp_site_listDurableData Source=C:\Users\elisabetcasajú\Desktop\db_test\webshop.sdf»;
string realDs = @»real_site_listDurableData Source=C:\Users\elisabetcasajú\Desktop\db_test\webshop.sdf»;

var b = new BindingSource();
b.DataSource = Factory.GetDataSource(tempDS, realDs);

var box = new AutoCompleteBox()
DataSource = b,
ItemsSource = b.DataSource

The problem is that I’m getting the error:

An unhandled exception of type ‘System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException’
occurred in System

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