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With the help of this program you can eject your CD / DVDROM drive directly from your keyboard.
After starting the software press Ctrl + J to eject the CD / DVDROM. Pressing Ctrl + J again will close the CD / DVDROM tray.







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Skype Video Chat will make your life easier with the desktop free application which allows you to make video calls from a variety of devices, ranging from the mobile phones, Laptop, PC, and even webcam.
Skype Video Chat has changed the way people communicate with video and it’s a popular application that allows you to meet your friends from anywhere in the world for free.
It’s suitable for anyone who wants to talk to their friends and family from their home or mobile phone, that too for free. You may also call your business contact or simply you would like to know what’s going around at your office. Skype, a free real-time video call service from Skype Technologies SA, was awarded the prize of «Most Promising Internet Technology» in the 2007 ZDNet’s «Tech Event of the Year».
It has a user friendly interface that is widely accepted as an entry level application. Skype Video Chat is the chat program that revolutionize the way people connect with friends and family via real-time video. With Skype Video Chat, you can make free video chat calls on your PC and talk with your buddies, families and friends with just a few clicks.
With the Skype Video Chat Software application, you can make real-time video calls, send text, photos, and video clips through your computer or mobile phone. Skype Video Chat allows you to have free, all-in-one video, voice and chat calls. You can use your computer to talk in real-time with other Skype users or you can have a video call with people who use Skype Video Chat by using the built-in webcam.
Just download the Skype Video Chat Software for PC on your desktop and your mobile phone, and you’re ready to start using the free Skype Video Chat Software.
Skype Video Chat has the option to make calls through PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPhone, and other devices.
Version is a free program. You can download the latest version of Skype Video Chat from our website –
Download Skype Video Chat – The most easy to use video calling software that allows you to chat with friends and family from any connected device. Make the best calls with Skype Video Chat just with a few clicks and enjoy free video calling to more than 200 countries and regions.
3 Uses
1. Skype Video Chat on all your computers. Sign up for Skype account to enjoy video calling with friends and family. No

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csstidy is a powerful software that can process, clean, compress and format CSS code.
What’s in the module?
Everything you need to process, clean, compress and format CSS code.
It’s important to highlight that CSSTidy is:
■ free
■ absolutely open-source
■ absolutely cross-platform (works on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and others)
■ much faster and more reliable than other available tools
■ cross-browser (works on all major browsers in use today).
How does it work?
Using regular expressions, CSSTidy parses the input CSS code, converts all attributes to their equivalent character in hexadecimal format and removes all comments, tags, classes, IDs and unclosed brackets. All opened and closed brackets are re-attached.
The CSS code is further optimized by removing all unused properties.
The result is a compressed and cleaned CSS code which can then be further optimized for use in the production environment.
Because of the nature of regular expressions and hex values, CSSTidy is compatible with the latest CSS-features and can efficiently compress, clean and optimize all CSS code.
(the module depends on PHP as additional module)

If you’re looking for a free PHP library with FTP support you have just found it. Yes, we’re talking about Net/FTP, and you’re not gonna get a full-fledged FTP client here.
The Net/FTP module is an add-on module for PHP 5.2.0 and above that gives PHP developers the ability to quickly and easily upload files and access FTP servers.
You can upload files of any size up to 2 GB, and you can read, create or delete existing directories and files. What’s more, Net/FTP supports querying the list of directories, extracting files, storing data in a file cache and encrypting data.
The plugin is compatible with more than 30 FTP servers, including ezFTP, mNetFTP, PhpFTP and PHPWeb.
Let’s see some of the features that Net/FTP brings to the table.
Net/FTP doesn’t have a graphical user interface, so most functions can be accessed through a command line interface.
Here’s an example of Net/FTP’s in action. The preceding code should give you an idea of how Net/FTP works.
You can upload files up to 2 GB


A simple user interface that allows you to search and sort videos.
The software is an easy-to-use search engine designed for organizing an unlimited number of videos in a simple and intuitive interface.
Check the videos you like, create groups and set the order of display, and your video library is ready to be shared with your friends thanks to a Web interface.
Videos can be saved in various formats, including FLV and WMV as well as MKV and MP4. If you still can’t find your files there, you can recover them with the software’s advanced search function. This is what makes it convenient to use, as you don’t have to upload the videos to YouTube or to the social networks for them to be recovered.
You can also share the videos you like with a set of friends, as well as send them the link to any video you like.
Videos can be sorted by folder, group, title and various categories.
In addition to basic features, you also have the ability to view the subtitle, chapter, the author, year, size, device, content and one of the most important, the quality.
Search Description:
Features a list of tips to enable you to properly clean your computer.
The Clean Up program is designed to help you clean up your computer with a large and clear interface, a dedicated system tray icon, as well as a single window that displays the most recent action performed by the program. It allows you to scan, clean, repair, optimize and uninstall programs, a clear and easy system explorer, as well as videos, data and torrents cleaning tools.
You don’t need to enter a password to run the program, as it allows you to run any file you would like.
The application didn’t crash, freeze or generate error dialogs during our tests.
The application is based on Vista and Windows 7, is free of spyware and doesn’t consume significant resources.

«As with any Windows program, you should always run a scan to avoid being exposed to unknown threats».
Browse The Video(s)
Features a list of tips to enable you to properly clean your computer.
Clean Up program is designed to help you clean up your computer with a large and clear interface, a dedicated system tray icon, as well as a single window that displays the most recent action performed by the program. It allows you to scan, clean, repair, optimize and uninstall programs, a clear and easy system explorer, as well as

What’s New in the Search?

Circuits can be created and easily modified in the program, because it features numerous options and tools that can be used to test the circuits without having to create a single one.
The creation of circuits can be accomplished with the use of a schematic editor that is provided with the software. You can also create DFM (Design for Manufacturing) layouts, which also include print and etch masks.
The program also provides a toolbox dedicated to the creation of ports and decoding tools to increase the speed of the design process.
You can also use the simulation and optimization features. These allow the detection of errors when they arise and they can also be used to optimize the circuit layout.
All things considered, this is an excellent tool for engineers to create circuits and to use it to test them before they make them real.
BitP-V allows users to see at a glance what things are important to them. You can create a prioritized list of items that you no longer need, and remove them from the screen by simply pressing the Delete key.
Once you are done with the organization process, you can export the customized list of items to the main interface.
With this program, you can quickly design websites and create them on the main monitor or even on a second monitor. This also gives you the opportunity to work with videos, music, and pictures on the project’s page.
The app is also able to design Web pages based on the locations of a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engine. This system generates a sample of a page that you can evaluate and then make any changes you wish.
You are then able to create the final page to your liking.
The content of this program is also suited for designers that want to modify and edit their existing work to make it more attractive.
BitP-V is a simple, effective application that caters to the needs of anyone who wants to create and share designs or modify previously created ones.
Firestorm is a program that gives you the opportunity to create something new. The most important and desired function that comes along with this software is its editing.
On the application, you are given the possibility to edit files and images, as well as multimedia content.
All the data that you have stored in your Mac is within reach, so you can also modify your pictures, music, or other types of files.
This is a program that allows you to design your own map, or collaborate with other people to generate a joint view of a general website.

System Requirements For Search:

Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
10 GB free disk space
Processor 2.0 GHz or faster
500 MB available RAM
Internet browser:
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox 1.0
Mozilla Firefox 2.0
Mozilla Firefox 3.0
Internet Explorer 6.0
Internet Explorer 7.0
Internet Explorer 8.0
Internet Explorer 9.0
Internet Explorer 9.5

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