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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
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You wake up to a disturbance in the sky. A loud sound begins to echo through the city. The heavens open and a chunk of the moon falls to the ground. As it crumbles the moon emits an eerie sound that would send shivers down your spine.
In a small city a maid’s life is under attack. The strange beings, called «Tribe,» seek to take her. She kills one of the Tribe members with a sword. Outside of the city in the fields a thief and his «helicopter» rescue the maiden. Later, they appear outside of the city and the same attack begins…
Your task is to save the maid and to fight for the innocence of the skies!
• Share Your Wisdom
After buying your equipment and collecting the courage you need to fight the monstrous Tribe, the time has come to protect the innocent and save the maid! There are three tribes scattered throughout the land and it is up to you to defeat them all!
• The combat system in this game is different from conventional RPG’s. It will surprise you!
Games Available (PC Version)
– Mass Effect
– Dragon Age
– FIFA 10
– The Next Big Game
– NBA 2K12
– Dead Space
– Shantae
– Shrek
More games are added and confirmed!
* Lairs
* Vanish
* Overall gameplay
* Communication skills
* Observations (evasion, explosions)
* Exploration
* Fight
* Battling (Battling is the main game element in Mass Effect. Characters will battle monsters during the exploration.)
* Sneaking (Sneaking is a sub-game element in Mass Effect. Characters will go through areas using stealth. Characters will stay in the area until a specific objective is complete. If a character is discovered they will be attacked. In some cases sneak attacks are not observable during stealth.)
* Death Blows
* Recapture
* View character information
2.) FIFA 10
* World Cup
* Scoreline
* The Lyrics are…
* World Tour
* Roster of players
* Overall gameplay
* Communication skills
* Observations (field control, tracking)
* Match Reports
* Game execution, Corner Kicks
* Captain’s


Features Key:

  • Realistic battles.
  • Vast World.
  • Resident monsters.
  • Battle system: MMORPG with a focus on action.
  • Ten Classes of Characters to Customize.
  • Great Storyline.
  • Several Characters to Party with. Make a Follow Up Story of Your Own.
  • New Weapons for Character Customization.
  • Equipment to make your Character Look Different!
  • Client-server system that allows seamless connection to other players’ servers.
  • A Unique PvP System.
  • Watch a Trailer of the new fantasy action RPG, Elden Ring:

    How to Play:

    You can play the game using only one controller.
    (To use a DualShock 4 as a controller, follow instructions in the Manual.)
    To seamlessly play with friends, connect your PlayStation®3 system to a smartphone or tablet via a smartphone companion app, or a PlayStation Vita* system on the same network or on a separate network.
    Also, you can play with others using the same PlayStation Vita system that is connected to your network.
    You can use your PlayStation Network account to play the game without any connection to a smartphone device.


    • Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian and German.









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    One of the only reviews I’ve read so far, and I got a lot of surprises out of that. It’s a review I find particularly interesting since, without a doubt, this is a game for people who already like fantasy games. That is to say that some may not immediately find the common mechanics and the catch phrases like «it’s an RPG» in this title.

    While I can understand this for a game like this, I can also understand why those who already enjoy such games would be interested in trying out this game. However, this game is not directed at someone who just finished playing Final Fantasy Tactics and needs to add a new game to their collection. This is for those people who have played JRPGs since they were little and need to get back to it. For the people who enjoy roleplaying games but don’t ever want to buy a new game every year, this is certainly a good choice.

    Story: 8/10

    As I’ve mentioned, this is a game for people who know their JRPGs. Also, this is a game that has the same feel as most JRPGs. While I can acknowledge that not all JRPGs are the same, like I said, this is for those who don’t want a new game every year. Therefore, I’m really surprised that there’s still enough room for improvements in the story.

    For an example, the story doesn’t really involve the characters getting into any trouble. In the beginning, our main character (sorry, I forgot the name) discovers the Elden Ring, and that pretty much happens. Then, we’re transported to another world, and we follow the main character’s adventure, and that pretty much happens. Through all of this, we have good dialogue, character development, and some minor side stories.

    Although I don’t usually expect much from the story, it really surprised me, especially since the story isn’t exactly new. It’s very rare for a game to avoid story spoilers if at all possible, but somehow this one managed to avoid it. At the very beginning of the story, a lot of this was told. It is not really that noticeable, but there’s a lot of dialogue that really pushed the story forward. Also, some of the games that were mentioned in the story as sources of inspiration are actually previously established in this game.

    The World: 10/10

    I already mentioned that this is for people who have played JRPGs, and I know


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    • The Role of Tarnished
    A crystal sword Tarnished plays the role of the honored sword in the Lands Between. The Tarnished Sword does not have its own existence, and is part of the person who wields it. However, the sword has a voice.
    When you gain control of the Tarnished Sword, it will appear in front of you to the side you are touching. This is a chat UI (Unified Interface) designed to allow you to hear, see, and use the sword from any direction. The sword also has the appearance and functionality of a real weapon.
    Using the Tarnished Sword is possible by choosing the Castling button ( | ) while touching. The Tarnished Sword will enter Battle Mode by default. However, depending on the rank of the person who is wielding it, it will have different characteristics and the user’s affection for it will change.
    Tarnished is an item that can only be held by a person who has the blessing of the Elden Ring. Without this blessing, it cannot be operated.
    Losing control of the Tarnished Sword will release the player from its power and will not destroy the Tarnished Sword, but will erase all traces of what it was.
    Deities of the Lands Between
    The Lands Between is a land that is constantly being cycled between the two of the worlds that exist in this universe, each having its own set of deities. The deities of these two worlds are not in actual competition with one another, but travel between the worlds and even mix together.
    In the Lands Between, you will meet various gods. It has a different character than the Dungeons of the Elden Ring in terms of depth and enjoyability. Additionally, the characters you encounter will be frequently changed based on the number of players that you gather.
    You will gain the affection of certain deities as you play, and gain access to new features. Your success in playing the game will change how they relate to you.
    The current featured deities and their communities are:
    ・Elden Lord Gregor (In The Beginning)

    ・Sepheret the Wise


    ・Aegis the Conqueror (Alenath, the Healer)

    ・Gaspher (The Defiler, the Reaper)

    ・Rian (Queen of the Stars)


    ・Guldra the Protector (Kelmada the


    What’s new:

    The following rules apply to the multiplayer feature only.

    1. Rule #1:
      In the world of Dungeons & Dragons Online, a world of fantasy is shared by many.
    2. Rule #2:
      The contents of the other players’ hands and bags are excluded from the screen.
    3. Rule #3:
      Any action that is incompatible with either the game or the rules will not be accepted by the game at a decision from the developers.
    4. Rule #4:
      Any user who distributes abusive or offensive comments or conduct that violates the policy regarding game service will receive suspensions of their membership.

    Dungeons & Dragons Online is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast, LLC. Voiced by Harpy

    Wed, 23 Feb 2014 14:34:21 Z2014-02-23T14:34:21Z

    [tooltip= Your Download Inventory items.]

    Hellenismyn – bring to light [tooltip=who did all the work] your love of [tooltip=fatima-sama – hashiashi] the language of beautiful art, [/tooltip] to [tooltip=beautiful-art-language-is] the Land of Meat[/tooltip]!!!![/p]

    FATIMA-SAN – mummy*.

    Tue, 08 Dec 2012 05:28:44 Z2012-12-08T05:28:44Z

    [tooltip=List of 20 approved character requests from the server.]

    FATIMA-SAN – mummy*.

    Here are the character creation requests for the server. If we accept them, you will be able


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    That link is only visible if you have a developer license or if you have bought that application already before. The link you don’t want them to be redirected is the link for an update.
    So I think the link you don’t want is the link for updates.


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • 32-bit
  • 64-bit
  • Why is this action RPG Special?

    • A Common Sense Approach to RPG Novelties.
    To offer a sort of action RPG that combines an infinite number of exciting ideas and concepts, we have added multiple game systems such as equipment and spell management, as well as complex fighting techniques and a 3D battle environment that focuses on activating the environment. On top of that, since the game is set around a vast land, you can freely travel among a range of exciting places and get into more intense situations. The action RPG also consists of fascinating ideas, concepts, and paths, complete with a strong sense of creative diversity.


    (Hotstew),, 26 Nov 2015 00:30:00 +00002015-11-25T18:30:51.057-08:00Cast You Immortal: Lord Fantasy Action RPG

    Название: Cast You Immortal
    Издательство: Gamevault
    Название видео: Cast You Immortal
    Кол-во сектов: 18
    Перевод: Siamou

    Интересные эти летние игры.

    На быструю дорожк


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    * Java version 6 Update 30 or higher
    * Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later (10.6 users can use the online demo)
    * Android 4.0.3 or higher
    * iPhone 3.0 or higher
    * iPad 2.2 or higher
    * Windows Mobile 8.0 or later
    Play through the dungeons of Lord British. Immerse yourself in the rich, atmospheric world of Torchlight II.You enter the land of Torchlight II with the goal of saving the Princess of the


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