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Elden Ring has launched the multilayered role-playing game: Elden Ring in early August, 2015. Following the popularity of the fantasy novels with similar concepts written by Koei, the game has sold 1,600,000 copies in Japan and is expected to be an important game in the history of JRPG. Players can form the “elden” by utilizing the powers of the Elden Ring, a unique item that the daughter of the King of the Elves has obtained. In addition to exciting battle and exploration, it also includes a rich fantasy experience for players.


Elden Ring Limited Edition is a release dedicated to the initial release of Elden Ring and contains in addition to the game itself, the story-based visual novel original to Elden Ring, the “From the World of Elden” original short story, the soundtrack CD, the mini-guide, and the special “Odin’s Eye” item to open “Your Eyes.”


The game “Altar Land Saga” (Japan) developed and published by Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong/China).

The game “MapleStory” (North America), developed and published by Nexon Co., Ltd. (South Korea).

The game “Silver Time” (Europe), developed and published by XDev Corp. (South Korea).

The game “Terraria” (North America), developed and published by Re-Logic (developers).

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Online play and map system
  • Begin your character customization in-game
  • Observant players will find a countless variety of battles
  • Up to ten characters can be summoned at the same time.
  • Discover new quests and challenges on your journey towards the Elden Realm
  • Characters can be remixed. They have access to unique skills, strengths, and spells
  • Create your guild in Your own guild house – find a place close to you to enjoy your leisure time.
  • Peaceful world and social media.
  • Activated US english language support, Continued sales and instore giveaways

    Type of account: Two types of account are available

    1. Free type of account (An offline game data will be stored in the client computer).

    2. Online type of account(An online game data will be stored in the cloud) Note that: the online type of account is a registered account in KOEI TECMO GAMES CORP.’s amazon system, and if you want to continue playing after visiting their website, it will be required to log in again.

    System requirements:


    • OS: Windows 8.1 or higher, or
    • 10 GB or more hard disc space
    • RAM: 2 GB or more free space in RAM


    • Graphics: 2 GB or more in graphical memory
    • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
    • Sound card: DirectX9 compatible sound card


    • DirectX: DirectX 9.0c or higher, or
    • Internet connection: a broadband connection with an available speed of 50 Mbps or higher



    Elden Ring License Key Full


    Well, this game looks… good. Not sure if I’ll get this one until they add more. While it’s nice, I think I’ll have to look forward to others.


    Bump, sorry. Anyway, this game looks incredible and I’ll be playing soon. It looks to be something special, so I’ll have to play it sometime in the near future. After playing other fantasy rpgs, this game looks to be very well done in that regard. Not sure if I’ll get this game right now, but definitely be watching out for it.





    Rain Rain

    I don’t know when they come out with a CRYSTAL DRAGON GAME, but it’s really diffrent from other CRYSTAL DRAGON game.

    Hmmmm is this the real version or I’m just stupid? I don’t see any difference in my Asia version other than region icon and aspect ratio. Is it safe to assume there’s no difference in the game?


    Has a Region & aspect ratio patch been released yet?


    it looks quite nice


    Looks beautiful in the picture only, no cutscenes and other stuffs, so can’t be said it looks pretty. Also, the only character they showed was the dude who looks like he has a malnourished body.



    Just waiting for the game to be released, no need to spam the same comment all the time…..


    its the same character in the promo video


    its the same character in the promo video


    But its the same character…dont be stupid…they change the character in the japanese version…


    yeah in the japanese version looks like a different and more fit character. I like this guy in the japanese version.


    There is a lot of people commenting as if its the japanese one, but all of the games regions are different. Japanese version seems to be having an update and that one with the buff is


    Elden Ring Free

    * Creative Action Combat
    An action-RPG featuring an innovative combat system that allows you to freely attack your enemies with the most powerful attack moves, while you can also use special techniques to gain victory without excessive actions.
    * A Dynamic Tactical Battle System
    Encounter enemies and work together with the environment to continuously change the battle scene with the use of your attacks and special techniques.
    * A Skill System that Awakens Your Magic
    You can choose a great variety of magic from hundreds of possibilities, and improve the efficiency and balance of your magic by improving your skills.
    * Great Variety of Characters
    Characters with different characters develop through the course of the story, and the player can freely develop their own characters according to their play style.
    * An Adventure Game that Makes You Feel Like a Hero
    A story that can only be completed by completely playing in an RPG style, with a more open-ended approach to the story and stronger freedom of design.
    Combat ELDEN RING game:

    * Create Awakening or Evolve
    The strengthening of the Elden Ring will become more necessary as the story progresses. First, focus your skills and effectiveness to improve your skills and efficiency, and then complete the awakening magic with the accumulation of the soul energy.
    * Soul Energy and Awakening Magic
    Activate different effect items by accumulating soul energy. Experience the transformation of your monsters, and enhance your ability to slay dragons.
    * Great Variety of Items
    Exceedingly varied items that are not only effective in the battle, but also indispensable to the character’s life.
    * Unique Tactics with the Combat Map
    Combine the items of the enemy with the combat map of your own gameplay experience to perform tactical duels with the enemy. Use the most appropriate items to defeat the opponent.
    * Interaction with the Environment
    Reconstruct the map and reveal the environment that you can interact with. The new system enhances the excitement of the game by allowing you to interact with various elements in the environment.
    * A World of Nostalgic Graphics
    A beautiful world with a nostalgic feel, and the characters and monsters are brilliantly painted with an emphasis on details.
    • A Community of Almost 40,000 Players
    You can immediately start playing the game and can cooperate with players from all over the world.
    • Updated Content Continuously
    We are proud to announce that with the continuous support from the players, we will update our content in the future.
    * Explore the Worlds of the Other Lands
    The Lands Between is


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    My epidermis just paled slightly at the paintjob over in the «Over» thread. Everything that has been posted so far is entirely open to debate. Does it matter? I’m affraid no one will make a shop till someone rips their golden scales off.

    Warcraft 3 from cinemax. An RPG from System Shock 2 with the pretty
    opening cinematic.


    hilarious 😀 A spear to the knee, then the enemies were slam-dunked in an ice wall.

    This is the video I showed 20 something beta participants last Sat:

    The Dwarves has a better way of channeling :p


    This video I just uploaded two days ago. I grabbed the sprites then time-lapsed. In my mind, a metaphor for the creation of a sub-thread and then discarding it. Except in this video it’s also dropping the others in the results AND the whole thread is either on standby in my local storage OR deleted entirely. On the island of open beta, I’ll let you be the judge of whether I was successful.

    Strange things are beginning to happen to me. Why do most machines in this group talk about Porn? And worlds with gender dimorphism?

    Which squares the age-old debate of female and or trans-gender in Warcraft. I’d say that’s a successful transition for a former WoW PvP forum. Lol.


    The jokes are also starting to get old like that pun about it being a «game of hide and seek».

    Star Wars Rogue Squadron : Imperial Assault is an MMO flight combat game about the Star Wars universe.

    I’m getting a bad feeling about this.

    For those who don’t know, this isn’t true. GW is the main culprit in the system malfunction in WoW.

    Arisa is the MURDEROUS murderer of my only friend that I know of.

    She shuts down my connection without giving me the chance to say anything, then shouts «FUI (Fuck you in English)
    at me repeatedly out of spite.

    And so from behind her screen she sends a text message that says, «fuck are you» to me and then leaves.

    She does this because she can’t handle having her guild breaking up to me. She would be depressed if I had left (which she clearly implied that would be an outcome for me).



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    How To Crack:

  • Unrar the downloaded file and get the original version
  • Run the installed installer
  • Click «I Agree»
  • Install the application
  • Copy «crack» folder to the Game Dir (Save & Go to folder, press Ctrl & Shift + Enter) <CMD> «<InstallDir>»
  • Enjoy the game!
  • If you use X64 w_Elden Ring, this is the latest version to download the crack folder from:



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    16 GB or more of available hard drive space
    The available hard drive space will be the


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