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■ Platform: Web Browser
■ Release Date: October 24, 2012
■ Genre: Fantasy Action RPG

How to Play

1. Your Fight Begins

■ Play with Friends: ○ Join a Party with Friends
■ Play with a Random Party: ○ Play with a Random Party
■ Automated Matching: ○ Automatically Match with Players
■ Offline Play: ○ Play without an Internet Connection


Features Key:

  • A Rich AND Dangerous World
    A vast world with a variety of entertaining situations. The Fields and Dungeons are seamlessly connected. Additionally, powerful monsters, more often than not, lurk in the deepest dungeons.
  • A Serverless Battle System
    An online battle system based on a random match of players. You are not required to wait for your own turn, and the combat is more intense than in turn-based RPGs. This requires a high degree of strategy, rapid-fire attacks, and movement.
  • A Fluid Battle that Autocorrects and Automates
    In a turn-based battle, you can control your character at each turn. However, in an online game, the character movements automatically adjust to the battles in progress in order to enhance the players’ experience.
  • Threat of Dungeon Roaming
    You can roam the Fields and Dungeons to travel between them. However, monsters are activated much more frequently when you enter a certain dungeon.
  • Easy to Learn but Hard to Master
    Unlike in most action RPGs, where you can easily control your character, the game requires a high level of reaction speed to accurately perform attacks and perform complex movements. Additionally, the game contains various situations that you can evade using commands, such as running.
    If you are not accustomed to RPG battles, it is best to play with lower difficulty settings, and only enhance the difficulty at your own pace.
  • Challenges Requiring High Level of Reaction
    Show your skill in battles with fearsome monsters by increasing your attack power, equipped items, and absorb rate.
  • A Multi-layered Game
    Various story events will be enacted according to your actions. It is important to advance the story by mastering the various game elements.


    • Nimbus
      This server offers the best graphics and the highest quality net work connection with other servers during most days.
    • Solitary
      This server provides the most unforeseeable gameplay experience. Additionally, it is able to convert the PvP that becomes confusing in other servers.
    • Arcane
      This server provides steady graphics with an unforeseeable gameplay experience.
    • Free Flow
      This server provides


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      Elden Ring Free Download For Windows

      It is the most complete release in the history of the video game industry.

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      DESTINATION 2: The Lands Between

      Elden Ring

      About the creator of Elden Ring:
      Elden Ring is the name of a game created by PLAYROOM. According to a renowned game developer, the game is not just a game, but rather a new fantasy action RPG which lets players freely create and expand their own fantasy.
      The development plan set forth by the creator of the game was as follows:
      – Incredible Gameplay using a single-player adventure
      Elden Ring is a game that features a large scale character development process and is suited to the speed-driven online multiplayer.
      Players can choose the name of their character and can freely customize their appearance. And with the convenient creation process, many characters can be made.
      – Unified World Design
      The game allows players to freely roam about the gameplay map of the Lands Between with the characters they have made. Maps are procedurally generated to ensure a consistent experience for all players and a variety of game content is created depending on where a particular character travels.
      – Cosmo World Design
      The game is a mix of a traditional fantasy story and a social fantasy world, providing a variety of experiences from battles to romances. There is an active fantasy community which will appear in the world as the player visits various locations.

      © 2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment, Inc. Published and distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Elden Ring™ is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.

      Demo Version

      [Demo version download link]

      Download the latest version for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.

      Get the latest version.

      STATUS OF DEMO Version

      [Demo version download link]

      DEMO version status:

      Please refer to the

      Release Version

      The release version of the game is available for purchase.

      [You can pay for the game in the appropriate store]

      Purchase release version.

      Announcement on game store.



      What’s new in Elden Ring:

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      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    1. Windows 10 64-bit or higher.
    2. Access to the internet.
    (Online to play 24/7. Most online games begin with training, which gives the player basic skills and allows them to enjoy the game without facing glitches or errors.)
    3. High speed internet connection.
    4. Basic computer knowledge.
    (The game is compatible with all windows versions. I recommend playing it in windows 7 or windows 8)
    5. Small memory (about 400 MB)
    Software Requirements:


    Download NowDOWNLOAD

    Download NowDOWNLOAD

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