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Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD






【Character Creation】

Create your own character with an intuitive creation screen.
Using the Create a Hero feature, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip.


Compete for glory in the game, where each character class has different strengths and weaknesses!

【Online Play】

Here, you can connect with other players and feel the presence of others.


・Your Own Character

Attack in a variety of ways:
■Attack with basic weapons
■Attack with weapon skills
■Attack with magic and items

・Recruit Your Party
A feature that lets you customize your party, including the following:
You can freely decide on your class which determines your play style and your offensive power in battle. You can equip an item called an Airstrike, which blows away your enemies and increases the player’s offensive power.
■Character Build:
You can freely decide the strength, weakness, and physique of your character. You can enhance your stats according to your style of play and can later change your build in the Online Mode.

・2D Art with 3D Effects

3D model graphics of the Lands Between, as well as 3D character animation.

3D-collision detection

Interact with objects and people, such as running, jumping, and catching with a sense of realism.

As a game in which your actions and achievements determine the outcome of the story, as well as the fate of the entire world, you will always be fighting against enemies with an unpredictable temperament.

With the Tarnished and Elden Rings, the powers of the Lands Between, you are free to choose to go forth and strike!


・Play Online

«Pick up and play.» Join a server, and take on the fight with other people. You can also find friends and travel together as you explore new places!

・Unique Online Action

In addition to multiplayer, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that lets you feel the presence of others in real time. In battle, you can directly connect with other players, in places, or even just mess with them!

・Explore a Huge World

A vast world that connects large open fields and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs. Experience a thrilling adventure in


Features Key:

  • An Epic Story with Smooth and Simple Mechanics
    • A grand and well-developed story where various chapters weave into each other in a unique and powerful manner.
    • Tons of Answers to your Questions in the Main Story
    • The Hybrid Character Design that Combines the Power of Humans and Angels
    • Locomotive Optimization that makes it Easy for You to Flow from Place to Place
  • The Newly Integrated Manufacturing System for a Modern Game
  • An Extensive Supply System where You Can Acquire Items in a Variety of Ways
  • A Brand-New Targeting System That Allows You to Directly Craft Various Types of Experience Crystals
  • Elden Ring Guide:

    • FAQ
    • Walkthrough



    • Multiplayer
    • Map Outline
    • Segment 1
    • Segment 2
    • Segment 3






    • Point
      • Thorium
      • Eris
      • Pop


    Point of View


    • Sonic Burst
    • Aim Aim
    • The Silver Flame
    • War Cry
    • Reckon
    • Vicious Serenade
  • Up Color
    • Blazing Wind
    • Breath of Flame
    • Yuki
    • Cold Wind
    • Fire


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      [Application] Metabrain (Version 4.00)

      (c) 2013-2017 METABRAIN CO.,LTD.

      © 2013-2017 METABRAIN CO.,LTD.

      © 2013-2017 MEGAPARKER CO.,LTD.

      All Rights Reserved.



      Metabrain is a first person action game where players cooperate with other players to complete puzzles by using their brains in an interconnected world. You will experience a psychological thriller while freely moving around a world where you can freely interact with your acquaintances. By using Metabrain’s feature to freely change the style and/or paths of the puzzles, you can experience different types of puzzles from many perspectives.

      Game Features

      1. Game Play Made with 3D Engine

      Metabrain is fully compatible with current mobile platforms and is compatible with all devices that are compatible with PlayStation 3’s PSP emulator.

      2. Open World and Unique Puzzles

      The world that you will explore is free from linearity and has an unique and beautiful world map. And, in this world you will experience new puzzle scenarios through the combination of a variety of interesting locations with various items.

      3. Advanced AI System

      Metabrain has a highly advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that understands and performs a variety of actions based on each player’s behavior in the world. In addition, by directly communicating with other players, the players will experience puzzles from different perspectives and work together as a team.

      4. A Hyper-Realistic Virtual World

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      5. Feeling the World of Metabrain

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      6. In


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      Input Field Characteristic states:

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      Record – Part 3: Festivals & Shares

      Record – Part 3: Festivals & Shares

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      After this we went to the festivals in Amsterdam, which had plenty of great artists and nice skies. This time we played around 80 tracks at 10.00pm on a Sunday night and on Saturday we left because our flight was at 9.00am, which is a bit late in the day. The next flight out was the Saturday of the following festival


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      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Download the crack from one of the links and extract the ZIP file.
    • Run Setup.exe and follow the instructions to install
    • Copy crack to Programs/ETC/ and replace the EXE with the cracked version.
    • Run the game and enjoy!

    The Key Features of Elden Ring


    To move forward, you must destroy things. To destroy things, you must get up close and personal. To get up close and personal, you must climb anything near to you. To climb anything near you, you must get on top of something.

    When walking, the graphics are aimed at preventing you from losing your balance. However, the graphics are also here so that you can take in the details of the world and its inhabitants. This means that graphics are important. If the graphics are not good, then the details will not be taken in, and you will be unable to look around the world.


    In the Settings window, there are a variety of tabs. You can adjust controls for adjusting your camera or changing to third-person view.


    Some game players like to record their gameplay. When you play the game, you can check what you did and see your performance record.


    In the Game menu, under Options, select Game Settings.

    In the Game Settings window, select Expert. This is the best performance level for the game.


    You are able to zoom into the world around you using the WASD keys, and the location of the camera can be freely adjusted using the mouse. You can also customize keybindings at the Options menu. This provides the optimal experience for playing the game.


    Access to Mounts, Dungeons, and a Special Quest is useful for saving time. Taming is particularly important when collecting


    System Requirements:

    – Must have a supported operating system and processor (minimum requirements listed above)
    – Minimum of 1024 MB of RAM (recommended 1.5 GB)
    – 8 GB of disk space available
    – Windows 7 or later
    – ATI Radeon HD 2600, Radeon HD 5670 or GeForce GTX 460
    – Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, Core 2 Quad E6500, Core 2 Quad E6700, Core 2 Quad Q6600 or Core 2 Quad Q8200 processor
    – Solid State Drive
    – Ethernet capable with 10/100


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