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• (The Character You Choose)
You begin the game on your first day as a penniless adventurer. During the game, you will be guided by grace to become a powerful, noble, and well-known adventurer. The story depends on the character that you create.

• (The Game System)
The game is divided into six chapters.
Chapter 1: Welcome to the Games and Festivals
Chapter 2: Beginnings
Chapter 3: The Gem of the Games and Festivals
Chapter 4: Warding off the Monster
Chapter 5: Protecting the Home
Chapter 6: The True Self
In this game, there is an Awakening process called Dreaming. You enter your dream after five days of In-game Weeks. During this Awakening process, a dream becomes possible as a direct result of an action you take during your game. Once you awaken from the dream, you can obtain various items, weapons, and magic.
• (The Items and Magic You Get from the Game)
Though you will be guided by grace, you will be guided toward a character that suits you well. During the game, you will be able to acquire various items and magic that greatly affect your character.

——• About Elden Ring

Elden Ring, powered by Unreal® Engine 4, tells the story of a young adventurer who performs his duty as the protector of the Stones of the Elden in the Lands Between. Forging a Sword and Armor, a Cloak and Rune of Twilight, and a Book of Wonders, Tarnished marries his skills as an adventurer with his newly acquired nobleman’s abilities to defend the Elden Ring with the power of the Elden.

• The World of Elden Ring is a Game Built using Unreal Engine 4, and brings a Unique Visual Experience
The world of Elden Ring takes place in a vast world, dividing it into three zones: the Land of Brightness, the Land of Truth, and the Land of Shadows. The detailed, open-world map with various environments, enemies, and responses to your actions give the game a high degree of visual complexity. In addition, the world full of diverse quests is more alive than any previous fantasy RPG.

• Over 300 New Quests and Many New Enemies
With a variety of enemies and quests, the game expands greatly on the story of the previous game in the Elden Ring series. The quests are divided by dungeons and special quests, and you will encounter many spectacular


Features Key:

  • Unique Crafting System
  • A Large Historical Universe
  • Legendary Battles
  • Immersive Role Play
  • A Unique Character Creation System
  • Cooperative Dungeons
  • A Long Historical Narrative
  • Epic Battles
  • Discover the Lands Between and join an Epic Drama.
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to forge your character.

    Please note that English is not natively supported in the game. However, the game provides full localization support and English speakers can play the game on the PC version with the language set to English or American.

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    ◇Character Customization

    ◇Bond with the world of the game

    ◇Myth and Lore

    ◇Online Play

    ◇Music by Togha

    ◇Accompanying Original Soundtrack


    ◆In accordance with the settings of the game, “you Tarnished and Tarnished” are derived from the “I Am Legend.”

    ◆The rules of you are: “I am the one who feels no pain.

    ◆I am strong enough to endure anything.

    ◆I only need my surroundings, and nobody can stop me.”

    ◆“I Am Legend”, the spirit of a former man who is now a zombie that re-emerges as a hero in the desolate world. The hero is Tarnished – the protagonist of the game – who has lived a peaceful life in a city for the past 100 years. He is in the process of deciding whether he should return to the city. But what awaits him in the city?

    ◆The hero of the game is the protagonist, Tarnished.

    ◆The story of the game revolves around Tarnished, as the hero, who lives alone in a post-apocalyptic city.

    ◆Tarnished lives alone in a post-apocalyptic city, until one day he is summoned by an old man.

    ◆This is not, “I am getting to know him.”

    ◆This is, “I just want to live on that day.”


    ◆“The Elden Lord”, the hero of the game.


    ◆This game is a fantasy, based on the premise of a world ravaged by apocalyptic disasters and the main character who returns as a hero in a ruined world.

    ◆The hero is the main character, Tarnished, who lives alone in a post-apocalyptic city.

    ◆As the protagonist, Tarnished is a man who is at a turning point.

    ◆Tarnished is anxious to return to his old life in the city.

    ◆But, he has lived


    What’s new:

    A million tales have told the timeless tale of Eastern Europe. It is a land shrouded in mystery, fighting over the legacy left by powerful mythological creatures.
    The deepest shadow lies in the lands between and it is through the lens of the primal worlds both divine and vile, where men and monsters battle for power.
    In the elden world, where raven-black magic continuously flows in the night, this battle is growing in power.
    The pious elven order, the Tarnished Elden, has foreseen this power.
    The Tarnished Elden can gain divine power if they become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    Have you gained the grace to fight this power?

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    © 2016

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