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The story of this game is «the Lands Between», a place between the Land of Light, the Land of Darkness, and the World of Darkness. The Lands Between are where you and your friends may meet in an endless existence full of surprises. If you want to enjoy the thrill of real-time PvP, explore exciting dungeons, or learn new powerful spells, you will be able to do so here.

Furthermore, we are also planning a game which we will present in the Tokyo Game Show 2019.
Please check it out at the official site.



– What is the ELDEN RING GAME?
The ELDEN RING GAME is a fantasy action RPG being developed by Soulchord. Please refer to the following link:

– What is the POWER RPG Engine?
The POWER RPG Engine is a basic gameplay engine that enables you to develop your game content easily.
– What are the limitations of using the POWER RPG Engine?
It is limited in the number of character types, classes, weapons, and companions.

There are many features available in the POWER RPG Engine, but there are some limitations in terms of the number of enemies, treasure, and the number of game contents.
However, you can easily develop your game contents without worrying about this.
– Are there any plans to add more features to the POWER RPG Engine?
We are planning to add more contents based on the feedback we receive from the users.
Please visit the official site or check out the OFFICIAL JAPANESE TRANSLATOR website at the following address and register yourself:


The following are the pre-registration URLs for the Japanese website:

The pre-registration URL for the English website is the same as the Japanese website.




Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Mythical Role Playing Game Experience
    Elden Ring is the most faithful adaptation of Tolkien’s novels yet. The game features intricate storylines, high replay value, and lots of mystery.

  • Full of Adventure
    Explore a vast world teeming with life and sprawling dungeons brimming with traps and monsters.

  • Discover Characters and Relive the Mythical World
    Discover the past in a highly personalized world of compelling characters and a mysterious plot.

  • Discover the Void and Seek Power
    Discover the nature of the evil demonic forces that control the Void and offer your hand in their service.

  • Features a Deep Sky and an Endless Water
    Discover the nature of the evil demonic forces that control the Void and offer your hand in their service.

  • Seamless Connection of Experiences
    The sense of reality changes for each character, creating a highly atmospheric and immersive world. Your personal experience also changes depending on which friends you choose, and connectivity allows you to live a whole separate world in real time.
  • All about the Elden Ring’s Story

    As an immortal race, the Elden were once renowned for their strength, ingenuity, and wisdom.
    There were many who faithfully followed the rings of their ancestors and dwelled in the West. However, during the recent history when the Underworld was formed, the Fool Ring was sealed away deep within the center of the Fallen Lands, known as the dark cracks.
    Because the Fool Ring was sealed away, the once great Elden race began to decline.
    Eventually, the ancient times of the Elden race came to a close.
    The last one left was a woman named Lenore Van Hout, who wore the Fool Ring for eleven centuries.

    More than three hundred years after that, the Witch Ring went missing.
    Although the Apple Ring is supposed to reveal its location, no one has ever heard of it.
    Then, it was suddenly recovered and made its way to you.

    The Beginning of the Elden Ring

    The Elden Ring was originally a story that Lenore wrote as her last testament.
    It is as old as the Netherworld, and it’s said it is the first Elden story in a long time.

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