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The world of the VAST system is as vast as the lands that border it. It is a world of life and death, where the world around you is dominated by the elements. The third job in VAST is to find the right balance for the ELEMENTS OF WISDOM before they go too far, and to keep them in check. The Lord’s Duty is to manage the Elements of Wisdom to ensure that both present and future happenings are favorable. Meanwhile, the Player’s Duty is to play as a Lord and have fun slaying dangerous monsters!



AUTO-1: The Law of the Sword is the most important law of the three Elemental Lords, and it is necessary to possess this job in order to obtain the best items.

AUTO-2: The Law of the War Magic is the most important law of the three Elemental Lords, and it is necessary to possess this job in order to obtain the best items.

AUTO-3: The Law of the Balance is the most important law of the three Elemental Lords, and it is necessary to possess this job in order to obtain the best items.


TRAIN-1: Your weapon will grow in power by connecting the Element of Earth.

TRAIN-2: Your armor will grow in power by connecting the Element of Fire.

TRAIN-3: Your magic will grow in power by connecting the Element of Water.


EMPL-1: This job is called the Elemental Lord of Wisdom, and this job has the power to change the state of the three Elements. It is important to be a Lord in the EMPL-1 position for your job.

EMPL-2: The battlefield is the place where the Elements come to a confrontation that will lead to the destruction of everything, and you are there. It is crucial that you be in an agile and decisive state in order to handle the elements that are transforming themselves into monsters, and to fight these monsters.

EMPL-3: The depths of the lands are filled with incredible monsters, and only the strongest will survive. You are in the place where these battles take place, and it is a place where only the strong will survive. The monsters and minions that appear in the deep lands are amazing, and it is the duty of the Elemental Lord


Features Key:

  • Open World: Roam through a vast world, and learn in a huge world environment.
  • Ages: Fantasy Action RPG made to please all ages.
  • RPG Features: A New Game? A New World? An Old Face? An Old Battlefield? A New Day? The Campaign World: Experience as if time had not passed while moving through the world.
  • Action-RPG: Single, multiple, mounted, and on the ground fights with weapons, bows, and hands.
  • Completely Customizable Archetype: Create your own unique character without changing a single parameter of your archetype.
  • Key Development Features:

    • OnlinePlay: Create your own Metaverse and interact with other players connected to the same server.
    • TroopConversion: Optimize the population of your character and party for online play.
    • Always-on Recycle: Optimize the working process of your character.
    • Innovation Tool: Control the animation of your character.
    • Multiplayer: A new online support system.
    • Scrolling Combat: Turn the arena onto your PC.
    • Accounts and History: Time passes slowly on old battlefields. An eternal history of the war of old wars.
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    ■ World Features
    – Open world with varied locations and quests
    You can freely explore the world, and discover different and exciting destinations with unique quests that take you to the heart of the story. You will get stuck in multiple dungeons, where there is a chance to meet new and powerful people and items as well.

    – Embark on an epic quest!
    When you reach the top of the world, you will finally begin the game’s main story. Your path will be long, so be prepared to create your own experience!

    – Multistage Adventure
    Take part in quests, meet people and items, and compete with others to see who is strongest!

    ■ Characters and Process
    – Personalization
    With the ability to customize your character, you can freely develop your character based on your play style.
    – Powerful and Merkurizing Magic
    You can freely develop your character by using your “Merkurizing Magic” to manipulate and customize the Ether (Power Stored in an Item) in your Items.
    – Experience ELDEN RING
    Discover the lands of the Lands Between and encounter your friends.
    – Multiplayer Battle System
    Structure a group and challenge other players in the game’s online battle system.
    – Multifunctional Items
    Equip and develop your character more efficiently by using multiple items at once.
    ■ Story
    ■ Characters
    – Hero
    As the main character, you embody the mystery and power of the lands of the Lands Between.
    The first hero of the Lands Between, he is entrusted with the duties of protecting the children and the lands between.
    – Champion
    A soldier and a commander of the Elden Ring’s Guard, your loyalty to the Goddess’s wishes grants you the strength of the most skilled guilds.
    – Armored Goddess
    The embodiment of all knowledge, a second heroine who oversees the Lands Between.
    Her sacred book, titled the “Book of the Gods,” contains the words of wisdom of all the Lands Between.
    ■ Items and Etc.
    – Castle
    An experimental research vessel that has made its way to the Lands Between, a floating fortress that takes on the shape of a castle.
    – Judo
    Judo – martial art technique. One who has mastered this art and has practiced it for a long time is said to be worthy of “awakening.”
    – Jump
    Jump – technique to jump, allowing you to safely travel over large distances.


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