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* The Photoshop for Dummies book, written by Chris Matney and David Milne, is a good beginning reference and the basis for most of the tutorials on this site.
* Adobe’s online learning tutorials are also excellent.
* Learn Photoshop from the ground up with author Nate Parrott’s excellent books, Adobe Photoshop Elements 5: From Novice to Professional and Adobe Photoshop Elements 7: Mastering Digital Photography.
* Even Microsoft finally has some genuine training that comes with the program, specifically the Video and Audio Section.
* MacWorld magazine and online help are very helpful.
* Photoshop training videos on the Internet are very helpful, including tutorials and instructional books.
* You can learn Photoshop in the 12 Steps.
* For information on more Photoshop books, visit the Photoshop Books page on the website at
* The book Creative Lighting in Photoshop CS6, by Rick Boeshaar, is a good reference book for using the new lighting features in CS6.
* The book Photoshop Creative Lighting and Composition, by David Hobby and Harold Freeman, is a good reference book for using the different features for lighting and composition.
* Learn Photoshop from the Ground Up, by Nate Parrott, is an excellent introductory book on the process of starting from the basics to using Photoshop.

## Other Editing Tools

Photoshop is a well-known and fully featured image editor. It has many additional tools to help with text, images, and more. Sometimes, these are free tools, but most are not free. However, if you want these tools, most are available at no cost from the online libraries of many of the companies that produce them.

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Adobe Photoshop is the most used and best computer software for editing pictures, images and illustrations. In this post, we will try to list the best features and applications of this computer software.

The basics of Photoshop is to be able to edit photos and other images.

1. Layer Photoshop

Image editing is one of the most frequent uses of Photoshop.

With this software, we can add or remove objects from the image while maintaining the integrity and proper way, just with a click. This software allows us to lay objects on the background in a 3-dimensional way.

It lets us save layers, and to easily fix any issue.

2. Text Photoshop

Photoshop has a very powerful text tool that allows us to manipulate text objects. We can change fonts, background colors, size, positions, etc.

By using this feature, we can create a logo or the name of our company. But as soon as we print it in a book, magazine or on a packaging, our text look ugly.

To fix this, we can use Photoshop’s text tool, and change the colors, font color, line height, measure and so on.

3. Images

We can use the transform function to rotate, scale and flip the images. We can also add or remove shadows.

If we apply a non-rectangular selection, we can add text or images on the free space of the images. We can scale, rotate and add shadows to our images.

We can also adjust the color balance and add sharpness and contrast.

4. Colors

Colors are very important.

Photoshop helps us to make colors closer to what we have in our mind. With the Hue and Saturation, we can easily change the colors. Also we can add or remove grayscale to make our colors brighter or darker.

5. Editing

If you are a photographer, this is a must.

With this tool, we can make our photos more beautiful, correct any blemishes, and touch up the highlights and shadows. We can also correct the white balance of our photos.

6. Photo effects

This software allows us to add various effects to the photos.

We can add that classic sepia effect, and can make our photos look like a black and white photo.

With a few clicks, we can create an abstract effect.

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Single instance of vue.js instance behaving weird

I have this instance of vue.js running on my project. I can’t figure out why it behaves weirdly. I am going to write a list of quiz questions, each question is going to be a block of text. On clicking the answer i am going to show up a dialog which contains the same list of questions. Now, since i have started using modals using vuetify.js, i am not using v-model to save state.
The issue is that although its correct when there are multiple question to be asked, i can only see the last question when i click on the answer.
My code looks like this:


Vue instance gets loaded multiple times on clicking the answer. So it binds the last question string to the textarea.


You need to declare your inside a unique parent and also add hide-footer=»true» to the parent div to avoid duplicate scroll bar.

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Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista

Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 1.6 GHz or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 2.8 GHz
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB
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