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Learn more about Photoshop in this article.


In the following example, a user has taken a series of photos in a location and then created a panoramic with Hugin. He then saved the panoramic to a TIFF file.

Using Hugin, he is able to merge the panoramic into a single Photoshop file with the resulting composite image created with lens corrections applied.

He is able to hand-select the lens corrections to only those applied to the area of the image he has edited. He then saved the resulting file as a TIFF image file.

Photoshop CS5

Photoshop Elements 9

Layer Spaces

Historically, Photoshop has used a separate layer space for each image. However, that has changed with the introduction of Photoshop Elements 9, which introduced the Layer Spaces feature.

With this feature, you can create a group of images using the same set of parameters.

There are four different kinds of layer spaces:

Magnifier, which allows you to preview individual layers, with the possibility of using filters and adjustments;

Contents, which show a thumbnail of each individual layer;

Layers, which show a thumbnail of each layer and allow you to change the opacity and size for each layer; and

Library, which allows you to add images and make adjustments to multiple images from a single location.

With this feature, the user has created an adjustment layer for the Hugin panoramic and created a new layer space using Layer Spaces. The new layer space gives the user the ability to duplicate the layer, work with it as if it were a new image, add some text, make some minor adjustments, and save it as a Photoshop file.

However, this created a problem because the layers created by Hugin on the image’s layers and the ones that he created on his new layer space are not the same.

When the user first opened the layer space, the gray status bar appeared and read, «This type of file is not supported by this image editing software. Please change to a supported file format.» However, the user was working on a file that supported layers.

Using Layer Spaces, the user duplicated the new layer space. In the library section, he selected the layers on the Hugin panorama and applied an adjustment layer so that the layers were then available for manipulation.

Adobe users can work around this issue by changing the settings

Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4) Activation Free

This post covers 7 Photoshop plugins for the web developer. These plugins won’t enhance the workflow of any developer, but some of these plugins are very useful for Photoshop’s own features as well.

1. Twirlit

Twirlit is a free, cloud-based software that converts images into frames. It is used to create repeating patterns as well as shapes and other graphic elements, and can be used for seamless backgrounds, social media & blog header images and other innovative designs.

How to use Twirlit?

Twirlit is an online service that allows you to quickly create web design elements, which can be easily incorporated into your projects. You can create limitless images, frames and other graphic elements with this tool.

It’s simple to use:

– Choose a template

– Click on the «Make it yourself» icon to choose a theme, or click the «Freestyle» icon to make a picture you like.

– Add any number of elements. You can rotate them and use the tools to customize the picture.

– You can choose additional colors to use.

– Add text using the provided tools.

When you are finished, save the picture to your computer or Flickr or share it with your team. You can instantly download it to your clipboard and paste it into Photoshop, Pre-Press or your chosen media editor.

You can also use the downloaded preview link to share your work and if you have a paid Creative Cloud subscription, there is a share button on the main page.

Here is an example of how a frame looks in Photoshop:

Pretty cool right? Here is a screenshot for the standalone version of Twirlit:

This tutorial is for new users who want to learn how to create seamless frames. More info on the steps can be found here:

2. Image Miner

Image Miner lets you discover and convert great looking photos and videos from your social media feeds, websites and websites. This free online tool helps you to spot great looking photos and images and helps you to make them better using all the effects it offers. You can also share your favorite finds with your friends.

Image Miner has a lot of features, including:

– Find images: explore all the websites where your social media users have posted great photos


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package org.boon.slumberdb.builder.factory.impl;

import org.boon.slumberdb.builder.factory.BuilderFactory;
import org.boon.slumberdb.builder.factory.BuilderFactoryRegistry;
import org.boon.slumberdb.cassandra.Datasource;

import java.util.Set;

public class CassandraBuilderFactoryRegistryImpl implements BuilderFactoryRegistry {

private Datasource datasource;

public CassandraBuilderFactoryRegistryImpl(Datasource datasource) {
this.datasource = datasource;

public Set getBuilders() {
return DatasourceBuilderFactory.getInstance(datasource);

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What’s New in the Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4)?

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#include «pd_nlb_registry.h»
#include «pd_nlb_processor.h»

int nlb_get_processor_count(void)
return nlb_get_processor_count_ex();

MaliProcessorType nlb_get_processor_type(void)
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