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MotionCaster allows you to easily create live broadcasts and play them to web sites, iOS devices, Android tablets, and other devices. If you need to broadcast something, MotionCaster is definitely the tool to do it with. MotionCaster comes with basic tools like a Browser to find and edit your media, and a Preview to check out the live feed. But the real power of MotionCaster comes from the MotionStudio, its sophisticated, full-featured editor. It supports transitions, titles, scoreboards, and many other creative effects. Plus, it offers the ability to live stream via RTMP, NDI, and SDI playout. MotionCaster allows you to record to a single file or a folder, with the option to add external source to its playlist. MotionCaster can also record a video stream. Additionally, MotionCaster enables you to stream to various destinations, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DIVA, Twitch, and more. Key features: – Add as many media and audio sources to your live production – Support for RTMP, RTMPT (Real Time Messaging Protocol Transport), RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol), NDI, and SDI output – Temporarily or permanently mute audio – Full support of iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad), Android tablets, and many other mobile devices – Playback and recording of virtually any media and audio format – Ability to capture webcams and microphones – Support for editing with the integrated MotionStudio – Equipped with the ability to add external and 3D cameras – Supports batch conversion of media files – Supports output via RTMP, RTMPT, and RTP protocols – Full support for a broad range of network protocols, including IPv4 and IPv6 – Support for external connections using USB, Firewire, and Thunderbolt – Supports a wide range of video resolutions – Multiple effects to combine media clips – Ability to stream and record at the same time – Interface design with maximum ease of use – Easy to install, and no lengthy set up – Provides detailed assistance for beginners – Total freedom with unlimited possibilities – Full support for Windows and Mac, including 64-bit operating systems – Customizable workspace (splits view) and numerous other options – Highly configurable interface – Powerful video editing on the go – Runs on any Windows XP and newer operating system, as well as Mac OS X 10

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General Comments: MotionCaster Crack Free Download is a tool that helps you handle live broadcasting and multi-channel stream delivery in a very simple and intuitive way. It allows you to create your own video applications and work with all sorts of multimedia, even recording, NDI, SDI or RTMP streaming. MotionCaster is a software that merges multimedia files and creates streams while recording or streaming in real-time. The user interface is quite simple, the program is intuitive and contains all elements for creating your live broadcast. MotionCaster enables you to easily create your own video content and play it online at the same time. With MotionCaster you can record on-the-fly and stream through an RTMP, NDI, SDI or any other type of streaming media. MotionCaster allows you to play stream files, add multiple effects on-the-fly and create your own external players, all of that without leaving your editor. You can choose the output format (FFMpeg, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, XSPF, MPEG, WMV, etc.) and send to any destination. MotionCaster is a multimedia editing/multicast streaming app. There are multiple streams enabled, but the software can only be used simultaneously. It requires a minimum of 8 GBs of hard drive. Since version 3.5.0 and on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, MotionCaster has been updated. This app is still being developed. You can read the help file. Was this comment helpful? 00 of 00Found Helpful Overall Feedback Rating: (Not Rated) 1 person found this helpful comments 10 people found this comment helpful. Overall Feedback Rating: (Not Rated) MotionCaster by: Verified Reviewer Comments: No Comment 7 people found this comment helpful. Overall Feedback Rating: (Not Rated) MotionCaster by: Verified Reviewer Comments: Comment: MotionCaster by: Verified Reviewer Comments: 1 of 1 people found this comment helpful. Overall Feedback Rating: (Not Rated) MotionCaster by: Verified Reviewer Comments: No Comment 2 people found this comment helpful. Overall Feedback Rating: (Not Rated) MotionC b7e8fdf5c8

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MotionCaster is a live streaming system that lets you quickly and easily broadcast video files to many different destinations at the same time. With the application, it’s possible to create live content for not only online streaming or broadcast, but also for recording and playback, all with one interface. It’s especially useful when working with real-time streams such as files from Flash players, for example. Since it works quickly and its design is intuitive, MotionCaster should not be taken for granted. The application’s unique layout enables you to quickly add up to five streams of different files, whether they are recorded footage or simply captured from your system’s camera. MotionCaster opens up new horizons for live video capturing and live streams, as it introduces a new level of convenience. You can start broadcasting to many destinations at the same time, and record the video at the same time. In case you want to save your footage, it’s possible to record in SDI or NDI or SDI or NDI formats. Moreover, it lets you record video and combine it with still images, which will create a single clip for live broadcasts and/or more still images that can be used to create a loop video or as part of an intro effect to a broadcast. MotionCaster includes a fully featured motion editor called MotionStudio, which you can use to create special motion graphics. You can also control your streams in real time. You can even simply open a captured file from a folder. Finally, MotionStudio is extremely useful for simple tasks, such as looping a captured file, which requires just a few simple steps. You can also download here a detailed MotionCaster Review. Key features: Automatically recognize and record what is being shown on the screen. Live streaming to various destinations, including recording and playback. High-quality compression. Ability to use it to capture live streams. Support for NDI, SDI, and RTMP streaming. Start broadcasting live videos as soon as the file is captured. Ability to save the clip in various formats, from JPEG to MP4 to AVI to OGG. Support for multiple streams. Recording and playback in real time. Integrated motion editor. Support for Flash files, Windows Media files, and NDI files. Comes with a powerful media browser. It’s possible to record or stream to different destinations simultaneously. Ability to configure captures up to 10-15 cameras. Record webcam

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MotionCaster is a professional live-streaming software with video capture, streaming and multi-destination playout features, and an integrated video editor. It captures and plays back video files and live streaming outputs such as RTMP and NDI and supports a wide range of video formats including AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, 3GP, MP4, MKV, MPG, and MPEG-4. Images can be captured using different formats. Although MotionCaster’s interface is not easy, it’s possible to apply all the available functions to facilitate video playback. The application can capture files from various devices such as video cameras, scanners, webcams, camcorders and flash-based cameras. It also supports NDI streaming via RTMP protocol and can use multiple network connections to stream media from various servers. The application has advanced features such as the ability to create multiple overlays in order to customize the final output. It also has a built-in player to play videos, images, and audio, as well as other sophisticated tools such as overlays, titleboards, gobos, and switchers. It features a media browser that allows you to preview the media you wish to upload into the application before you do so. You can add clips from various sources, such as files stored locally, or devices connected to your system. MotionCaster provides a preview area to preview a video clip before streaming it. The section also includes a media browser with a list of available files and previews. When it is time to stream the clip, you can choose whether the video plays automatically, pausing the preview, or you can pause it to interact with the broadcast session. MotionCaster can preview or record a stream while playing a video. To do this, select the desired option from the drop-down menu in the Playback section of the application. You can capture video to local files or media servers, including NDI and RTMP. The program also supports playing and streaming NDI or SDI content to multiple destinations at once. MotionCaster is a versatile live streaming software that allows you to capture, stream and record different media formats. It’s also a program that’s easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface. StreamBooster FREE eXtended Multimedia Broadcasting PC Software. StreamBooster FREE is the best eXtended Multimedia Broadcasting (XMB) software that allows you to broadcast online using a broadband Internet connection.StreamBo

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Click here to download the instruction manual. Closed Beta Testing: In order to test the update pack in a Closed Beta environment, we’re offering a limited number of Steam codes, which will be given to players who participate in the Closed Beta. The Steam codes are here. If you already have a Steam account, you can join the Closed Beta by right-clicking the “Add a Game” in your Steam Library, and selecting “Steam Beta Participation”. We need your feedback to make

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