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Microsoft Windows XP Plus! Service Pack is Microsoft’s SP for the Plus! add-on, released as an enhancement pack for XP users. Being a Service Pack, it includes a collection of updates and bug fixes for the original Plus! product.
A few words about Microsoft Plus!
Microsoft Plus! was designed as a commercial OS improvement package that would typically include a combination of screensavers, games, themes and multimedia applications.
The first edition of this product was created for Windows 95 and development continued throughout Windows 98, Windows ME and XP, being discontinued in Vista, in favor of Windows Ultimate Extras.
Key features bundled in the Plus! edition
The Plus! edition for Windows XP was designed mainly to highlight the capabilities of XP’s Windows Media Player and DirectX 3D. As such, the package included themes and screensavers, as well as a DJ-ing application, MP3 converter, CD Label Maker, Speaker Enhancement, a voice command application, as well as skins and 3D visualizations for WMP. In the Games section, it brought Plus! Hyperbowl, Russian Square and Labyrinth.
Fixes and additions included in the Service Pack
Soon after the release of the original Plus! product, Microsoft made a few adjustments and additions and bundled all of them in a Service Pack, which consisted of a rich list of CD Label Maker templates and more profiles for the Speaker Enhancement utility. Moreover, some issues discovered in the MP3 converter were fixed.
Bottom line
All of the above considered, it’s safe to say that Microsoft Windows XP Plus! Service Pack was brought as an enhancement for a pack that was already meant as an enhancement for Windows XP. The updates provided in this SP are not critical and not even remotely close to tempting, if you ask us.


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Microsoft Windows XP Plus! Service Pack Crack + Download [32|64bit] Latest


Supported Platforms:

Windows 7

Common Questions:

Is this Service Pack compatible with Windows Vista?

Yes, as the two products share some common improvements, Microsoft included them both.

Does this Service Pack provide any Security Updates?

A number of security fixes were included in the Service Pack. These included Critical Fixes for MS04-039, MS04-020 and MS04-030. They fixed a vulnerability with HTTP traffic sent via Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. In addition, the Service Pack included another Critical Fix for MS04-038, which fixed a vulnerability with a Reader Mode for Microsoft’s Office products.

Do I have to download the Service Pack?

No, this is a stand-alone product, which means it is completely independent of the original XP Plus!.

How can I verify the authenticity of this Service Pack?

Microsoft provides the ability to verify this product through the Windows Update or the Windows DVD tool. However, the download can be added through the Windows Download Center or any other client of your choice.Q:

Is it possible to install automatically Icecat 8.3 from a stand-alone server?

Is it possible to install automatically Icecat 8.3 from a stand-alone server? It’s necessary to have Icecat 8.3 stand-alone because of bugfix in the support. I’m looking for an answer for a large amount of customers.


You will need to subscribe Icecat for Windows Server to create the installer.
You will need to subscribe to the security update pack as well.
When you are ready, you will need to run the usual procedure of receiving the installation media, creating the installer, a few other tasks, and finally the installation.

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Microsoft Windows XP Plus! Service Pack Crack For PC

As the name clearly suggests, this is a Service Pack for Microsoft Windows XP, which includes enhancements and updates to Plus!
Plus!’s improvement
You’ll find a whole bunch of stuff in this package, from new themes and screensavers for Windows Media Player, to the ability to add your own frames to the player screens, to high-definition content and gaming. We can’t say anything more, as all of the content is optional.
Microsoft Plus! Service Pack Requirements:
This Service Pack is designed for Windows XP SP2 and later (Windows XP SP3 may not work correctly due to an incomplete installation, although sometimes it does).
Microsoft Plus! Service Pack Downloads:
You can download this package from the site, as it is provided as a compressed file.
The full version is available only in Microsoft’s CD-ROMs.
As mentioned earlier, Microsoft didn’t include any major updates or changes in this package, as the Plus! add-on was already a simple product when it was released.Conservation of circadian control of activity in high-salt-tolerant European hamsters: Light-induced free-running period.
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Microsoft Windows XP Plus! Service Pack With License Code


Product Name

Product Version



MP3 Converter

XP-SP2 1.0



Multimedia and Games

WinMedia Player Plus!

XP-SP2 1.0



Date: July 19th 2001

NP Virtual DJ Pro XP SP2 1.0



XP-SP2 1.0



Media Center and Game Center

XP-SP2 1.0




XP-SP2 1.0




XP-SP2 1.0




XP-SP2 1.0



Speaker Enhancement XP-SP2 1.0



FX Audio Enhancer XP-SP2 1.0



3D effects for WMP XP-SP2 1.0



Themes XP-SP2 1.0



Settings XP-SP2 1.0



CD Label Maker XP-SP2 1.0



Windows Media Player Plus! XP-SP2 1.0




WordXP-SP2 1.0



Speech XP-SP2 1.0






Timer XP-SP2 1.0



Groove XP-SP2 1.0



Notes XP-SP2 1.0



History XP-SP2 1.0

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