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Keygen Autopano Pro 3.0.5 Fixed

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Keygen Autopano Pro 3.0.5

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Autopano Pro software makes it easy to organize and make corrections to your photos. It uses mathematical algorithms to create the best results for your photos. And it automatically combines your images to make a panoramic-like image for each photo. Manually stitch the images together to create your own panorama or use the automatic panorama creation feature. Included features include zoom, fit to edit, show grid, show rotation limits, show overlapping images, get keypoints, navigate your images, print and export, file size print. .
Get started quickly with Autopano Pro software…………………. Automatic or Manual capture, combined image generation.
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Currently the game is programmed in Direct X 9.x that is for Microsoft Window . Target platform is Windows . Languages are English, German, French, Spanish and Polish.
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Taj Al-Sharif is an archaeological site in the Faiyum area of Egypt. It is the largest and most important site at Faiyum, and is the only known city-site in the area to have been excavated.

Location and description

Occupied from the Early Bronze Age (c. 3000–2000 BCE) until around 1000 CE, the site lies 20 km southwest of Faiyum, in the Al-Sharif Al-Awa region of the Faiyum Governorate. It is on a large natural mound, and has two principal components.

The western area of the site has been occupied since the early Early Bronze Age, and is the largest surviving urban centre in the area. It is large, and is approximately square, although the character of the planned layout is unclear. The city was at least 2 km on each side. The buildings along the north-south axis are also clearly arranged in groups. It occupies an area between two large north-south canals, one of which was constructed in the Late Bronze Age. There is a large cemetery to the north of the site.

The city suffered a severe earthquake around 1000 CE, which destroyed the west area of the site.

In the Middle Period (IV – VI centuries CE) the city was again very large, extending over several thousand hectares. The area between the north and south canals was inhabited. Surrounding smaller villages were inhabited by the same ethnic group as the city, although some of them were south of the canals. There is also evidence for a pottery production centre at Kom el-Hetan, situated south of the city, and a ceramic kiln at Bebin Shar.

The eastern area of the site is later, and was not occupied continuously, although it was occupied from approximately the time of the Sasanian conquest of Egypt, and probably earlier.


Category:Faiyum Governorate
Category:Ancient Greek archaeological sites in Egypt
Category:Archaeological sites in Egypt

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