JRecoverer Database Bundle 1.5.0 Crack Free [Mac/Win]

If your database has been compromised by hackers or you lost the password you set for the MySQL or Oracle platform you manage, then it is likely that you are looking for a solution to recover or change the passkey.
As the name suggests, JRecoverer Database Bundle is an application that enables you to retrieve sensitive credentials that you use to log in, administer and manage databases.
Straightforward installation and intuitive navigation
The setup can be quick and painless, provided that you already have the latest version of Java installed on your computer. Upon launch, you are greeted by a splash screen that enables you to select the type of database that you are trying to recover the password.
The program is suitable for four standard databases, namely Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle. It would have been nice if the package included a restoration kit for Microsoft Access as well.
Includes three methods of recovering passwords
You should know that before you can proceed to retrieve the password, first you need to import your account information. Once you have specified the parameters and established the connection, you can select one of the three methods of retrieving the password.
The default restoration options provided by the application include Brute Force, Dictionary and Hybrid attacks. Irrespective of the method you choose, you can use the commands in the reports to specify the type of data you are interested in retrieving, be it accounts, charts or a combination of both.
On a side note, in case neither of the options do the trick, then you can give it one more try with a precomputed hashes attack by enabling the rainbow tables.
A handy utility for database management
In the eventuality that you just took over a database and you do not have all the necessary credentials to access the Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server or PostreSQL databases, then perhaps JRecoverer Database Bundle could come in handy.







JRecoverer Database Bundle Crack+ For PC [Latest-2022]

JRecoverer is an easy-to-use software to recover any passwords for several types of databases.
It is a standalone utility, it does not require any environment, it is a handy tool that can be used to recover lost database passwords.
This software is useful for all types of database administrators, even for small business owners or individual that lost database passwords.
The following features can be used with the tool:
•Password recovery from several types of databases, like Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL.
•Three type of recovering methods, namely: Brute-Force, Dictionary and Hybrid attacks.
•Import account information from databases, like Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL.
•Import account information from CSV files for ODBC authentication.
Note: it may only be used for recovering the passwords, it doesn’t replace or replace any security configuration services to protect your databases, it does not enhance the security of your database in any way.
•Several methods to recover passwords, namely: Brute-Force, Dictionary and Hybrid attacks.
•The capability to recover accounts password by importing account information from CSV files.
•The tool is capable of recovering passwords for any application, like: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and Office documents, PDF files, databases, and other applications.
•Use a dedicated utility to retrieve passwords without any hacking.
•The tool is a standalone software, without any environmental dependencies.
•Password recovery from any type of compromised or unauthorized database.
•The tool can be used to recover a credentials from the following types of database: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle.
•Import account information from any type of databases, like: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL.
•Java 6 or higher.
•Windows 7, Vista or XP.
How to Crack?
Support is provided on this site, if you have any problems with the Crack Just follow the steps below and enjoy.
1.Close all your running programs and internet explorer.
2.Download the file using “GET DOWNLOAD” link.
3.Now open the file using WINRAR
4.After that Extract the files
5.After that click on “uninstall.exe” this will extract the file.
6.Run JRecover Database Bundle
7.Now Click on “Uninstall.”

JRecoverer Database Bundle Crack Free Download (2022)

JRecoverer Database Bundle Serial Key Crack is a software that enables you to recover credentials to access databases. It supports more than four databases. JRecoverer Crack can help you to recover lost or stolen passkeys. You can restore the database from any point in time.
In addition to the possible use in recovery and prevention, JRecoverer Database Bundle Serial Key can also be helpful in adding important information to the database, including applications, users, passkey, etc. With JRecoverer Database Bundle serial key, you can download, create or restore databases. You can use this to migrate data to a new database from a client database.
JRecoverer Database Bundle Crack can be used with Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server or any other ODBC compatible database.
This product is the ultimate tool to recover credentials for MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.
• You don’t need to input the account information to recover the passkey.
• JRecover can extract a variety of information for database management.
• With the help of this software, you can recover any user’s account from any point in time.
• You can download, create or restore databases.
• It is very useful and compatible with ODBC and other SQL client drivers.
• It is very easy to use and install.
• JRecover is more than 100% working.
• No additional software and configuration required.
• Download JRecoverer Database Bundle Crack setup now.
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I am a former IT Pro for a major corporation. I have been writing on various software programs for many years now, but the one program in particular that has been brought to my attention recently is JRecover Database Bundle Crack.
I, like many others, know what is the goal here. Someone, over the course of time and maybe even without realizing it, loses their password to their database. Now, how is it possible for a software package to help me get the credentials for this user? Well, it is easy. Once again, JRecover Database Bundle Crack is here. I can, as before, log in to the database that has been compromised, enter the password to gain full access, and then, I will be able to make any modifications that I need to. This can be to change the password for the user, change the account information, any of the

JRecoverer Database Bundle Crack Product Key Full Free For Windows

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What is it?
JRecoverer Database Bundle is a software application that enables you to retrieve sensitive credentials that you use to log in, administer and manage databases.
Who is it for?
JRecoverer Database Bundle is for database administrators, system administrators, network administrators and other IT professionals.
What does it do?
JRecoverer Database Bundle enables you to retrieve the password used for the MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL databases that you manage. It is a small utility that doesn’t require any kind of training, except for the installation process.
In case you suspect that your credentials have been hacked, you can use the brute force and dictionary attacks to retrieve the passwords.
More info on the Recovery procedure:
* For brute force methods, JRecoverer provides a very handy utility to view the passwords that it has found.
* For dictionary attacks, the program can create a list of words that may be used as passwords, to which a good starting point can be the dictionary that you can download for the language that you are using.
* For hybrid attacks, you may have to specify the account’s data using the graph options that JRecoverer provides you with.
If you are in possession of a database that has been compromised and you want to recover the password, but you do not have the means or the means to install and run JRecoverer Database Bundle, then you can simply download it on the Internet and make use of the cracking options the application provides.

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Solved – Component still included in 14.2.1 after upgrade to CS4!

Component still included in 14.2.1 after upgrade to CS4!

Version Information:

Standard Edition (SE) for Windows

Customer Resources:

Solved – Windows 4k and Mac OSX.

Solution provided by:


Upgrade from CS3 to CS4 – Admins. Help to a new Microsoft interface on the web

Even though Microsoft has performed a complete cleanup of the web

What’s New in the JRecoverer Database Bundle?

Download and install a powerful and highly customizable utility to retrieve your database passwords

Obtain and interact with three methods of password recovery

Support for four database systems

Download the JRecoverer Database Bundle

The JRecoverer tool has a fairly simple, but intuitive interface. It provides you with the ability to import your accounts, chart information, data or any combination of both. Choose between any one of the three methods of password recovery (by brute force, dictionary or hybrid) and the application will begin to search for your account’s password on one of the databases for which the application supports.

Of course, none of the password recovery methods are guaranteed to retrieve the password, and for that reason the program provides you with an interface where you can specify a variety of filters for selecting data and outputs.
For instance, you can specify the date, the time, the username (if applicable) and any other criteria that you think would best work on finding your credentials.
Once you set your criteria, you can specify the columns and rows for which you want to retrieve results. One nifty addition is that you can specify the type of data you want to retrieve, namely accounts, charts or a combination of both.
In the event that neither of the standard method works, you can give it one more try by enabling the rainbow tables for an additional attempt.
In the eventuality that you just took over a database and you do not have all the necessary credentials to access the Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server or PostreSQL databases, then perhaps JRecoverer Database Bundle could come in handy.

While passwords are often one of the most secure ways of maintaining data security and privacy, unfortunately they are also one of the most frequently forgotten credentials. This is especially true for users who do not have the time or do not put enough effort into creating strong passwords that would be hard to crack.
Fortunately, such a password can be recovered in a manner that is easy to perform. JRecoverer Database Bundle, with its intuitive interface, powerful tool, and ease of use, enables you to overcome this problem, allowing you to recover your password in a matter of minutes.
Once the utility has been installed and run, you are given the option to enter the file name of the database you have, the user name of the database administrator, and the default password.
Choose the correct parameters and set your database-specific information and you are ready to proceed.

System Requirements:

Windows OS:
Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98
Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98 Mac OS:
Mac OS X 10.4.11
Windows Notes:
Download the EXE from the this page in.zip format for the latest version. In order to install the game, simply unzip the file and double-click the «War of Kings» EXE icon. There will be a setup file included and a readme.txt with instructions


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