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This is a small server process which listens on a TCP port on the local
machine for incoming connection requests. A client can then talk to the
Hyenae server over an SSH connection and send a packet using the
Racket networking primitive Pkt-encode. This packet is sent to the
Hyenae server which can then replay it over the network and generate a
new packet that can be sent to the client. Clients can for example
attempt to initiate a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack against a
Here is a quick example of how to do this:

(require (lib “hyenae.rkt”)


(srv::server-start 0)

# let (current-ip) (in-addr->ipv6 64530)

(cluster::init-cluster (cluster::create-node {cluster::localhost







# let (recv-packet:connection)














(ssh (select-address (cluster::select-node




(forward-connection (get-destination (join->packet

(packet::encode (Pkt-make-ethernet))))

(send-packet (match (get-remote-node

(join->packet (packet::encode (Pkt-make-ethernet)))))

(join->packet (packet::encode (Pkt-make-ethernet))))))

# loop (mapcat #(cluster::send-message (get

Hyenae With License Code

Written in Python using third-party toolkits, hyena is a remote
Python library for simulational wireless network attacks and
network forensic analysis.
PyGTK is used to build the GUI. Hyena supports only Internet
Ethernet and IPV4. It operates as a network sniffer and can be
configured to operate as a network attack tool.
Configuration can be controlled from the command line as well as
from the GUI. This allows shell scripting and automated
configuration of attack/exposure machines.
Examples of configuration include:
— IP address for the core/control node:
— Packet generation: simple/raw IPv4, raw packet generation
— User based attacks: broadcast, multicast, unicast,
— sniffer and raw IPV4.
— Malformed/buggy IPv4: enable a range of bug types, IP header
— spoofing, TCP fuzzing, IDS ping for example.
— WEP keys and wep cracking.
— All attacks against the Ethernet standard: ethernet frames
— MAC frame collision, frame error.
— All attacks against wireless standards: 802.11, 802.15,
— 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n.
— All attack vectors against IEEE 802.15.4, also the
— ‘flood’ attack.
— Packet reconstruction (ICMP, ARP, DHCP etc).
— Telemetry.
— Hijacking and loss of packets.
— Data extraction.
— Wireshark port capture/decap (reconstructed).
Packets can be captured from connected sniffing machines and
decapitated. This allows the details of captured packets to be
matched to their source IP addresses which can also be captured
and graphically displayed.
The Hyena programming library can be used to write new plugins
for Hyena. Plugins allow the user to introduce new operations to
the program. They can be written in Python or C.
Hyena is also licensed under a BSD license.
Hyena uses the Python module named ‘wd_db’ to store its data.

mpdecision is a simple home router/nintendo/videocamera firmware that allows creating an ad-hoc wireless network, broadcasting your ad-hoc network from a wifi router, and much more.


Hyenae Full Product Key [Latest]

1- Hyenae is a packet generator tool for MITM attacks and Simple network attacks.
2- Generates a random network card address for spoofing
3- Allows users to randomize their address pool and classify them by using jumble patterns.
4- Multiple packets can be generated by using the same protocol and for multiple hosts.
5- Allows the user to generate theses packets in bulk and replay them against the target.
6- Randomizes and sends packets in a cluster environment (Example of using this is that Hyenae sends packets to a group of random devices and analyze the flow of information.)
7- Multiple packets can be sent into a single host.
8- Ability to mount MITM attacks
9- Allows the user to randomize the IPs pool and use them according to jumble patterns
10- Useful for researchers on internet attacks
11- Generates custom protocol packets
12- Allows the user to create random packets in bulk and replay them against the target.
13- Allows the user to send packets to a single or multiple hosts
14- Generates and allows the user to select attacks such as DDoS attacks, Denial of Service attacks, MITM attacks (TCP Connection Resets) etc..
15- Generates IP ARP attacks
16- Allows the user to send packets to multiple hosts, to generate multiple packets per host and to automatically select random hosts
17- Allows the user to send an attack to a single device or to randomly select multiple addresses and send them at once
18- Allows the user to send packets from multiple cluster devices at the same time.
19- Generates – NBT (Fake DNS) packets with multiple spoofed hosts, where the packets will be sent to a single device or a group of random devices
20- Generates NBT (Fake DNS) packets with multiple host addresses.
21- Generates and sends TCP Connection resets TCP packets (Time to live issues, TOS, RST, SA flood)
22- Generates ICMP echo requests (ping) packets, allows the user to spoof the origin of the traffic and to send the traffic to random or single hosts.
23- Generates ICMP echo replies (ping) packets and allows the user to spoof the origin of the traffic and to send the traffic to a single or random hosts.
24- Generates and allows the user to select the attacks of particular protocols, such as FTP,SMB, Tel

What’s New in the?

* Generate and control up to 1,000,000 unicast ethernet packets per second
* Easily configure packet generation control like the rate of sending per second and use of pre-defined rules
* Generate packets with any randomized MAC addresses
* Generate packets with built-in delay between packets
* Generate delay packets to simulate live attacks
* High compatibility with different operating systems
* Features like wildcard-based address randomization, centralized remote daemon and concurrency management
* Lightweight C API
Linux, Windows, Mac OSX

3D HYENAE A Clusterable WiFi/Ethernet Attack Network Generator

The HYENAE WiFi/Ethernet Attack Network Generator allows generating high volume wildcard-based addresses and unicast, broadcast and multicast ethernet, wifi and bluetooth traffic!
It supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint network configurations.
The HYENAE provides 4 main functions:
1. Clustering support
2. Automatic start on any computer, without client software install
3. Start as many single-thread generators as you want
4. UDP and TCP support
5. Distributed synchronization
6. Wildcard-based address generation
7. DNSMasq dns based on ARP poisoning
8. Local injection
9. Detailed statistics
10. Fast startup from cold
11. Generate WiFi packets
12. Generate bluetooth packets
13. Generate custom packets
14. Restricted packet size (up to 512 bytes)
15. Highly customizable packet generation control like sending rate per second, packet period and rules
16. Built-in Delays (between packets, at most 4 ticks)
17. Built-in Oscillator (between 10~50 miliseconds)
18. Hostname randomization (NetBIOS, MS-SQL, Google, LDAP, MySQL,…)
19. Port randomization
20. Simple CLI (http, telnet) interface for simple and quick use
22. Compatible with different operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OSX)
23. Lightweight C API



System Requirements For Hyenae:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / 2008 / 2003 / XP
Processor: Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon XP
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 128 MB video memory
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
Additional Notes: This program may require more memory than the minimum system requirements
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 1


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