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If you need to know exactly what a certain menu option does, click on it with the mouse. The Properties window will bring up a small box that lets you read the tooltip describing the property.

* **Options**. These are the settings that are used to customize Photoshop’s behavior.

Figure 1-2. The Properties window is a floating, floating window that appears when you click a tool. You can use it to display the current properties of the active tool, to control other tools, or even to control the selection tools. This figure shows the Path category, where you can edit the selection methods used.

When you edit the Properties window, you’re editing the properties of the tool that was activated. You can edit the properties of a tool by clicking on the tool’s icon in the Layers panel or by selecting it in the Toolbox (the box at the bottom of the workspace). Clicking on a tool’s icon or selecting the tool with the mouse enables the Properties window for editing.

When you create new tools, the Properties window is disabled for editing. You can still make adjustments by using the new tool, which will appear in the Tools panel with the Properties icon next to it.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the Properties window to switch between using the active tool with the Properties window or using a separate tool.

When you create a new tool by using the New tool icon, its Properties dialog (as shown in Figure 1-3, bottom) is displayed so that you

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This tutorial will teach you how to remove someone’s face from an image in Photoshop. It is a fun task and will be done in no time.

Step 1

Download the image of your choice from the internet, preferably a photo of someone who is not a friend or family member. If you can’t find anything suitable on the internet, you can download the picture I’ve used in this tutorial.

Step 2

Go into Photoshop or any other graphics editor like Adobe Photoshop Elements, Gimp, etc.

Step 3

I suggest creating a new document with a 16:9 aspect ratio as that is the best for this tutorial. I’ve created a new document below.

Open your image in the graphics editor and place the image in the center of the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Click the Crop tool in the toolbox and the Crop dialogue box will open up and automatically show the proportions of the image.

Adjust the size of the crop box so that you can still see the person’s face in the box.

Step 4

Click the Crop tool once again and drag out the edges of the crop box.

This will make it easier to remove the person’s face later on.

Note: Make sure you drag out the edge of the crop box. If you’re dragging out the edge of the crop box near the center, you won’t be able to see the person’s face.

Step 5

Now move the layer containing the person’s face to the top layer of the image.

Step 6

Click on the Eye dropper tool and paint the person’s eyes by clicking on the head and dragging out towards the corners of the screen.

Continue clicking and dragging out with the eye dropper and paint out the black circles around the person’s eyes until you can no longer see any of the person’s face.

There should be a small white box around the person’s face, which you’ll want to drag out towards the edge of the image.

Step 7

With the new blank area surrounding the person’s face, click on the Lasso tool.

Make a selection of the person’s face by clicking on the rectangle around the person’s face.


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* **• Shadows and Reflections**

Shadows and reflections are another common tool. You can create these using the pen tools or the Scatter/Reveal>Blur Filter (for «blur and shadow» or for creating the effect, respectively).

You may also want to experiment with the Patches tool. This creates something called a «patched» texture, which is essentially a texture created from an image you already have. The resulting texture can be used on paintings. You can create a Patches filter that you can use on the image.

The Airbrush works similarly to the pen tools.

* **• Gradients**

You can use Photoshop gradients with the Gradient tool to easily make your images more interesting.

## The Photo Filter

The Photo Filter can be used to «process» (adjust) a photograph to change its look, often as a method of artistic experimentation. This is useful in situations where you’re looking to change the image or simply apply some effects that you can use and modify in a nondestructive way. The Photo Filter includes a number of filter effects that can be used, including effects that could be used for alternative genres such as film and fine art.

## The Levels Adjustment Layer

The Levels Adjustment Layer provides an easy way to get the image into a certain range for adjustment, such as brightness, contrast, and so on. This layer can be found in the Adjustments panel on the right side of the layer thumbnail.

## The Curves Adjustment Layer

Another adjustment layer feature is the Curves Adjustment Layer. This layer provides a bit of a more complex way of adjusting the curves, and it’s also found in the Adjustments panel on the right side of the layer thumbnail. The Curves Adjustment Layer allows you to change the shape of the curves (the «curve»; see Figure 2-6, with the red and blue lines forming the curve») and to set a _control point_ (the point where the dark and light areas meet).

You can move the control point to make the dark and light areas match. You can control the curve using these points and the options in the Curves panel on the left.

Figure 2-6. This single layer of a photograph shows the brightness curve in red and the curve in blue. You can see that only the dark and light areas make up the curve.

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