GeomTest Crack With Full Keygen Download [Win/Mac] [2022]







GeomTest Download [2022]

GeomTest Crack For Windows is designed to provide the following useful functions:
1. Simulation and analysis of the geometric data, including lines, surfaces, blocks and meshes.
2. Geometric modeling of the aircraft and land vehicles.
3. Correcting, setting up, and analyzing the geometric design.
4. Design error detection, debug report, and visualization.
5. Extending the project modes, including the 3D geometric mode, and the project optimization
6. Mapping the functions of custom tab, sketch tab, wire editor, and the sketch for computation.
7. Configure the project files, design the project and set the labels in the project and design file.
8. Drawing a book illustration from the design in the project files.
9. Set the drawing, drawing, and surf files to be used by the project file.
10. The high-level design functions, such as testing, printing, saving, and importing the design.
11. Using application example to perform tutorial.

About the project:

GeomTest is developed by a team of professional engineers and technical designers.

The target of GeomTest design is to provide numerous functions to complete the design tasks for all kinds of users.

GeomTest is integrated in CAD software, such as SolidWorks, UG, and so on.


The target platform includes Windows 7 and Windows 10, and so on.

Connecting the project files to the solid object use SolidWorks or UG.

GeomTest is developed in C++ with Visual C++, Qt5, OpenGL and SolidWorks 3D CAD.

The project file is auto generated by GeomTest, no need to design it yourself.

Support Geometric modeling and testing of aircraft and land vehicles.

The digital surface model is also supported.

Support the model of the aircraft and land vehicles with the digital surface model.

Support the design of aircraft and land vehicles using the attribute table.

Simulation and analysis of the geometric data, including lines, surfaces, blocks and meshes.

3D sketching and basic sketching for design of airplane and land vehicles.

Viewing and editing the digital geometry of the design

Correcting the geometric design

Debug report

Design error detection and visualization

File management: project file, design file, drawing file, drawing file, surf file, and user sketch file

GeomTest Crack + License Keygen Free [March-2022]

GeomTest is a simple, easy to use testbench specially designed to help you with the testing and learning of Geometric modeling.

The GeomTest application helps to do the following things:
– To give the user the ability to perform geometrical calculations on any form representing the surface of a solid, area or surface of a volume.
– To give the user the ability to display any geometrical form and its related properties in a friendly and easy way to understand.
– To allow the user to work with a wide range of relevant data.
– To provide the user with all the geometrical tools necessary to do geometrical operations, besides helping to learn the basic concepts of geometric modeling.

Although simple, GeomTest provides all the relevant tools needed to be mastered for successful handling of geometry in the three domains of Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Architecture.

To get started:
– Start the application.
– Click on the «Geometry Testbed» button.
– You are inside the Geometry Testbed.
– You can create a geometry (surface, area or volume) and fill it with colors, patterns and textures.
– You can perform calculations on the geometry.
– You can view the geometry in 3D.
– You can save the geometry in various formats.
– You can view Geometry properties (area, volume and linear length).
– You can modify the geometry, the colors, the patterns and the textures.
– You can also print the geometry.

This version is free to download and use and it does not include any advertising.
Please, if you like this project or it has helped you in any way, make a donation to sustain my activities.

This project has been downloaded 33117 times and it has been used by 43600 users in the last year, and is free to use for all purposes.

– The wide range of surfaces that can be created with GeomTest.
– The ability to store your own surface.
– The ability to easily view surfaces.
– The ability to add and edit colors, patterns and textures.
– The ability to manipulate the color, pattern and texture properties.
– The ability to calculate areas and volumes of surfaces.
– The ability to add and edit objects.

Version 1.0.1:
– Corrected the main window button and added a help menu.
– Improved the Geometry Testbed – :

GeomTest Crack 2022 [New]

– GeomTest is a simple, easy to use testbench specially designed to help you with the testing and learning of Geometric modeling in FEA.
– GeomTest is a C++ based testbench. The underlying implementation, however, is written in LabVIEW. You will need to run the testbench from the Visual C++ version
of C++.
– The testbench includes five utility files for your own use.
– It includes a function that may be used to quickly write unit tests to check how the testbench handles the user interface.
– The testbench reports the results of all the testbench functions.
– When executed, GeomTest will create your own output files to keep track of the testing and be used to help with the learning of Geometric modeling.
– GeomTest can be used to verify and validate the following:
– Mesh building and management.
– Mesh processing.
– Mesh manipulation.
– Quality assurance.
– Relative error reporting.

Mesh Building and Management:
In GeomTest, we try to simplify the process of creating and working with 3D meshes.
– Mesh creation: Vertex position, normal, and texture coordinates may be defined individually for every vertex.
– Mesh editing: Changes to the mesh are efficiently maintained.
– Mesh processing: When the number of vertices or faces have been changed (or updated), the mesh is automatically re-meshed and re-calculated.
– Mesh updating: When the mesh is updated, the mesh is automatically recalculated.
Quality Assurance:
In GeomTest, we are using statistical methods to try to automatically validate the mesh.
– Mesh testing: Check the Mesh’s quantity of faces, vertices and quality.
– Relative error reporting: Provide a way for a user to understand how many vertices are really expected.

What’s New in the GeomTest?

GeomTest is a simple, easy to use testbench specially designed to help you with the testing and learning of Geometric modeling.
GeomTest is designed to help you test your CAD/CAM environment, both 2D and 3D geometric hardware and software.
GeomTest is also designed to be a learning tool for math and geometric techniques.
Major features:
– Specify points to move
– Specify rotation and scaling
– Add, move and delete points
– Specify point distances and depths
– Specify a constraint according to a specified value
– Specify a color for the points
– Specify a line type
– Specify a line color
– Specify an array of points
– Specify a gradient color
– Specify a width of the line
– Specify an initial rotation for the lines
– Specify an initial line thickness
– Specify whether the lines are connected or not
– Specify an initial depth for the lines
– Specify whether the lines are deleted after some number of points
– Specify an initial rotation or scaling for the lines
– Constraint points by a given value and by a given operator
– Start and stop the simulation

GeomTest was developped for the PIMX4 board using the Angstrom distibution.

The following is a list of model files that can be edited and tested with this distibution:
– generic.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_main.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_aux.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_sensors.ucsd.xml
– wheels_geom.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_gtc.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_pwm.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_attitude.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_fault.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_gpio.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_leds.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_sdl.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_sms.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_i2c.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_nvm.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_usb.ucsd.xml
– ucsd_cam.ucsd.xml

System Requirements For GeomTest:

* Windows 10 Home/Pro
* 2GHz or faster CPU
* 4GB of RAM
* DirectX 9.0c
* At least 32GB of available space on the PC’s hard drive
* Intel GMA3600 or Radeon HD 4250
* 1280×720 display (16:9 ratio)
The recommended retail price is $14.99 USD / $19.99 CAD
This game is free to play
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