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## Learning the Commands

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How does it work?

Photoshop Elements is a drawing application. The user draws with the mouse or keyboard and the program immediately saves the drawing. Users can also select a rectangle and fill it with a color to create a selection. The program can identify the edges of the selection, and turn one color into another as shown in the example below.

Once the selection is complete, you can apply simple image or text edits to the area or move it around with the drag-and-drop tools. The user can even paste other images from the system into the canvas.

Photoshop Elements has five main tools: Brush, Clipper, Lasso, Freehand, and Gradient. We will provide a closer look at each one below:

The Brush

Brushes in Elements work in much the same way as they do in Photoshop. To draw with the brush, you need to press the spacebar to set the brush style. Then, you use the left mouse button to select the brush size and the right mouse button to paint.

The Radius tool lets you specify a radius that the paint should use. This lets you make smaller or larger areas of the brush stroke. You can also make a stroke with as many radial rings as you want.

The Size tool lets you select the brush size. This is useful for brush settings, such as the number of colors and the size of the brush.

The Hardness tool lets you choose the amount of paint that should remain. This is helpful for softer lines.

The Flow tool lets you adjust the flow of the brush. Flow controls the amount of paint that is spread along the brush as you drag the brush along a path. You can use the Flow tool to create complex strokes, which look very realistic.

The Express tool lets you control how quickly you paint. The Express tool lets you quickly draw small strokes with a limited number of pressure, resulting in very realistic strokes.

The Gradient tool lets you make smooth color gradients. To create gradients, you select a color and drag across the tool. You can also use the Gradient tool to create a variety of gradients, from the most common linear and radial to three-dimensional.

The Gradient tool lets you adjust the strength of a gradient. You can adjust the brightness of the entire gradient, or adjust the saturation or luminosity of a gradient.

The Brush tool lets you modify the size, shape, and hardness of

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The GidWin Blog is going through a major change.

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