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Focus stacking is a very powerful method for creating a 3D image.
With it you can generate 3D depth maps of microscopic 2D images (He, LSM, etc.),
transform a single 2D image into a 3D stack (e.g. by a series of focus changes).
Or combine two or more 2D images into a 3D one.

LeafStick is a fast and easy to use program for focus stacking and using microscopic LSM images for more detailed analysis of leaf surfaces.
LeafStick Description:

LeafStick is a free easy to use program for focus stacking.
By using a series of focus steps you can easily create 3D images of microscopic LSM images.


LeafStick vs focusStackingGui vs focusStacking

Easy to use Focus stacking software available at Focus stacking

FocusStackingGui – FocusStacking

3D dynamic 2D image

LeafStick – FocusStacking

3D dynamic 2D image

LeafStick vs focusStackingGui

Focus stacking has a wide range of available software tools and methods to automate it.
But there’s not only one software solution, its also possible to automate this process using a computer and other application tools.

FocusStackingGui – FocusStacking

Focus stacking software

LeafStick – FocusStacking

Focus stacking software

LeafStick vs focusStackingGui

focusStackingGui is designed to make focus stacking as intuitive and easy as possible for non-expert users.
LeafStick is capable of handling focus stacking from novice user to expert.

FocusStackingGui – FocusStacking

Focus stacking algorithms

LeafStick – FocusStacking

Focus stacking algorithms

LeafStick: LeafStick is a very fast and easy to use program for focus stacking.
You can easily create a new image with focused and defocused images.
It’s possible to reconstruct a 3D image from a single 2D image and
it’s possible to combine 2D images into a single 3D image.
You can use focus stack tools for re-composition, visualizing and measuring the 3D surface.
LeafStick Description:

LeafStick is a

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Elastic map fitting:

After choosing the most relevant channel, you can see an index color (mask) of the top trichome for every shape in the 3D visualization.
You can move this mask up and down in the 3D space to select the trichomes of interest.
Finally, if you want to zoom in a specific area, just move the mouse in the preview window, or you can choose between snap-on and 3D navigation.

Elastic map fitting:

The algorithm for image registration is called the squared Hausdorff and it takes the 3D information in order to rebuild a 2D image.
In this case, you will get an average trichome length.
The parameters you need to enter manually:


A customizable tool to measure different aspects of trichomes:

Pre-saved or live measurements:

Pre-saved measurements

Pre-saved images can be used to measure the trichome length, width and thickness in order to compare trichomes of several samples at the same time.Answers

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Wrapping and unwrapping properties from a Dictionary in Swift

I’m trying to work out how to deal with nested dictionary values in Swift 2.0.
I have a struct, Message, that I’ve declared as:
struct Message {

var formId: String
var content: [Content]

init(formId: String, content: [Content]) {
self.formId = formId
self.content = content


The Content struct is:
struct Content {

var formId: String
var locationId: String
var row

FocusStackingGui Crack + Free Download


## Feedback:

1. Technical Field
The present invention relates to an image processing device, an image processing method, and a non-transitory computer readable medium storing an image processing program.
2. Related Art
In recent years, a technique has been widely used in which information, that is, an image is displayed on a display, the image is input from a camera, or the image is printed on a sheet.
A conventional image processing system has been proposed in which printing processing is performed based on print data that includes image data. The conventional image processing system is configured to adjust the color of the image data so that the color of the printed image does not deviate from a reference color.% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in

What’s New In?

This is a simple, intuitive application designed to aid you in your ability to apply focus stacking on microscopic 2D or 3D images.
Using elastic map fitting, the application will rebuild a 3D surface of the microscopic 2D or 3D image. This allows you to identify the trichomes of your sample and to generate statistics on those trichomes.
Once you have recreated your sample in focus stacking, you can apply any 3D or 2D post processing that you may use while working with this microscopy platform
Program Features:
– Convert Multiple Microscopic Images Into Single Focus Stacked Images
– Apply Elastix Fitting
– Generate 3D Surface
– Generate Statistics
This application is a part of Elastix software suite. To download Elastix please visit
How to install:
1) Unzip.
2) Open Elastix application and install it.
3) Run focusStackingGui and run it. It will be opened in a separate window.
4) Click on the blue application icon to run focusStackingGui.
Please note: to work with focusStackingGui you need to install Elastix first!

Fresnel Cube GUI for PC for use with the Ultraviolet Range

Find an example of the Fresnel Cube GUI here:

Find an example of the Fresnel Cube GUI here:

FocusStack with Ultraviolet –

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Pentium II
Memory: 4 MB
Graphics: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 30 MB
DirectX: Version 9.0
Additional Notes:
Voice and Graphics:
Additional Notes

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