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This new feature was developed in collaboration with EA Sports and the Speed IQ Technologies firm to bring high-speed, high-energy gameplay into FIFA more realistically.

Enhanced run animations

A new run animation system brings players closer to real-life movements by replicating the energy and tension of the run. Movement and power more accurately translate from player to player on the pitch in both the dribble and the run.

FIFA 22 introduces a run-and-shoot mechanic, where players can hit opponents with accurate, powerful shots from long distance or take on defenders while charging through the lines. With the new run animation system, players are much more aggressive when sprinting to attack a defenceless opponent and much more dynamic when evading an attack.

High-intensity AI and new varieties of pass-interference AI

The new AI system ensures that players understand the game better and predict the moves of opponents in the most realistic way possible.

The AI is better at identifying and executing, through interaction with other players, the strategy required for each situation on the pitch. Quicker passes, effective counter-attacks and more goal-scoring opportunities are more easily achieved.

New, more intelligent, reaction and anticipation AI is implemented in opposition defenders. They are more reactive to players that are trying to beat their opponents off the ball.

the new DeepPasses feature, which replicates the complexity of heading the ball into the net by incorporating the new physics engine; it’s a new tool allowing players to challenge the goalkeeper.

New defensive AI improvements

The new defensive AI is more intelligent at identifying and interpreting opportunities in opposition attacks.

These improvements mean that defenders are better at defending and tackling in aerial duels and more prepared to challenge the dribbler by timing their jump or lunging for a high tackle.

Improved defensive positioning is also implemented to prevent players from being in danger of being exposed by a high cross from the wings.

New “tackle animations”

A new “tackle animation” has been implemented to add a more realistic feeling to the way a defender tackles the ball carrier. The new tackling animation will be used by every team at the highest levels of the game, including First Team, Youth Team, Reserves, Junior and Community Cup teams.

New gameplay customization

Players are given more individual customization options, which result in players being more unique in how they play and


Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as a manager and a player in FIFA 22. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.
  • Compete in trademark Pro Clubs Seasons mode, similar to last year, where you earn players that match the look of your favorite Pro Clubs and represent them on the pitch.
  • Mock your moves in the FIFA World Cup Showcase. Compete against FIFA pro FIFA 22 players and other top performers in the program that lets you take on the world!
  • Fully integrated Ultimate Team pack. Put your Ultimate Team on the FIFA 22 pitch in a customizable way.
  • New player animations and player traits inspired by real-life players.
  • Roster updates improve on last year’s feature: “Player Ratings.”
  • New signings update the paint pots with new, updated graphics and custom livery details.
  • New transfer system: allocating longer-term wages and more player bonuses to create a robust dynamic transfer system that showcases rewarding gameplay that will feature across all games modes.
  • New Player Stress Bar & Player Ratings.
  • AI improvements: better player management on the pitch, improved player anticipation when receiving the ball, and smarter patterns when pressing the ball towards an onrushing goalkeeper.


Fifa 22 With License Key

FIFA is the world’s most popular sports franchise and the most successful sports video game franchise of all time.

It was the very first sports game released on the PC and has been in continuous production since its inception.

FIFA features an array of innovative gameplay systems, including gameplay, artificial intelligence, player moods and reactions, movement, ball control, and teamwork.

FIFA has been a platform for innovation for the past 30 years, from the introduction of the crowd-based Player Impact Engine in FIFA 97, to the first use of physics-based movement in FIFA 11.

Headquartered in London, the FIFA series is currently the longest running console franchise in the world.

The Ultimate Team

In FIFA, you will have your Ultimate Team of players in every mode.

Your Ultimate Team is comprised of all player information including skills, attributes, game stats, and all your master cards.

Your team also includes your real life players and the first ever FIFA ICONS that come in a range of different form (unlocked in-game).

This includes global players like Ronaldo, Messi, Kane and Rooney, along with National Icons like Netherlands, Portugal, Mexico, England, Brazil or Germany.

FIFA has always allowed you to set your favourite team of players as your FIFA Team. In the Ultimate Team, that is now even more important as you can now add real life players to your squad.

Even if your favourite team is not in the game, you can still play as your favourite player! That means you’ll always have your best choice of players on your team.

FIFA Ultimate Team: Every Real Team

Alongside your real life team, you can also now also include real life players as your digital team in the Ultimate Team modes. In FIFA 2K, you had the chance to play as 4 player from each of your kits, while in FIFA 20 you could only choose your favourite team in the kits, and not as digital players.

Now, for the first time, you can choose all your players as digital or real life players from your preferred teams in FIFA 21.

As a result, you will now see the total number of real life players have been increased from 49 to 60.

FIFA Ultimate Team Now Includes Players from Your Preferred Teams

Other Important Features:

Customise your Ultimate Team with more than 1


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Ultimate Team brings depth and a new dimension to FIFA Ultimate Team. The many customizable cards now allow for greater customization of players and kits. Millions of cards are already created and ready to be collected, including player cards, stadium cards, and kits.

Ultimate Team is now a FIFA level buy mode allowing players to unlock, collect, equip, level-up and trade all manner of cards.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team brings new ways to play with cards and variants. Players can now earn cards, kits, and overalls from all the great custom content created in FIFA Ultimate Team. Players can also earn cards from your FIFA Ultimate Team Manager before reaching the desired level. Moreover, similar to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, Ultimate Team will generate new cards and cards will have the option of coming from packs or from the store where players can also create their own cards.

Other additions to FIFA Ultimate Team include:
Player cards are fully customizable allowing players to change name, face, numbers, shorts, and more. Player cards can be purchased in packs and from the FIFA Store.
Kits are fully customizable with a larger range of fabrics to choose from. Thousands of kits are already created and ready to be collected. Kits can be purchased individually or through packs.
Endorsements are now a part of FIFA Ultimate Team. Create and be endorsed by real-life sports stars like Jurgen Klinsmann, Kylian Mbappé, or Fredrik Gulbrandsen.

Manager cards are fully customizable allowing players to change name, face, number, and shorts.
Unlock custom content such as stadium builder, kits, and player cards

Online Mode
Online mode brings an all-new level of gameplay experience. With the robust suite of new features such as Connected Play, Pass Defense, Goalkeeper AI, and the new Battle Mode, FIFA 22 is the most connected game ever. A new social layer allows you to watch your friends play online through the FIFA 22 broadcast and compete against them for FUT Trophies. FIFA 22 also offers more opportunities to connect with the people around you, such as a total of 7 new mini-games:
Quarter Finals and the Draw – For the first time, after qualification for the FIFA World Cup, FIFA World Cup™ fans from all over the world will be able to play FIFA World Cup™ mini-games. Fans in over 220 countries can participate in this exciting new series of FIFA World Cup™ mini-games.
Challenge and Play – For


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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