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The gameplay has been polished and tailored to a new real-world context, and features new ways to play. The players control the ball with their feet, while using body control, runs and moves to evade the opposition’s defence, creating play with intelligent dribbles and cut-backs.

FIFA has continuously evolved over the last 20 years. The developers at Reflected Technologies worked closely with the in-house FIFA development teams to understand how the gameplay has evolved and develop new and exciting ways to connect with the FUT 22 experience and the love of the FIFA franchise. The gameplay elements and innovations are new, and have been refined with the utmost attention to detail.

A complete set of changes for gameplay has been implemented on the pitch, making the game feel more realistic and confident. Your gamepad will feel more authentic, responsive and responsive than ever before. Not only will your gamepad feel more responsive, the overall playing experience is more precise. Even during real-life situations, players use their real gamepad in different ways.

Players improve the quality of their actions with new passing concepts. All passing animations are responsive when performed at the right time, and when performed incorrectly, players are punished for their misdeeds as if they were a referee. Improved animations enable players to develop flow with the ball and improve consistency. Additionally, new passing concepts and pitch decorations in FIFA 22 allows players to take advantage of the new game mechanics and improve their passing precision.

Tactical Defences

In real-life, during matches, tactics are frequently employed to ensure success. With FIFA, footballers know that you cannot always score a goal. Players have to have the courage and ability to take the shot.

Tactical Defences are now a real part of FUT 22. When players use them, they gain an advantage, receive more reward points, and the formation receives an additional benefit. Players can strike with precision and create damage with a great dribbling technique, and are rewarded for their tactical play.

Cutting and Dribbling

In FUT 22, players use body control and movement to control the game. Players use different cutting techniques to avoid tackles and to develop their dribbling. It is these actions that add variety to the game and give players more opportunities to score. Players can now cut through multiple opponents using their body, and run away from the opposition. The ball always retains its sense of direction and there is a constant flow


Features Key:

  • New motion and player intelligence.

Discover a new generation of ‘Game Face Technology’. With a more defined Intelligence, you’ll be able to more easily and consistently identify and take control of your opponent.

  • New full player AI.

Understanding what your opponent is doing, making moves they’re capable of – that’s key to victory. So we’ve made the AI smarter, making moving targets and shots easier to connect with and giving defenders the ability to understand where you are in the field – and react.

FIFA 22 also introduces ‘Unique Opponent Interactions’, which will create varied and unpredictable gameplay by adding more personality to every player, even those you know best.

FIFA 22 introduces ‘Replayability.’
Replayability gives you the ability to instantly review any action from your last game using the observation tools found in the new Match Report mode. It not only allows for greater scrutiny of key moments but it also provides for a much deeper, more accurate analysis of your play.

New Kick-Off – drop-in and out of games, you can now decide at exactly the right moment to speed the game up for a fluid, action-packed match by kicking the ball off. Or spend a few seconds building your team in a tutorial and then speed the action up with the new Kick-Off mode.

  • New Path to Glory (PTG) system.

You can now take down a superstar, even a big head coach, with the all-new “Path to Glory” system. Glory is measured in goals, not months, and your new path is determined by how many points you score on the new game setting called ‘Glory Shots’.


  • Local career path.


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*** FIFA is a trademark of Electronic Arts Inc. or its subsidiaries.

*** FUT Champions and FIFA Mobile are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. or its subsidiaries.

How do I start a new game?

** Please ensure your device meets the minimum system requirements. The requirements for the Minimum and Recommended systems are summarised in the table below.

Minimum Requirements

Operating System: 10.0.0+ (Android 2.2.2+ or iPhone OS 3.2+ OS)

RAM: 2 GB*

Recommended Requirements

Operating System: 10.0.0+ (Android 2.2.2+ or iPhone OS 3.2+)

RAM: 4 GB*

What can I play in FIFA?

In FIFA you can play all FUT matches, complete a FUT Road to Glory, play FUT Seasons, compete in FUT Champions League, play online in FIFA Online or take part in FIFA Ultimate Team Mode.

* With FUT Champions and FUT Ultimate Team Modes you will need the recommended minimum requirements.

Matchmaking in FIFA

FUT is a matchmaking service used to find matches for you for FUT Champions League, FUT Seasons and FUT Road to Glory. At the start of a new season, you will be placed in an 8-team seeding group, which may change during the season. Each group has a maximum of eight players. If you are in a group of 3 or 4 then your matchmaking score will be calculated from that group. The matchmaker will try to find three matches each game and the matches are split into three categories; Home, Away and Neutral.

If you are in a group of 2 and your matchmaking score is 0-1 (two out of three matches have same rating) then you will be put into a simulation with a player of similar rating. You will be matched against another player by picking the Simulant in the Mute Player panel. The Simulant picks one of the eight players in the game to be your Simulant.

If you are in a group of 3 or 4 and your matchmaking score is 1-2 (two out of three matches have same rating) then you will be put into a simulation with a player of similar rating. You will be matched against another player by picking the Simulant in the Mute Player panel. The Simulant picks one of the eight players in


Fifa 22 X64 (Latest)

*FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode gives you complete control over your very own customizable players. You have the ability to create your dream team using your favorite players from over 800 players from the FUT, and play more than 350 authentic football (soccer) tactics to help realize your team’s perfect formation. *More teams and players including David Beckham, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, and your favorite international stars.

Draft Champions –
*Bring your favorite players to battle as they compete in one of 12 seasons in the FIFA Champions League. Draft Champions mode will allow you to create the strongest team possible, compete against human competitors in a unique global event, and compete as one of the best teams in the world to prove your dominance.

The Journey –
*FIFA 22 sets a new course for the franchise. Take your favorite player and experience an all-new game engine featuring a higher resolution texture and graphical detail than ever before, plus new animations, environments, stadiums, and more. FIFA 22 also introduces FIFA Ultimate Team, which creates an original gameplay loop as you combine FUT players with real-world players to form a global team. The Journey takes players further into the game than ever before, with five new stadiums on two new continents. These stadiums deliver an enhanced in-game experience, with new atmospheres, player animations, and more. Plus, the Journey lets you play custom tournaments in real time and in real life, as well as bring your teams to EA SPORTS Season Ticket holders for tournaments at the FIFA Club World Cup.

15-a-side FIFA –
*15-a-side mode gives you the choice of a high-octane competitive or controlled 15-a-side game, as well as the option of either a full set of Pro Clubs or a selection of clubs based on your favorite international teams. The 15-a-side mode brings the most action-packed edition of FIFA in the franchise’s history. Opponents will be determined by squad position, and real-time tactics allow you to control the flow of the game by calling your own plays from the touchline. Players will receive unique, individual stats, and a goal system will make every goal feel memorable. The 15-a-side mode also introduces new Champions League, which gives players the chance to compete in a unique, global competition.

FIFA Skill –
*FIFA Skill lets you improve your connection to the game. Using your smartphone or tablet


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