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FIFA 22 on PS4 will feature live integration with PlayStation VR, and live integration with VR Playground.

PlayStation VR – Live Integration

In FIFA 22 on PS4, PlayStation VR (PSVR) has been fully integrated into the game. For the first time, players will be able to enjoy a completely new football experience, enhanced by PSVR’s extraordinary resolution, 6.5×4.5 feet field of view, incredibly sharp, stereoscopic 3D images, and deep sense of immersion, immersing you in the action from different perspectives.

FIFA 20 on PS4 was the first major sports game to integrate with PSVR, and continues to be one of the best sports game experiences available on the platform. The current generation of PlayStation VR has been a huge success and Sony will continue to support this platform.

VR Playground – Live Integration

When playing with VR Playground on the PlayStation 4, FIFA 22 allows you to play with an avatar created for you using the latest version of the PlayStation technology. This allows you to play anywhere, with anyone, anytime.

Key features

Voice Controlled Commentary – For the first time ever, you can say anything to the commentary. This means it’s your turn to be a voice in the commentary.

Live Integration with PlayStation VR – In FIFA 22 on PS4, PS VR has been fully integrated into the game. This allows you to experience the game with a completely new perspective.

Athleticism 2.0 – Play your real-life skills, enhanced by the latest generation of motion capture data.

Speed & Precision – Improved ball physics.

Dynamic Player Tackles & Interceptions – New tackling mechanics.

Corrective Touches – Tackles now alert defenders and opponents of a player entering the area to make a quick intervention.

New Skills – Skills have been reworked and now allow you to perform unique manoeuvres.

Teamplay – Players will now aim for specific body parts.

FIFA will be available for PlayStation 4 in Fall 2016.


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Career Mode – Your journey as a Pro in FIFA will be brought to life with FIFA 22’s new and award-winning Career Mode. Live out your dream as a player, manager or a board member in the latest installment of EA SPORTS FIFA.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – Experience the thrill of managing and competing as the best team of the world’s finest players with the all-new Ultimate Team. Win new career challenges, build new teams, and develop players all from the heart of the action.
  • New set of licences – FIFA 22 introduces a new set of licences to FIFA Ultimate Team. Featuring Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera, Queen and more, be the first to discover your new favourite club!
  • All new Animoji – Enjoy unique animations using short clips of you, your friends, and your rival during your gameplay. Create unique and funny animations using the new “Freeze Cam” tool as you control over 400 different animations on-the-field.


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FIFA (from the FIFA World Association Football) is one of the world’s biggest football games. This franchise has provided football fans, from all around the world, with unforgettable moments. FIFA tournaments, such as the FIFA World Cup™, are epic events and have been thrilling many football fans around the world. For this moment, EA SPORTS is honouring football fans, including celebrating the amazing achievements of players like Ronaldo and Messi.

This game provides football fans from around the world with unforgettable moments. For the first time ever, players can dominate the midfield, goalkeeper and defence positions. The Definitive Team Pass is back and this new control style will encourage accurate passing. Players can learn all about the new FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode in the new Ultimate Team Guide. Finally, FIFA introduces a unique brand-new crowd system that lets you lead and manage your own crowd. It’s the ultimate game to celebrate the sport of football.

A brand-new story is now available to players in FIFA and an epic new Live HUD, the heartbeat of the game, lets you see your teammates and opponents in real-time. The game gives players more control over how they play with better control over defenders, more player intelligence and the ability to take more free kicks and shots on goal. The game introduces new control methods – Hand of God, Tactical Defending and Touching the Ball – allowing you to control your player in ways never before possible.

FIFA 21 puts gameplay first by making large game design decisions that are designed to make the best football gameplay. Game Design Director Matt Bilbey explains: «Game Design has gone through a lot of changes since the launch of FIFA 10 and we’ve learned a lot about what makes a great gameplay experience. We’ve spent countless hours and weeks building and testing mechanics like the Pitch Control system. We’ve made some large-scale game design decisions that are designed to make the best football gameplay. From more precise touch control and a pass-first mentality to the introduction of the Ultimate Team, we’ve worked to make sure that fans of the game will continue to be rewarded in new and interesting ways.»

«The DNA of FIFA is about more, not less, so we’ve expanded on the core gameplay elements, plus we’re excited about the new game features we’re bringing to the game,» adds Bilbey.

What is Football?

For the most accurate experience in the game


Fifa 22 Free [Win/Mac]

The most popular gaming mode in FIFA returns for an all-new online team-based experience in FIFA 22. Build your dream team from over 900 real-life players from around the world and compete with real-life friends and foes in FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues and Cups. Earn exclusive rewards and climb through the weekly player rankings to earn cards to strengthen your team. You can also earn new items from FIFA Ultimate Team Cribs and Packs to make your team more powerful.

MUT Online – A new and exciting ‘Pick your opponent online with friends’ game mode that lets you create your own match, only with your friends. Create your friendlies using a variety of settings that include geographical, system and attributes. Take on your friends in a variety of game modes including Championship, All-Stars, Penalty Kicks, Create-a-Way, and Longshot.

Online Tournaments – Sign up and play in a range of online tournaments to prove yourself as a world-class player. Play exclusive events where you can collect the top rewards, earn rare items, and try for exclusive player cards.

Experience the thrill of managing your own club. Manage the team, set budgets, develop players, promote them, and set sights on success! Take the wheel, drive in style, and look after your own turf and stadium. Enjoy unique game mechanics that put you at the heart of the action.

UT Sports – The next evolution of the popular UT series returns with new features, events, and a vibrant community. Play against your friends online in the most exhilarating competition in football, set your team up against the most entertaining footballing celebrities, and unleash your inner Messi with the new ‘Barefoot’ control method. The most breath-taking GameFlow, new advanced gameplay presentation, and a variety of new stadiums and fan experiences await, including the new All-Stars mode.

The Journey – Winner of the 2016 Sports Game of the Year, The Journey re-imagines the game-changing way you play FIFA. Complete new challenges to strengthen your character as you take on the challenges you encounter throughout the story mode. As you progress, you will build your character into a FIFA pro, and get more exclusive items along the way.

Online Leagues – Create and participate in a variety of online leagues that are packed full of events and competitions and are full of massive rewards. Whether you’re a fan of football or just want to burn


What’s new:

  • Play The Game The Way You Play – FIFA 22 introduces «HyperMotion Technology» designed to showcase the major innovations of the game, and allows you to completely alter your game experience. The graphics are sharper, accelerometer controls have been enhanced, there’s a cleaner and more efficient player screen, and animations are more lifelike. More detailed masterclasses and new online components of Ultimate Team allow you to try new tactics and strategies, including the introduction of passes and shots on target to help you focus on and master those most important to you when training and playing solo sessions.
  • AI-Control – FIFA 22 introduces a new AI-system that mimics the way a real pro passes the ball, leading the attack and guiding the attack to achieve the most effective goal-scoring opportunities.
  • Improved Pass System – Passing is key to creating chances and scoring but also defending, and the most advanced passing system ever seen in a FIFA title is designed to improve match-flow and control the intensity of the game in which you play, so you can focus on what’s really important: scoring goals. Defenders no longer back off, and forcing the ball into a crowded penalty box is no longer an option – their positioning has been improved and now more passes are ‘weighted’, meaning it’s harder for a defender to block your attempted pass.


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the most authentic and complete football video game. In the past, FIFA was born from legendary sports games like «Madden», and «Total Football». Now is the time to represent your favorite team in this game and make history together.

FIFA 20 is the best-selling console FIFA game and has a dedicated community. Set to go Head-to-Head with the new launch of Madden NFL 21.

Jakob Fries is no rookie. Having been the best FIFA player of all time since 1999, now is the time for Jakob to start his illustrious career as the new EA SPORTS FIFA 17 cover athlete.

FIFA 17 is the most authentic and complete football video game, made for the game of FIFA. For the first time, it will be playable with a full set of licensed players for any current club!

Go online and compete in amazing online FIFA tournaments.

Climb your way up to the top of the leaderboards with the FIFA Ultimate Team™, a game type exclusive to FIFA.

Improve your skills by managing your favourite team’s statistics.

Play the FIFA tournament mode and take on other teams in the FIFA Xbox One Community Cup!

Not only are you giving your love of football to Jakob Fries and the beautiful game, you’re helping support the development of FIFA 17 and ensuring that future FIFA titles have what you want.

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Legendary Sports Game With FIFA 17 Join a community of millions of players from all around the world. Enjoy game-changing innovations, exclusive game modes, and more, all leading up to the most anticipated game of the year.

Start Your Journey As your career progresses, you’ll need to master the game play and tactics of each position. Play through two generations of players as you progress through the ranks of the English and international football scene.

Become a Legend With FIFA Ultimate Team™ Put your skills to the test by building a squad with real players and purchasing and upgrading members. Now you’ve been invited to compete with the best Ultimate Team players in FIFA Ultimate Team League.

Unparalleled Customization In FIFA 17, you can redefine the way you play. You can now paint your own player’s boots, shorts, and more.


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