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Exe Guarder With Full Keygen X64

Protect executable files with a password

Set up trial period and custom messages

You’re free to configure almost anything

The overall process takes you through several steps, all fitted with tooltips to help out with every field you need to fill in

Specify the target EXE file by importing it through the browse dialog

Next up is the password, and you can’t go on without configuring one

Remember it or store it somewhere safe, because the EXE can’t be unlocked otherwise

Add protection by simply entering a password

Set up trial period and custom messages

Make sure to remember it or store it somewhere safe, because the EXE can’t be unlocked otherwise

Make sure to remember it or store it somewhere safe, because the EXE can’t be unlocked otherwise


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Exe Guarder Product Key

What is Exe Guarder?
Exe Guarder is the best free security program. It protects executable files against unauthorized access or copying. It applies a free trial period to all of your files, and removes its own protection once it’s expired.
The trial period will expire if it’s not used for a specified period of time, or automatically if you don’t use any of your protected files. This protection can be configured on a per-file and global basis. You can hide the folder where you keep your protected files. Exe Guarder is a free utility that will help you.


Screenshot of Exe Guarder

Formats Supported
This software supports the following formats:

Exe Guarder
* Warning: Exe Guarder uses an advanced method for protection. Currently, there is no way to recover deleted files. The program cannot recover corrupted or damaged programs, if anything happens to the protected file, if you attempt to remove the guard, or if the program crashes, or any other program or file corrupts it.
* Warning: The program does not support browsing through directories from Explorer or other programs. You can only copy or move files to or from the folder where your protected files are stored.
* Warning: The default time to exclude the program from protection is 24 hours. For optimal protection, it is recommended that you protect your files for more than 24 hours. You can change the default configuration by choosing the «Custom Time» function.
* Warning: It is not recommended to protect locked files. Always make sure that the «Protect for all users» function is selected.
* Warning: The space occupied by protected files cannot be resized or altered while the program is in operation. (However, you can freely modify the protected files by leaving the program disabled.)
* Warning: The program can’t protect files bigger than 4 GB.
* Warning: All protected files are registered in a folder of your choice and are not removed after they have been used. This is a security measure that protects the program if it is not shut down properly.
* Warning: The program deletes its own files in the same way as other programs, and you can’t cancel this operation. You can use the «Backup files» function to save a copy of your protected files.
* Warning: The program does not cover information related to your external hard drive. The EXE data is not backed up when saving the protected files.
* Warning: Protect

Exe Guarder

Protect executable files with a password.
Trial period allows users access to an application for a limited time.
Manages EXE files, creation and backup of original files.
Custom user requirements to prompt messages.
Software- &…

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What’s New in the?

If it seems like something is missing from your computer, you might need to reinstall Windows 10, but the process can go way beyond what you’re used to. Exe Guarder makes your life a whole lot easier in this regard, as it takes care of the job for you, with a few clicks.
Protect executable files from unauthorized use
You don’t need to do much for this process, as the program simply brings up a window that asks for the target file, with a nice and clean design that you’re free to customize to your liking. Then, you’re free to enter a password, with a few extra options to facilitate the process.
If you want to prevent the file from running, Exe Guarder makes this really easy. Simply set a trial period to a time in the past, and the target file won’t be able to run.
Setting up the protective screen
Like any other security program, Exe Guarder comes with a number of options to configure its behavior, most of which revolve around the settings screen. Here, you’re free to configure general settings, such as the initial and reminder screen, and the prompts that you want to use.
Additionally, you can configure the file locking rules, text prompts, and other options, based on your selections. If you want to make the most of the program, you’re free to come up with your own custom message, button, and window names.
Protect executable files, and protect executable files from unauthorized use.
What makes Exe Guarder a little different from the rest of the apps, is the fact that it comes with multiple security options, including the ability to impose different limitations.

The majority of PC users happen to run Windows 10 for multiple purposes, and the same is true with the full version. While the vast majority of users are probably fine with the default settings, Windows 10 brings up a nice security screen every time you open a protected file. This is especially easy to miss, and you might sometimes forget that the program has locked your files, and let you use them without a problem.

Locking your files is something we all really need to look into before allowing the file to run in the first place, because you don’t always know if the settings from the program are similar to the settings that you see in the desktop. Exe Guarder makes it easy and brings you everything you need in one neat package.


System Requirements:

500MHz Processor
1024 x768 Resolution
Sound card capable of playing MP3 files (Ex. Sound Blaster)
These are the requirements of the game, the more powerful your computer is the better the game will run. If your computer is too weak you can look for a more powerful computer, which will in turn mean your game will run smoother, more speed and higher quality graphics.
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