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Name Elden Ring
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The new fantasy action RPG, where you play as an already Tarnished Warlock and are guided by Grace to fight against the oppression of the Law by an unknown enemy. Once the 22nd century, a dark force had manipulated the Laws of Magic to invade the world and bring chaos to the Lands Between. In the midst of the countless conflicts stirred up, you were sentenced to exile and abandoned by your compatriots.

The two-part story begins with Chapter 1, The Lawless Tale, where you are guided by a Grace to wield the power of the Elden Ring and cleanse the Lands Between from the Law. After you clear the Dragonslayer’s Legacy dungeon, you will awaken in a strange land and with the physical strength of a normal man.

After meeting the mysterious, lovable elf tribe, you will visit the majestic, mysterious Ruins of the Moons on the way to becoming a Tarnished. When you finally understand Grace’s true purpose, you will depart on a journey to the Land Between, the world of magic.

In the lands between, you will meet new characters, monsters, and the real threat of the Law. You will be able to join and forge alliances with other players and form a team, and clear the endless dungeons and capture the enemy’s stronghold. It’s not just a lonely adventure, it’s also the story of those around you.

In addition, battles are filled with exhilarating ambience that fits with the rhythm of the music and the actions of the various characters. The flow of battle will be active and evolving through the use of special tactics and the development of the game’s mechanics.


A fantasy action RPG that takes place in the Lands Between, the world of magic.

• Go to the Lands Between to meet new characters and visit the various parts of the game!

• From your own adventure to large battles, the game features epic scenery that twists the fairy-tale feel of fantasy into the dynamic rhythm of action and music.

• A world where a dream and a prayer meet!


ELEXIO GAME is a provider of high-quality games such as RPG, sandbox games, strategy games, arcade games, and more.

With the deep roots of gaming developed in Japan and a team formed of four veteran RPG developers and 30 talented developers for the project management, ELEX


Features Key:

  • Rise & Brandish Power of the Elden Ring
    The epic story of Elden Legend continues, with a wide variety of quests and countless items to be discovered.
  • NPC Quest / Online Play (Asynchronous Play)
  • High Quality Graphics and Voice acting
    The game offers a darker and more ominous atmosphere than previous titles. With a bigger focus on visual displays and sound effects, players should be able to feel the full impact of the game’s levels.
  • Specialist Battles (Battle system)
    Specialist based on each character battle system, you can make powerful attacks and enjoy incredible high-speed battles.
  • Content that Increases Game Continuity
    Various elements scattered around in previous titles have been merged together, allowing players to enjoy a seamless gameplay experience.
  • Elden Ring – Latest improvements to Elden Ring

    1. Technical Enhancement: *Fixed Save glitch upon crash.

    2. Optimization: *Reduced traffic usage and improved the efficiency of loading data.

    3. Game Update:

    New Upcoming quests have been added.

    New important item appeared.

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    Transformation of the Corporation

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      Elden Ring

      *** NOTICE ***

      * This game is region locked to Japan due to copyright reasons.

      * This game will not be playable in English.


      Master your Destiny as a God of Yore.
      «The Chance to Live is Worth the Chance to Die.»


      New Fantasy Action RPG. Create your own character and live your new life between the world of humans and the world of monsters.

      Explore a vast world that is full of excitement, where all things are possible.

      Create your own destiny by changing the course of destiny.



      The high-spirited mage Dante was kidnapped and brought to the beautiful forest of Elysion. There he was offered the chance to work with an unspecified prime minister.

      A shadow fell over the mage as he reluctantly agreed to the prime minister’s request, as something in his heart told him that he should not trust the prime minister.

      In the midst of his new adventure, a strong and magnificent god appeared in the prime minister’s side. The god offered to grant him the power of the Elden Ring to transform himself into a god. The god also said that he did not have all the power the prime minister claimed, and that the answer to why he had fallen into darkness was in the prime minister’s past. He said that he would grant him his immortality, and for that he asked for Dante’s life.

      Dante, believing this was only a ruse to kill him, tried to fight back. At that moment, the god was gone, and the prime minister appeared as if nothing had happened. The prime minister was visibly shaken.

      In the ensuing chaos, a young girl appeared and begged him not to kill Dante, as she loved the mage, and wanted his help. Dante joined the prime minister’s party in order to find his kidnapped friends. This allowed Dante to live, but the young girl’s life was sacrificed in the process.

      Dante left the prime minister’s party to continue on his journey. One by one, the companions that he had met while on his journey vanished. However, thanks to the shadows, he was able to return to his mortal body.

      The prime minister’s party arrived at Elysion, but to Dante’s chagrin, he could not summon any of the group of friends that he left behind.

      This is a one-hour viewing in English of the original Japanese script


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      File Size: 3.5 GB

      Leaving the Eastern Lands between with their long traditions of beauty, magic, and wealth, adventurers and nobles alike have started to converge. In this sense, this change in the country’s atmosphere has also brought about a mixed element that inevitably calls forth the new adventurers.
      The sword and shield serving as old wisdom.

      The warriors with a subtle sense of honor.

      The enchantresses with their refined elegance.

      They are heroes, who once lived in the Eastern Lands between.

      Among this mixed element, where the virtue of valor and refinement are combined, the ultimate goal of the new adventurers has been settled.

      «Bring back the glory to the world of This Time in history that humanity has forgotten!»

      File Size: 14.3 GB

      Today’s civilization has directly chosen the welfare of humans over the faceless line of the underworld.

      However, since the time when the heroes of myth made offerings to the gods, there were always adventurers who were prepared to make one’s life easier.

      But, adventurers have never pursued the truth alone, and have always engaged in vulgar, cowardly acts that violated the rules of society.

      These vicious people…

      But, it seems they have appeared in the world again.

      «Leaving the Eastern Lands between with their long traditions of beauty, magic, and wealth, adventurers and nobles alike have started to converge. In this sense, this change in the country’s atmosphere has also brought about a mixed element that inevitably calls forth the new adventurers.»

      Exalted adventurers whose reputation has been perfected by twelve years of diligent practice

      Brave warriors who have been hardened by the hardship of battle

      Gentle enchant


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    System Requirements:

    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
    Intel or AMD multi-core processor
    2 GB RAM
    5 GB free hard-disk space
    DirectX 9.0c
    Java 6 Update 35 or later (or Java 7)
    Included Games:
    Aliens Arena (Dirt Rally sequel)
    Aliens Battleground (Multiplayer battles)
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    Air Racing Challenge (Rally)
    Dirt Rally (2015)


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