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> 【 新作戦RPG 】

Elden Ring Game is an action RPG developed by Firaxis Games and published by Electronic Arts. It features many of the same settings and features of the successful Civilization series, while adding its own quirks and personality. The game is currently in development for Windows PC and Mac.
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Elexion, Inc.

Elexion,the Japanese game development and publishing company that is part of the Santa Monica Studio business unit of Electronic Arts Inc., today announced its development of Xenophon for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. The game, which is developed by Firaxis Games, will be published by Electronic Arts worldwide.

Elexion launched its Xenophon official site at


Xenophon is an action RPG that features the same settings and gameplay experiences of the popular Civilization series, while adding a new mythology and dramatic storyline. It is currently in development for PC, Mac and Linux, with an expected release date of early 2010. For more information about the game, please visit


ERGON GAMES, INC., is a Tokyo, Japan-based company that will act as the publishing and distribution partner of Xenophon. Founded in October 2008, ERGON GAMES, INC. serves as a partner to developer and publisher Firaxis Games, Inc.



• After the announcement, the game website will now display the English title.

• The title «Xenophon» is reserved for the Japanese version of the game.

• Please note that some of the screenshots and video clips in this press release are the concept art assets of the game and do not depict the actual game.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Personal Story
  • Special Vehicle
  • Advanced Scene System
  • Press Contacts:

    • Ryo Yamashita (Director)
      Yu Yoshihara (Producer)
    • Carlos Lascaro (Chief Coordinator)
      Mariya Saito (Quality Control)
    • Amy Thompson (Marketing Associate)
      Jannson Morrison (Content Designer)
      Christopher King (Content Coordinator)
      Leva Kuleshov (Artist)
      Willyham Shimizu (3D Technical Director)

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    Updates and Additions to the Demonfest Collection of Free Diệm Chronicles – 2014-10-09: Added Know The Way
    tag:tamersalem.info,2014-10-09:/demonfest-collection-2014-10-09-added-know-wayUpdates and Additions to the Demonfest Collection of Free Diệm Chronicles – 2014-10-09: added Know the Way2014-10-09T02:44:38Z

    Added Know The Way – can you feel the power of the land?

    Update Timeline:

    • Oct. 3, 2014: Added, updated, and added links

    Diệm Chronicles is a set of free Flash games for Diệm followers, developed and hosted by The Tamers Salem.

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    ■ Ideal Action RPG that Never Repeats

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    Go along with the Oath of the Elden Ring Free Download and protect the Lands Between. As the Tarnished hero, you fight the powers of the evil empire and earn the armor of the Elden Lord.

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    Elden Ring Product Key Full Download For Windows

    1. Tower of God
    Travel the Lands Between and find it yourself in a vast world of many plains, jungles, and islands.
    2. Building Up to Battle the Giant Monsters
    Use powerful weapons to battle the devastating monsters.
    3. A Large Inventory to Consume
    Find items that can strengthen your weapons, armor, and magic.
    4. Master the ARPG Style of Play
    Develop your own ARPG style of play.
    5. Wander the World to Discover Its Mysteries
    Travel the worlds of the game as a fearless adventurer and investigate the mysteries of the world.

    Moreover, the game features real-time drag and drop battle interaction, creating unique battles. Since the game allows you to change the size of the individual characters, you can create characters of your liking.
    6. Amazing 3D Portraits
    A large set of beautiful portraits allows you to customize your characters in detail.
    7. Easy Training and Easy Completion
    Ensure that your character can endure the heat of battle without fail.

    ■ Characters

    You can choose one of three races:

    ■ Classes

    Choice classes and subclasses are included, which are decided through class development.

    ○ Warrior: Assault

    ○ Mage: Magician

    ○ Ninja: Ninja

    ○ Dragoon: Dragoon

    ○ Knight: Knight

    ○ Warlord: Warlord

    ○ Priest: Priest

    ■ Equipment and Attributes

    Plain clothing:

    ● Battle Trousers: Armor

    ● Body Armor: Armor

    ● Shirt: Armor

    ● Blouse: Armor

    ● Sleeves: Armor

    ● Shoes: Armor

    ● Weapon + Armor: Armor

    ○ Sword:

    ○ Dagger:

    ○ Spear:

    ● Mace:

    ● Staff:

    ● Polearm:

    ● Halberd:

    ● Mace:

    ● Sling:

    ○ Blade + Armor:

    ● Chain Weapon + Armor:

    ● Shield:

    Battle Clothes:

    ● Helmet:

    ● Arm Guards:

    ● Armor Vest:

    ● Shield :

    ● Armor Bag:

    ● Covers:

    ● Arm Coverings:

    ○ Vigilius Rock:

    ○ Cloaks of the Wolf:


    What’s new:

    Path of Radiance
    The new fantasy RPG from Square-Enix returns to the ever dangerous land of Aventuria, home of the legendary ‘ring of fire.’ Upon the wish of its living inhabitants, the land is crawling with life for a reason, and lately it seems to be an oasis of peace. But from the world of the deep, sinister evil raises its hand. The ‘Gloomy Syndrome,’ an ominous disease that begins as the nightmare of a man whom was stolen away by a mysterious will, is slowly eating away at the lives of those who live in it. Players will need to help the two most powerful people in Aventuria; a holy knight, and a young girl, Delara, to put an end to this nightmare and stop the ‘Gloomy Syndrome’ that is going out of control. And after that, they will embark on a grand adventure with Delara to extend the everlasting light of the ‘Ring of Fire’ to the lands that lie beneath.

    XIII: The Dream Sequels
    Square Enix will provide XIII with the next trilogy of games on the PlayStation®Vita system, beginning with XIII: The Dream Sequels. In this new series, players will once again be treated to the story of XIII, and this time they will have their own character to interact with and get to know. XIII’s story has been concluded, but in this new game series, players can play as a variety of different characters who share the same world and story as XIII. The specifics of the new trilogy are still under wraps, but it is clear that whatever happens, the fans of XIII will play an integral role in shaping this new story.

    Of Orcs and Men:
    A fantasy action-RPG set in a world of orcs and elves that are fighting over a magic artifact. Your task is to fight your way through 16 levels while gathering power to create magic and defeat your opponents. Your success depends on you very survival. The challenges you face are no less challenging than a full-scale battle and you are in for a ride. Tap the screen to jump, roll, bash, and throw things. And don’t forget to unlock your combat skills. The constant action within this world makes this an action-RPG that is still relatively easy to learn,


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • In order to be able to activate all the in-game features without downloading any expansions or payware, you must first install the base game. To do this:
  • 1) On the main menu (XMB), go to Video
  • 2) Select Install Movie
  • 3) Select Install From Disc
  • 4) Insert the Base Installation disc into your DVD drive
  • 5) Wait for it to install in the background
  • 6) Once the installation is complete, remove the disc from the drive and reboot your computer
  • 7) Once the PC has finished booting up, select ‘Elden Ring’ in the main menu (XMB)
  • 8) Select Install Expansion
  • 9) Insert the ‘Expansion’ disc into your DVD drive
  • 10) Wait for it to install in the background
  • 11) Once the installation is complete, remove the disc from the drive and reboot your PC
  • 12) The Elden Ring is now installed and ready to use!
  • Disclaimer & Credits:

    The Elden Ring is a paid game, but there are no additional costs to playing as you just have to pay Microsoft Windows Game Activation. We do not require your payment information (credit card, paypal, or otherwise) in order to legally play this game. The game is completely gratis to download, and the editor is also free. Our team, including members of the Cracked technical staff and several members of the community are currently working on this game, and we are having a great time doing it. Our goal for the new Elden Ring is to bring a relaxing, fantasy environment with a vast open world and a unique online gaming experience. Since we provide a free game and an editor for it, we can’t really make any large changes to or the game for the reason of a sequel.

    This game was released in a paid state with premium game features and modified user options. The pay to play game features already offer improvements in game performance over the base game, and can be removed entirely by purchasing the game from the Microsoft Store.



    System Requirements:

    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows Server 2003, 2012, or 2016 (32-bit or 64-bit).
    Minimum System Requirements:
    Operating System: Windows Vista or Windows 7
    Processor: 1.4 GHz Intel or AMD
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics device (Vista or Windows 7 only)
    Hard Disk: 500 MB HD space
    Broadband Internet connection
    Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
    Additional Notes:
    • Suitable for testing, developing


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