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Download Now ··· DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



A new fantasy action RPG that takes the exchange of experience points between allies as an element of the game, and uses the actions of allies to raise a character’s level, making the experience point exchange the core of the game. The “New Fantasy Action RPG” features a menu-based battle system where you can freely command the actions of your party members, with even more fun of battle occurring as you get closer to the level cap.

• Playing as an independent party, take on quests that are brought to you by others while exploring, fighting, and making important decisions throughout the Lands Between.
• The magic action RPG where you control two characters in unison
Character customization is front and center, as you can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic.
• Switch between a “Gathering” and a “Melee”-style battle system
In the Gathering Mode, you can freely command the actions of allies while you go about your own tasks. In the Melee Mode, the actions of allies are controlled by an experienced advisor, and an action is presented to you after a short time.

• An epic action RPG that will challenge you
Mixing together classic RPGs and hack and slash, with modern presentation and the action RPG elements of Bayonetta.

Developed by PlatinumGames. Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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Download Now ··· DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download Now ··· DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Features Key:

  • Deep and Varied Story with a Fabulous Design

    A seemingly ordinary Tale of Days Awaken the Devoted Spirit of the Aged King Emerus and Indicate the End of the Era. By using your own feelings and thoughts, you can delve into the nine world maps of Elden Ring and build the story through an adventure of non-stop event processing, combat, and exploration of an epic scale.

    Elden Ring is fantasy gaming at its best from the team that brought you the legendary Tales of the Abyss, Knights of the Blood Rose, and Bamboo Blade!

  • A Gifting World with Plenty to Discover and Cultivating Others» Awaits!

    For the practical and generous game that cherished the spiritual world as a unique potion, enjoy with add-ons and costumes of your friends, who come from various incarnations. We are deeply grateful for their kind support.

  • A Beautiful World Seamlessly Combines Open Fields and Dungeon

    A series of beautiful scenery, with a world map made of the variety of gorgeous architectural designs of the Greek mythology. You can encounter enemies, and the appearance of everything changes at every place, even just in the Exterior, which increases the challenge.

  • A Variety of Effective Challenges Awaits!

    Many events happen in the various world maps, so that you can collect the power of the Elden (an amulet that lets you deeply enter a world with your accumulated power) and strengthen to become the heroes of the lands. To increase to a sufficient level, fighting monster battles, challenging traps, and defeating particularly skilled players in various types of battles are equally important.

  • Equip a Variety of Armor and Weapons of the Mythos

    The variety of armor and weapons allows you to enjoy the various gameplay experience. Each of them can be fitted with optional skills to increase offensive power and defense capabilities. It also has a soul affinities that can be used to obtain the symbol to teleport to locations around the world, as well as a special effect.

  • Prepare for Battle with a Wide Variety of Equipment! 

    Elden Ring License Key For PC Latest

    《 超美丽、物质、乐享…》

    《 一个美丽超好的世界 一个美巧细致的主世界 》

    《 一个充满热情地游戏 》

    《 一个非常感激的 也是 汗水越深的 》

    《 非常迷你的主世界 》

    《 一个物质、美丽、超美的游戏 》

    《 一个漂亮的主世界 》

    《 超美的主世界 》

    《 一个令人振奋的主世界 》

    「 一个完美的主世界」

    「 超美的主世界」

    《 深得你喜欢、也是你的青睐第一次看到这种物质》

    「 深得你喜欢、也是你的青睐第一次看到这种物质」

    「 超美的主世界」

    《 发现你的爱,也是这个世界的灵感…》

    「 一个游戏尚未轻易得到成熟的仪式感、渴望望得到�


    Elden Ring Free Download [32|64bit]

    Greetings, Commanders!

    «The New Fantasy Action RPG» is the first-ever free-to-play action RPG developed by ChangYou that is based on our rich knowledge and experience as the creators of the well-loved «Fantasy Online Action RPG», the highly popular «Fantasy World of Darkness», and the first-ever fantasy MMORPG, «Fantasy World Online».

    After the completion of the game’s Closed Beta Test (CBT), we will be hosting a Closed Beta Test 2 (CBT2) starting on June 27th 2018. Closed Beta Test 2 is set to run for two weeks, from June 27th to July 6th 2018. There will be one week of active development in CBT2, followed by one week of maintenance.

    We highly encourage those who participated in the CBT to log in at least once in the next week and give their feedback! This will help us to prevent any problems and issues that you might have encountered during the CBT.

    After CBT2 ends, we will be opening the official game server, so that you can log in and enjoy the game with the other players.

    Thank you for your continued support of our fantasy action RPG. We are looking forward to hearing your voice, and we are also looking forward to receiving feedback from the many players who will be logging in after CBT2.

    Here is a list of updates made in the last two weeks:

    Improving Our Users’ Experience, with Your Help.

    Addressing the Shifting Focus of OUR FEEDBACK.

    Improving Your Experience

    Working on high-quality content

    We are working on providing high-quality content in the game, and we are going to provide more updates regarding this. As such, your feedback regarding our updates will be prioritized and addressed accordingly.

    Improving the Interaction System

    1. You can now configure your preferred language

    We are working on enhancing the server-side translation system for the game’s setting and interface text, and we are providing the translated texts with the game client updates that will be available after CBT2.

    2. You can now switch to the Administrator Role using the chat window

    We are working on enhancing the chat function to allow you to switch to the Administrator Role.

    3. You can now customize the game sounds

    We have updated the song select screen


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    SketchJack Studios is a small business offering outsourced fine art illustration, character design, animation and web design. Would love to work with you!

    SketchJack was originally started by a web designer / illustrator as a do-it-for-you freelance service. We are seasoned graphic designers as well as animation artists and film students. While we started as a one man design team, we now have a part-time animator and 2 new web design/animation staff.

    Need a flash intro? Check out our flash intro!.

    A big thank you to ABSOLUTELY GREAT SUPPORT for sponsors!

    Certification for Beginning Computer Artists

    To keep pace with changing technology, a certificate for aspiring computer artists is offered by the Association of Computer Artists and Users of CADD. Based in Arlington, Texas, ACU consists of more than 80 artists and professionals located in countries around the world. This course has been recommended to educators and students from more than five continents.

    Certificates on file at SketchJack Studios. Look for the dates!

    Helpful links

    Useful links:

    With a sprinkling of humor and wit, Samuel French is the primary publisher of secular materials in the UK, including the works of Pink, The Carpenters, James Taylor,and others.Q:

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    Download Elden Ring For Windows

    1- Decompress and unpack Elden Ring game.
    2- Start the setup and click on finish for installing the patch.
    3- Start the installation with the crack,
    4-Follow the installation instructions.
    5-Play the game and enjoy!

    How to install and activate ELDEN RING game for free:

    1. Unpack the patch
    2. Install the patch
    3. Play the game and enjoy!

    .. Your Feedback is Appreciated..

    Message for our users:If there is any problems with this game please contact us to do feedback and we can fix that tommorow,Thanks

    Enjoy!【7月26日 AFP】オランダの環境共同研究機関が、日本の森林火災によって同国のハイチ沿岸を海水が汚染されているとする研究結果を26日に発表した。世界保健機関(WHO)は先週、海につながる世界各地の森林火災は現在、最大50万年で成り立たなくなる可能性があると警告していた。




    How To Crack:

  • DOWNLOAD FROM (BLAZESITE.COM) Elden Ring.blazesite.com
  • Click «Install.exe»
  • Click to ‘Run’
  • Wait till the installer completes.
  • Click accept on next screen and start
  • Once ‘Force Close’ screen appears, Click OK
  • Wait for 20 sec and launch the game.
  • Enjoy!
  • Note: You have been successfully installed Elden Ring.
    You have to do following setting before you launch.

    Open ‘Start’>Search’> Settings’> Game

    Seiras ASCII: äâ€â…¤Â– JpGUI
    Esc äâ€â…¤œ JpGUI
    ` ’
    1 ‡



    System Requirements:

    Recommended System:
    Windows 7 64-bit
    Windows XP SP3 64-bit
    Windows Vista SP1 64-bit
    Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard 64-bit
    Mac OS X Lion 64-bit
    SteamOS 64-bit
    Minimum System Requirements:
    Windows 7 32-bit
    Windows XP 32-bit
    Windows Vista 32-bit
    Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard 32-bit
    Mac OS X Lion 32-bit
    SteamOS 32-bit
    Windows Systems:



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