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ELDEN RING is a fantasy action RPG in which you engage in turn-based online battles against other players, liberate the towns, and establish a new land. When the story ends, you can play with friends and go back to liberate town again.

As you complete quests and fight monsters with a variety of weapons and magic, you will be able to level up and acquire new weapons, armors, and magic. As your character grows in strength, there will come a day when you are summoned to the Elden Lord. Only a handful of people have become Elden Lords in the past, but you have the chance to become one.

You can obtain heroes, who are rare and powerful beings that appear in the game, through continuously logging in. In addition to the cross-network game contents, at the same time as the game version is being updated, you can use a new system to get rewarded with heroes.


• Various Classes for Character Classes

There are seven main character classes in the Elden Ring Game, and when playing the game, you can freely change your class.

The classes are:

○ Fighter (Physical Attack Class)

○ Mage (Magic Attack Class)

○ Archer (Physical Attack Class)

○ Rogue (Skill Attack Class)

○ Assassin (Skill Attack Class)

○ Lord (Physical Attack Class)

○ Berserker (Physical Attack Class)

○ Champion (Skill Attack Class)

○ Elden Lord (Special Class)

○ Occult Lord (Physical Attack Class)

○ Occult Lord (Skill Attack Class)

○ Occult Lord (Special Class)

○ Boss (Special Class)

○ Demon (Special Class)

○ Demon (Special Class)

○ Demon (Special Class)

○ Chieftain (Special Class)

○ Behemoth (Special Class)

○ Demon King (Special Class)

○ Chieftain (Special Class)

○ Behemoth (Special Class)

○ Chieftain (Special Class)

○ Behemoth (Special Class)

○ Chieftain (Special Class)

○ Demon King (Special Class)

○ Chieftain (Special Class)

○ Behemoth (Special Class)


Features Key:

  • Play Story: The action RPG novel laced with an epic story
  • Play Style: Develop your own character as you enjoy the thrill of battles and tough missions
  • Location: A vast world with a variety of situations
  • Unique Online System: Enjoy offline and online multiplayer together
  • Further information:

    • YT video with Google Hangout
    • Elden Ring trailer: .

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    ▼【About the Game】

    About The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

    A Vast World

    The cities of the four empires of Tamriel are now united.

    A Huge World

    A huge world that is divided into different regions and an enormous overworld.

    Wandering the World

    Wander around at will in the beautiful world of Tamriel.

    Read More:

    Official Page:

    Official Youtube:

    Official Facebook:

    Official Twitter:

    ◆In-game Features◆

    Open World — A Vast World

    Explore the vast world of Tamriel at your will.

    Discover Explorable, Immersive Landscapes

    An ever changing world that is full of surprises awaits you. Explore this vast world at your will, and you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the drama.

    Read More:

    【About the Game】

    About The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

    An Epic Drama

    In the city of Novigrad, demons has been awakened and a new threat has been presented for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

    A New Race of Monsters

    The new race of monsters is called the Deceiver, and they are said to have the power to enslave the minds and bodies of man.

    A New Threat Arising

    An untold story of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited leads to a surprise. A new threat has been introduced in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

    Your mission, to secure the downfall of The Deceiver, begins here.

    A New Thrill With Asynchronous Play

    An online drama full of twists and story with the characters you have played with before and the new characters you meet.

    ▼【The Story】

    About The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

    The Deceiver

    The Deceiver is a race of monsters created by Artorias, an ominous sorcerer.

    They are said to have the power to enslave the minds


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    -Version Update
    *Fixed a bug where you couldn’t advance to the next chapter after starting a new game
    *Further information
    *Released a version update
    *Adjustments to the data manipulation function
    *Fixed a bug where the location of a dungeon couldn’t be inputted within the text box located beside map data
    *Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to enter the world after powering down the game; this also applies to a bug that will make it difficult to register after searching for servers
    *Small improvements to user interface
    *Adjustments to the scenes that appear when resetting the game or when equipping new weapons or armor
    *Fixed a bug that would cause the character to not die when crashing into a wall
    *Improved the quality of the recorded footage to make it suitable for viewing
    *Improved the quality of the recorded gameplay to make it suitable for viewing
    *Adjusted the appearance of the music volume display
    *Adjusted the sound volume so that it will not make the location sound volume decrease
    *Adjusted the appearance of the Map Builder so that the selected position will be indicated
    *Fixed the “Rathal” icon and the “12” icon (used to show the current level of the character) showing up as “Protas” and “Ekeyel” in the friends list
    *Adjustments to a bug that displayed a fake title in the friends list
    *Initial release for the 3.3.0 version update
    *(v3.3.0)The following is a message from the Perl Foundation Board. Good evening. The Board’s reports are available after this message, and a link will be sent to you for access. It goes out on our behalf, but we invite you to edit it. You’ll find it at The Board wishes to thank the Perl community for bearing with us through the year, and for its patience. Thank you for bearing with our lack of public communication, and for the flexibility we’ve showed in having seen through our ups and downs – all 200 plus of you. We were overwhelmed at


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    Elden Ring is ready for play with an extensive list of features including a huge world to explore, bustling cities to discover, and incredible fights to engage in. Rise as a legendary hero, equipped with exquisite equipment, and embark on your adventures in a vast world. Together with a great team, help your Commander, cast powerful spells, and wield great weaponry. Find the hidden treasures strewn throughout, and create powerful items that will turn the tides of your conflicts. You’ll love to explore the towering mountains, deserted valleys, and bustling cities. When you have questions, you can ask the abundant NPC’s for a helping hand. Discover what kind of strategies, story, and characters lies ahead of you in the Lands Between and become a legendary hero!



    Elden Ring – the Elder Scrolls game that is brought to you by Bethesda Game Studios, the creators of the legendary The Elder Scrolls series.
    Steel and stone. Delicate and graceful, mineral and metal collide seamlessly in a vibrant new open world



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
    Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later (64-bit)
    The game requires a GPU with:
    Dual Graphics Card (dual-monitor or displayport required)
    Dual-CPU (requires 16 or more logical cores)
    Dedicated Video RAM
    Dedicated Audio RAM
    Unrestricted System RAM
    Significantly more than 6 GB RAM


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