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The DBAExplorer application was designed to be a management tool for the Oracle RDMS. The tool was developed using Borland Delphi 7.0 programming environment which provides fast Access to the Oracle database.
The code was developed after examining techniques to determine the fastest and the most effective ways of database Access to increase the overall performance of the system. As a consequence of this study, the most effective techniques and SQL statements are determined for better performance and put into action.
Here are some key features of «DBAExplorer»:
■ Object Browser: you can browse through the database objects like, Schema, Tables, Packages, Sequences, Views, Procedures, DB Links, Synonyms, Functions and advanced objects etc.
■ DBA Utilities: Allows DBAs to perform administrative tasks in a convenient way and most of the time with just clicks. It allows you to create Tablespaces, Rollback Segments, Users and redo log files. DBAConnect also allows you to manipulate all the information regarding an instance, SGA, Block, Free space and to alter wherever it is needed.
■ Developer Utilities: Allows you to perform the developers related actions like creating tables, views, synonyms, DB Links, Procedures, Functions, Packages and Types. It allows you to execute any SQL command through an editor window. Also provides search facility to find any object, dependencies, relationships between tables and privileges.
■ DBA Admin: Instance Monitoring & Space Management: includes active and running jobs, SGA information (Shared pool, Library cache, UGA space used, Data Dictionary, Redo log buffer cache, Database buffer cache), Free space information, Locks, Redo log files, Object and Data files, Rollback segment, Session information, User information, Table Space and Data files. You can change or alter any information by clicking on the active link for example to drop a user or to kill a session or even to change control files.







DBAExplorer Crack Free Download (Final 2022)

This is the package that contains all the utilities which are required to manage Oracle databases. It provides you the necessary tools to create tablespace, rollback segment, control the access/alterations and maintenance of the database. All the tasks mentioned above can be performed through the built-in user interface and provides you all the features as you will see in the step by step wizards.
Each page within this package is a self-contained utility which can be executed. For example, if a user clicks on the Table tools, you will see the tools for creating, adding, deleting tables/tabs. Similar, the other pages create and provide the necessary tools for other database objects.
In addition, this application includes a separate DBAAdmin that is responsible for monitoring the Oracle instance and its running processes, as well as space management. It is a platform independent application; hence, it can be used on all supported platforms (Windows, MAC and Linux).

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DBAExplorer Crack+ With Registration Code

DBAExplorer is a tool that assist Database Administrator to manage Oracle databases and monitoring the performance of the database. It is designed to provide all the features that a Database Administrator needs to quickly monitor the overall performance of the Oracle Database.
It combines the power of the Oracle Database with the ease of use of the Windows Registry. It provides complete functionality for all the Oracle schema views. In addition it gives the user a tool to manage user objects and many other related tasks.
DBAExplorer will allow you to use the database with the greatest ease. It is the complete package which gives you the most comprehensive access to the Oracle database, with the greatest ease.
DBAExplorer supports all the ODBC interface drivers including JDBC.
DBAExplorer Features:
■ Access of any Oracle Database Object : Schema, Tables, Views, Packages, Sequences, Synonyms, Functions, Package, Object, Dependencies, Relationships, Privileges.
■ Session management : Manage all the database processes, Stored Session, Job, JDBC, JDBC-ODBC, Clients, All Processes.
■ Manage user objects, Role, Groups, Roles, Users.
■ Manage Oracle SGA: Manage the memory allocated to the instance, space used by the session, data dictionary, common data dictionary, cache, Redo log buffer, Block.
■ Monitoring Database performance : Manage all the information about the oracle instance, like, Active Sessions, Running JOBs, Free space used, Sessions and other information related with the Oracle Instance.
■ Manage User objects, Rollback Segments, Session Logfiles, Data and Object Files.
■ Manage API: Allows the user to perform any API related operation like deleting or modifying objects.
■ Manage WMI Classes : Allows the user to perform WMI related operations like creating, deleting, modifying, deleting methods etc.
■ Manage Oracle Objects : Performs Database administrative operations like, Create, Delete, Alter, Backup, Restore, Repair etc.
■ Manage Oracle Data Dictionary: Allows the user to perform object’s backup & restore, modify, alter, change ownership, privilege, grants etc.
■ Manage Oracle Roles : System Administration tools included in DBAExplorer. Modify or delete the password, modify or delete the owner.


DBAExplorer (Updated 2022)

DBAExplorer is a management tool for all the components and their properties of an Oracle database. It has a comprehensive list of all the objects that reside in a database, including the schema, tables, views, common area, synonyms, functions, users, protocols, procedures, packages, types, trigger, index, and any other object on a database. It’s very easy to get all the objects and their properties with just one click. You can search data, tables and even modify them with ease. The whole process of searching objects with properties is very intuitive and easy.
Main Features:
■ Browse through all Database objects with categories.
■ Create Tables, View, Synonyms, Users and other objects.
■ Modify Objects, delete or modify properties.
■ Provide user-friendly interface.
■ Abolute security: no need to worry about password or User Id when you are connecting to a database.
■ Customizable for your requirements: Just add or delete components that you want to display and create new categories to make your experience more effortless and comfortable.
■ File List: you can check any file that exists in a database including, redo logs, control files, Session logs, User and Database files with just one click.
■ Space Management: Provides you with a detailed list of all database objects, details like size of the objects, used space and free space on each objects.
■ Configurable: Select what you want to display or hide by using this configurable tool.
■ Supports both local as well as remote databases.
■ Fully English and Arabic localizations.
■ Save or restore selected objects and files when you update the program.
■ Online help: it’s very easy and convenient to find out what you are searching for in this comprehensive and easy-to-use code.
■ System Requirements:
■ Supported OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
■ Supported browser: Netscape, Internet Explorer 5.5 & up
■ CPU: Minimum of 266 MHz.
■ RAM: 256 MB
■ Available storage space: 200 MB
■ SD card size: SD card 2.6 GB or above, USB Drive and CD-ROMs are not supported.
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What’s New in the DBAExplorer?

DBAExplorer is an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) utility designed to improve the performance of the Oracle database. The program allows you to control the major components of your database environment, such as the database size, the number of sessions, the number of users, the number of access paths and the use of the local Oracle cache. Another feature is the monitoring of the Oracle database environment, and the management of the Oracle rollback log files. DBAExplorer also gives you the ability to grant and revoke privileges in every table of the database. DBAExplorer uses the database objects information stored in the database to present the result, and in some cases, is almost impossible to program, and it simplifies the administration of your Oracle database. You can quickly create new objects, manage tablespaces, sessions, users, privileges, or log files, in addition to controlling the information about the Oracle control files in the database.
Below you will find a list of some common tasks and utilities that you can do with DBAExplorer:
■ Create/Delete/Alter Tablespaces
■ Create/Delete/Edit DML Files
■ Maintain the Oracle Database Rollback log files
■ Maintain the Database Buffer cache
■ Maintain the Oracle Redo log files
■ Change/Edit SGA Values/Spaces
■ Monitor session in the database
■ Create/Delete/Edit View Definitions
■ Collect the database objects information
■ Maintain the database Users
■ Create/Delete/Edit Users
■ Maintain the Oracle Database User Group
■ Perform some administrative tasks
■ Check the available Oracle Virtual Private Server
■ Create/Delete/Edit Virtual Server
■ Monitor the database SGA and Database resources
■ Connect to the Oracle Database remotely
■ View the Oracle Virtual Servers
■ Manage the Database Control files
■ Manage the Database Dictionary files
■ Manage the Database Log files
■ Manage the Database Buffer Cache space
■ Manage the Oracle Redo log files space
■ Manage the Database Dump files
■ Manage the Database Buffer Cache
■ Check the available Oracle Database SGA
■ Delete the Oracle DB Rollback log files
■ Manage the Database Buffer Cache

System Requirements:

– Windows XP
– Windows Vista
– Windows 7
– Windows 8
– Windows 10
– DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
– 1 GHz
– 1024×768 display
– Virtual Box
– DirectX 9.0c compatible video cardAMD Radeon HD 5870AMD Radeon HD 5870AMD Radeon HD 5870AMD Radeon HD 5870AMD Radeon HD 5870AMD Radeon HD 5870AMD Radeon HD 5870AMD Radeon HD


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