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Multimedia programs like Photoshop are very complex. The more you use them, the better you will be able to handle them. There are many users who are not graphic artists but have learned what Photoshop is all about and have become very good at using Photoshop. Some people will enjoy working with Photoshop, but it’s not for everyone.

Exploring Photoshop’s Interface

The familiar interface for Photoshop is a stack of transparent glass boxes layered on top of a raster image or graphic. You have a workspace, the Layer Stack, a working area, the Canvas, and a history. You can drop Photoshop documents into the Layer Stack, and Photoshop opens them in the workspace and highlights the changes in the Workspace area to show you what you have done. Using the drawing tools, you can work on the layers in the workspace. You can drag the layers and use any of them as a template for future layers. You can also use the Adjustment Layers to modify the color and style of the layers within the workspace. You can work with the layers in the history to undo changes. You can view a PDF of what you are working on.

The interface in Figure 4-1, a GIF that is a good example of the interface for Photoshop, is somewhat conventional. You have the workspace on the bottom and the canvas on top, with the layers stacked on top of the canvas.

**Figure 4-1:** You can work with layers stacked as a stack.

To the right of the workspace are a few icons that are important to know:

• File: Opens the main file and allows you to open other files.

• Open: Opens an existing file and highlights it in the workspace. This icon is very important because it’s the link to the specific file in your folder that you are currently editing.

• New: Opens a new document, which is a blank canvas with no layers. This document remains invisible until you put layers on it. The document is a «new» document in the sense that it has not been saved, so the changes you make to the document are not saved. You can create a new document in many ways:

• Press Ctrl+N (Windows) or Command+N (Mac) to create a new document.

• Click on the New button in the Layers panel and then click the New Document icon.

• Right-click or Ctrl+click anywhere on the canvas and choose New from the

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With the combination of powerful features and a great price point, Photoshop Elements is one of the most used graphics editors in use by casual and professional photographers.

Here are 5 reason why Photoshop Elements is so popular with photographers, designers and hobbyists everywhere.

1. Developed for photographers

Photoshop Elements is a great solution for those who love photography for fun or for the chance to turn their hobby into a profitable profession.

One of the most important reasons to use Photoshop Elements is that it is developed from the beginning for photographers. This means that most of the Photoshop Elements tools work automatically when you choose one of the many beautiful camera RAW tools.

Photoshop Elements is the only decent RAW editor. It can open up to 22 different RAW file formats and the photos you open from your camera can be converted to the correct format. You can even open RAW files that come from your RAW converters software, such as Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom and Darktable.

2. Developed by professionals

The designers at Adobe are professional photographers, and they are the ones who developed Photoshop Elements. Adobe knows what photographers need and are constantly listening to their feedback.

Most of the tools of Photoshop Elements have been tailored for photographers by the inventors of the software. When using Photoshop Elements, you are using software that was specifically created to make you more productive and more creative than working in Photoshop.

3. Powerful and easy to use

With Photoshop Elements you don’t need to be an expert to be able to edit photos with the same level of editing that you can with a professional.

If you are experienced in Photoshop, you can upgrade your skills and move up to Photoshop once you get comfortable with the tools in Photoshop Elements.

On the other hand, if you are starting photography for the first time, the welcome level of editing is extremely easy to grasp and you don’t need to be a pro to get the most out of Photoshop Elements.

4. Multimedia toolbox

Because it is developed by professional photographers, Photoshop Elements has a wide range of options to cover all your multimedia needs. It can create MP3s, videos and even animations.

5. Amazing prices

Photoshop Elements comes at the price of the most expensive consumer version of Photoshop at almost $300. However, the image editing software is an excellent one and is sometimes cheaper to buy, but here are some programs that you should consider.

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Most every human on this planet, at some point in his or her life, will have to deal with the fear of death. Some of us will have to face this fear as children, others as teenagers, and others still as adults. With a new forever about to begin, it might be time for us to begin to come to terms with the idea of death.

There are many ways to deal with our fear of death, so I am not going to offer any universal answers. Instead, I will offer some suggestions for those of you struggling with your own fear.

1. If you are afraid to die, why?

It is so rare to look beyond the here and now. For most people, their lives are filled with the future, with goals and dreams. While dreaming and planning seem to make our lives more interesting, we are all forgetting that our time here is fleeting.

With each passing day, each hour, each minute, we are draining our time and energy into living for the future. However, we are ignoring the fact that none of this future time will be our own. We will wake up one day, and that will be the day we die. We are losing the most precious gift we have: time.

2. Dying comes in many forms

Some of you will die suddenly, and without warning. Others will not. Some of us will feel our time slip away peacefully while we sleep. For others, we will die violently while our mind still functions. For some, we will have to live out our lives knowing that our time is coming.

3. Take stock of your life

Take inventory of your life. Are you doing the things that make you happy? Or are you pursuing goals that keep you away from your true passion and love? Have you become obsessed with the future, with the future that will never be?

Take some time to examine your life and to ask yourself if you are living it for the right reasons. If so, you may have to make some difficult changes in your life. If not, then you may have some self-examination to do.

4. Be ready for change

All of us will die, and when we do, we will not be the person we are today. This is because every moment we are living is a moment of change. We are all always in transition from infancy, to school, to work, to sex, to retirement. And eventually, we are all going to

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