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Read on for a quick walk-through of the basics of using Photoshop.

How to

Set Up the Photoshop Interface


Click the «Start Button» to bring up the Start menu, and then select «Create a new Photoshop document.»

A window will open with a blue background and your new document name. Click anywhere on the empty space in the window and choose the Location and Size tab to set the dimensions and location of your new document. Drag the handles to specify the width and height.

Click the «Save» button on the top-right corner of the window.


Choose Edit⇒New⇒Photoshop Document.


Choose File⇒Save.


Click the «+» button at the bottom of the window and choose the Location and Size tab to set the dimensions and location of your new document. Drag the handles to specify the width and height.

Click the «Save» button on the top-right corner of the window.

Choose File⇒Save.

Now, the New Photoshop Document dialog should open. Make sure it is set to «Save as type» and to «Save in Photoshop’s default folder.»

Add a New Layer


Click the «Layer menu» button (it looks like a plus sign) at the top-left of the Photoshop window.

A menu will appear at the bottom of your document with four options: «New, «Edit, «New Layer, «New Path.»

If you are in the Edit layer, click «New Layer» to add a new layer to your document.

Choose «New Layer» or «New Path» to add a new layer to your document.


Open the «Layers palette,» which should be in your top toolbar on the left side of the Photoshop window.

A red line with a plus (+) sign to the right of a layer name. Click that to add a new layer to your document.

Click the layer name to select a layer. A «locked» icon appears to the left of the layer name.

Click the «Locked» icon at the left of a layer name to lock the layer. It is important to lock the layer with any important settings or layers that have been altered with fill and stroke settings.

Drag the mouse over a layer to change the color

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What makes Photoshop Elements better than the standard Photoshop? There are certainly a number of features Photoshop Elements has that make it easier to use than Photoshop. But what really makes it better is that Photoshop Elements is much cheaper than Photoshop.

When Adobe announced Photoshop Elements, they didn’t break a price record but they certainly broke the «it’s not an Adobe product» label. For just $75, you get over 40,000 royalty-free high-quality images, a year’s worth of free updates, and a rich feature set. It’s actually cheaper than Microsoft Office.

Now you can get Photoshop Elements in a version suitable for your computer! Of course, it’s a software program, not a cassette player or a book—but like a book, it’s practical, easy to use, and offers features beyond what you can find in your computer.

Let’s look at what Photoshop Elements offers compared to standard Photoshop (aside from the total price).

$0: It’s All Free

$75: Thousands of Richly Hued Icons and Images

$99: Photoshop Elements 13.3

$149: Photoshop Elements 13.4

$199: Photoshop Elements 13.5

$279: Photoshop Elements 13.7

$349: Photoshop Elements 14

$379: Photoshop Elements 14.1

$449: Photoshop Elements 14.2

$499: Photoshop Elements 14.3

$579: Photoshop Elements 14.4

$649: Photoshop Elements 14.5

$699: Photoshop Elements 14.6

$799: Photoshop Elements 15

$999: Photoshop Elements 15.1

$1199: Photoshop Elements 15.2

$1399: Photoshop Elements 15.3

$1499: Photoshop Elements 15.4

$1599: Photoshop Elements 15.5

$1699: Photoshop Elements 15.6

$1799: Photoshop Elements 16

$1699: Photoshop Elements 16.1

$2399: Photoshop Elements 16.2

$2799: Photoshop Elements 16.3

$2999: Photoshop Elements 16.4

$3999: Photoshop Elements 16.5

$4499: Photoshop Elements 16.6

$4999: Photoshop Elements 16.7

$5999: Photoshop Elements 16.8

$7199: Photoshop Elements 16

Photoshop Free Download For Windows 8 Laptop Crack For Windows

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System Requirements For Photoshop Free Download For Windows 8 Laptop:

Powerful PC (win 10, xbox one, ps4, steamOS, mac OS)
16gb or more ram
120gb free space
Dedicated (battlefield) xbox
Recommended System Requirements:
18gb free space
Windows 10
Windows 10 windowed mode (in battlefield)
GTX 980/970/1080/1150/1180, or AMD radeon hd 7900 series, hd 7790 or above recommended (yay! ati

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