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* **Photoshop Elements:** Photoshop Elements is the least-expensive option from Adobe. Photoshop Elements allows you to perform a basic level of image manipulation with layers of raster and vector graphics. Unfortunately, it lacks a true level of functionality offered in the standard version of Photoshop.
* **Adobe Photoshop CS:** Photoshop CS is a very powerful, fully featured, professional-level image editing program. It offers standard and nonstandard raster and vector editing layers and can be used for both black-and-white and color work. It also supports third-party plugins that have the ability to add more specialized features. If you’re looking for high-resolution (300 dpi) editing and printing features with professional tools, Photoshop CS is the tool for you.
* **Adobe Photoshop CS 2 and CS 3:** Because CS 2 and CS 3 are more advanced than CS, they’re rarely used in the field. They do, however, offer the same professional-level editing and printing features as CS.
* **Adobe Photoshop Lightroom:** Lightroom’s goal is to help you organize and edit your images for professional use. It doesn’t include Photoshop-like editing features. Instead, Lightroom lets you organize, manage, and edit digital photography. For this reason, Lightroom isn’t an image editing program but a cataloging and organizing tool.

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Some of the things you can do using Photoshop elements:

Edit and retouch an image

Use advanced filters

Create wireframes and mockups

Create logos

Create and edit videos

Choose colour palette and fill with artboard options

Use brushes and masks

Create GIFs

Use brushes to add typography and poster art

Export to a variety of formats

Create new documents in specific file types

Export a document to PDF, JPG, SVG or PSD

Apply special effects, such as inversion, grayscale, sepia, emboss, spot, lens blur, film grain, and others

Adjust and crop an image

Export an image to the web

Batch convert images to web formats

Create collages

Choose from many colour palettes

Easily create and edit mobile prototypes

Choose the exact size you want your image to be

Create and position text effortlessly

Import and export an image

Apply tilt-shift filters

Add special effects

Create stunning images

Save an image for the web

Add custom text to an image

Create and edit video

Make quick edits to an image

Test adjustments without touching the pixels

Edit and retouch an image

Easy to use, professional looking tools

Make your canvas work for you by using the right tools

Simplified color and aesthetic tools

Add filters and effects to change the look of your image.

Edit and retouch an image

Blend multiple images and remove unwanted areas

Automatically create unique backgrounds and logos

Manage your images without the clutter

Import your photos directly from Lightroom or Photoshop

Create unique backgrounds or logos

Create your logo, business card, flyer or poster

Isolate a specific area of an image

Add borders or titles

Create engaging layouts for your social media images

Import photos from your photos library

Easily create unique wallpapers for Mac

Resize your image with more than 20 different presets

Add a layer

Select an object

Add a mask

Select a colour to fill or outline

The colour palette you select will be applied to the selected areas.

Adjust opacity to change the amount of the colour

Use different blending modes to apply an effect to the image. Apply a mode when

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