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DMG files are specific to the MAC OS X operating system and you need a specialized program to open them in Windows. But this compatibility problem can be solved using a converter application. A good example is DMG2IMG.
This is a small and lightweight application that allows you to convert DMG files into the standard disk image format, IMG, which is compatible with more programs on Windows (see Win32 Disk Imager). The tool allows you to convert zlib and bzip2 compressed DMG images to standard image disk files. It is useful, as it can process even larger files.
The main drawback of the application is that it opens with the command console and does not offer a standard user-friendly interface. Thus, for those who are not used to working with command lines, it might pose some problems regarding the syntax.
On the other hand, if you are familiar with the commands in the console, using this application can seem really easy. For the conversion to succeed, you have to follow the exact instructions. There are two usage command lines for making the conversion and several options to configure.
Silent mode, verbose and extremely verbose, debug are some of the available variables that you can change according to your preferences. In addition to this, you can choose the partition list to be extracted or choose to extract only a specific partition.
After you configure all the mentioned parameters and write the correct command, the program starts the conversion and you can view the progress indicator.
Although it might pose some problems to inexperienced users, DMG2IMG is a handy tool capable of solving file compatibility issues easily and fast.







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After pouring out some beers with good friends over the weekend, our buddy Joe Goldberg unexpectedly called his girlfriend to inform her that he forgot his phone. «I’m going to be at work in a little bit though.», he said. Obviously, this threw the girl off-guard, who told him that she wanted to talk about the future of his relationship with her. «Honey, do you want to break up with me or break up with me?» the phone was passed around. Joe chose to answer that question by proposing a three-way breakup where he would break up with her, but she broke up with him, but she broke up with him. «Alright, alright, stop it!» she said, before they proceeded to strike a deal with each other to break up with each other.
Organizer description:
Jumping off the line directly, the original name for this product was ‘Bucketlist Organizer’ based on the premise of a list of places that you want to see before you die. After the product was released and the name changed, the visual style of the application was changed to a more subtle and modern design. Similar to ‘AirPhotoServer’, this product allowed users to photograph their bucket list and use the application to manage and view their images. ‘Bucketlist Organizer’ was also the first app to use the now-favorite ‘Carousel’ background image.
Review courtesy of: CNET

‘AirPhotoServer’ is a free, easy-to-use photo server that provides an excellent solution for backing up and sharing your images across a local network. As a cross-platform app, it runs on both Windows and Mac.
AirPhotoServer is an easy-to-use photo server that provides an excellent solution for backing up and sharing your images across a local network. As a cross-platform app, it runs on both Windows and Mac.
Bottom line
Although it isn’t particularly rich in features, AirPhotoServer delivers a simple software solution that comes with a graphical user interface and a comprehensive feature set. All things considered, the application is an excellent option for the users who want a simple means of sharing their images, and it can be installed on both Windows and Mac.
Developed in Qt, HoubyWatch is a simple-to-use

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View simple to-do lists that are easy to customize.
* Ability to sort lists
* Ability to open items by key or path.
* Ability to set reminders
* Ability to select alternative text.
* Ability to include pictures and links.
* Ability to display status with text and pictures.
* Ability to set color for list items and text.
* Ability to set the font for list items.
* Ability to add, remove, and reorder items.
* Ability to sort the items.
* Ability to export, copy, and print the lists.
* Ability to open the items in any application.
* Ability to set the open folder icon.
* Ability to set the checkbox close icon.
* Ability to change the custom icon.
* Ability to export lists as HTML and as a text file.
* Ability to hide the icons.
* Ability to modify the color of icons.
* Ability to add a current date to items.
* Ability to change the color of the current date.
* Ability to change the color of the time.
* Ability to set the text of the time.
* Ability to show the name of the current day of the week.
* Ability to include the day of the week in items.
* Ability to show the number of items.
* Ability to change the color of items.
* Ability to change the order of items.
* Ability to change the order of folders.
* Ability to change the location of the current folder.
* Ability to show items that have been modified.
* Ability to show the number of modified items.
* Ability to show the modified item.
* Ability to control the appearance of buttons.
* Ability to change the color of buttons.
* Ability to change the size of buttons.
* Ability to change the size of icons.
* Ability to change the position of buttons.
* Ability to change the position of icons.
* Ability to show the time of item creation.
* Ability to change the location of icons.
* Ability to show the checked items.
* Ability to change the text of checked items.
* Ability to show the number of checked items.
* Ability to scroll the items.
* Ability to do HTML code validation.
* Ability to display the list in context.
* Ability to navigate the items with the keyboard arrows.
* Ability to change the padding of the

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# MiniSplitter is a lightweight tool that gives you the possibility to split one file into multiple files.
# Once you have access to the file, you can simply drag-and-drop it to the tool and click the button to start.
# You’ll see the Split button at the left edge of the interface, where you can select the destination folder for the generated files.
# The secondary parameters are the size and depth of the split.
# The Depth lets you choose the number of layers, beginning from 1 and going to 99.
# The file size remains the same for all the layers and you can split it in multiple times.
# The program features a simple and intuitive graphical interface, it doesn’t come with any customization features and is designed for Windows users regardless of their experience level.
# It sports an easy-to-use window with all controls on a toolbar, that resembles the default Notepad application on Windows computers.
# Accomplish this tool requires minimum effort, as the application installs quickly and comes with a nice layout that resembles the default Notepad application.
# So, simply drop the executable file anywhere on the disk, right-click it, and click run to start the application.
# It doesn’t come with any customization features which is rather inconvenient for all the users.
# However, it offers to you the option to have the window on top of other programs.
# The tool lets you undo changes and perform basic clipboard tasks like cut, copy and paste.
# It features a simple graph-based user interface that allows you to preview each split, manually stop the operation or terminate the entire process.
# The program allows you to extract text, as well as extract metadata and mime types from files.
# In addition to splitting, the app lets you merge multiple files into one.
# You can also create new folders and directly access the hard drive and removable disk to save your files.
# The software features a solid set of features that help you split one file into multiple files.
It works without any problems with all kinds of files, even with ISO, CUE and IMG files.
# It lets you split the selected file into multiple files at the same location.
# It lets you merge multiple files into one file at the same location.
# It sports a solid configuration setting for manipulating and extracting contents of the files.
# It doesn’t have any customization features for giving your app a personal touch.

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RSSme is a lightweight software that can work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10. It is a very useful and easy-to-use RSS creation software that can help you create and design RSS posts without any prior knowledge in this area.
With RSSme, you can create posts and customize them to fit your needs. The app is well-designed and packed with a variety of useful features that can turn your post creation into a piece of cake.
Plus, it can create posts for blogs, magazines, businesses, news websites and Twitter, as well as for forums, social networks and newsstands. In other words, this RSS editor can create posts for practically any website out there, making it one of the best RSS editors available.
Furthermore, it lets you combine several RSS items into a single post. It can help you parse your RSS items, adding titles, links and tags, it can handle images (in GigaPixel format), it can rearrange the items as per your convenience and it can even hide duplicate posts.
RSSme can automatically detect the formatting of your content and, thanks to this feature, it can instantly rearrange the content to match any desired format.
All things considered, RSSme is an indispensable software for those looking for a top-notch RSS editor.
WordBurner is a flexible, yet simple-to-use, utility that lets you build your own PDF.
Portable package
WordBurner packs a portable package, making it easy to install and uninstall. The software won’t leave any traces on your computer, as long as you use the same version of the package.
Incredibly simple to use
WordBurner doesn’t require any technical knowledge from the user. This program is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. The interface is simple, clean and intuitive.
The user guide gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started.
Create as many articles as you want and link them together in order to create your own web page. It is important to understand that your articles can be linked using both relative and absolute URLs.
Keep in mind that all of the articles you create can be encrypted, which will help you protect your privacy. You can also add DRM protection, but you can also encrypt your files in the absence of DRM.
You can apply one or more content protection schemes to protect your work from unauthorized access and redistribution. Furthermore, you can even embed links

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.5 GHz, AMD Athlon XP,
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 2 GB
Graphics: 256 MB Video Memory
Graphics Card: OpenGL 2.1 Compatible
Graphics: 256 MB Video Memory–MacWin.pdf

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