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1. Select File⇒Open. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the files from the CDP tutorial (`c:\Work\chapter3`). Select the `colors.psd` file and click Open. The file opens. 2. The panel on the left side shows the image that has been loaded. The panel on the right side shows the layers in the image. The Layers panel is divided into three horizontal areas. The top is Layer, the center is History, and the bottom is the Mask panel. An arrow is placed in each area to point to the currently active area. 3. The layers in the image are shown in the Layers panel. In Photoshop, when you see layers, you’re looking at the layers as they are in the image. For the majority of the image, there is one layer. However, some layers are there because the image was originally from a template. 4. To change the properties of a layer, right-click on the layer and select Layer Options from the shortcut menu. Alternatively, you can open the Layer Options dialog box by pressing the F key on your keyboard. 5. The Layer Properties panel contains the information about the layer. It contains the following settings: * **Blend If:** This setting allows you to indicate that you want the layer to be visible or hidden based on what happens in the other layers below it. You can set this property to Add, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, XOR, and Difference depending on your editing task. To edit this property, click in the drop-down menu box and choose your preferred setting. * **Opacity:** This setting indicates the percentage of the layer’s transparency. The possible values are: 100%, Opaque (or Opaque 100%), Filled (or Filled 100%), Visible (or Visible 100%), and Mask. You can use this property to adjust the opacity of a layer’s transparency. The Mask setting indicates that a mask will be added to the layer, creating a new layer over the existing layer. You can modify the mask settings later on in this tutorial. * **Layer Mask:** A layer mask is an extra layer that’s applied to the layer. The layer mask can be used to apply effects or adjust opacity to the layer. * **Name:** This property is for naming a layer

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Elements makes use of 3D paint by 3D-content creator, 3D Voyager. Where does Photoshop Elements come from? Photoshop Elements is the younger brother of Adobe Photoshop. Adobe released Photoshop Elements 10 in 2009. Adobe acquired the Elements software business from E-M Power, Inc. back in 2010. Elements 9 and 10 use the same interface as Photoshop. Elements is a shareware software – therefore it has a time limit before it can be permanently licensed. Features Elements is an affordable software for photo editing and design. It’s a single-purposed software that includes advanced features for editing photographs, photo retouching, photo collage, photo-editing, image and graphic design and sharing. Core features of Photoshop Elements 11 include: Advanced photo editing and design (Image: Adobe) Smart Sharpen (Image: Adobe) Auto Smart Blur (Image: Adobe) Flame effects (Image: Adobe) Shape tools (Image: Adobe) Layer masks (Image: Adobe) Clip Paintbrush (Image: Adobe) Color Picker (Image: Adobe) (Image: Adobe) Convert to Photo (Image: Adobe) Distort and Transform (Image: Adobe) (Image: Adobe) (Image: Adobe) (Image: Adobe) (Image: Adobe) (Image: Adobe) (Image: Adobe) (Image: Adobe) (Image: Adobe) Adobe is an innovative company and its various apps give customers the chance to edit their photos and develop ideas in creative ways. Our advanced tools allow you to perform a wide variety of tasks on your photos. You can edit photos digitally, add special effects, colorize them, create photo collages, crop images, merge multiple photos, etc. The application is available for macOS, Windows and iOS. You can also try Photoshop Express, an app that uses the cloud to get high-quality images for you without installing anything on your computer. You can use Photoshop Express to edit and perform other tasks on your images. The software includes many more features than the previous version. With Photoshop Elements 11: You can 05a79cecff

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Brexit Trade Negotiations: Marking Time for United Kingdom The United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union (EU) and begin negotiations to establish a new trade relationship with the EU. The United Kingdom is seeking to establish a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the EU. The FTA’s will help British Companies to do business within the EU and the EU market. The deadline is set for March 2019. The United Kingdom has already undertaken a study on the costs that have been incurred by the United Kingdom to do business within the EU, so future costs would need to be factored in. Currently, the United Kingdom is the 5th largest exporter in the EU, the UK government is hoping that a trade deal with the EU can be found quickly. The United Kingdom is set to negotiate with the EU to establish a trade deal that would mean a lot to both parties involved. The United Kingdom as a nation has an interest in establishing a trade relationship with the EU. The United Kingdom is one of the world’s largest economies; if the United Kingdom had a trade deal with the EU, this would benefit their economy. They are already the 5th largest trading nation in the world and negotiations with the EU would help to grow the UK economy further. The British company Inditex is set to be one of the main targets. Inditex manufactures an array of fashion branded products including Saint Laurent, Zara and Lacoste. An unknown amount of Inditex products are purchased by the EU, however the majority of them are exported back to the EU. The potential effects of Brexit on Inditex is the loss of revenues that are previously received from the EU. Inditex has factories in Spain and Portugal. This would mean that British companies exporting to the EU could only trade with companies within the EU to cover all the goods produced, therefore the cost of doing business with other countries outside the EU would be higher. Inditex could also face issues with running costs. Inditex employs around 18,000 people with most working from Spain. This could put them into difficulty if the EU is not prepared to offer a suitable deal. This may mean employees would lose their jobs due to the loss of European funding. The main concern for those with a British accent is the possible loss of the NHS (National Health Service) and education, services that are provided within the UK by the government. The NHS is well known for its level of care and access. If a trade deal is

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01 Brushes in Photoshop provide a large range of effects. These can range from realism to specific effects, such as burn, saturation, etc. 02 Some brushes have an underlying look to them that allows you to easily create a specific look. 03 Brushes differ from pens, which only move the color. They also often have an underlying look. 04 Brushes provide a large range of possible results. 05 Brushes can have an effect applied to them, making them more realistic. 06 Tint is used with brushes to provide a subtle change to the look of an image. Typography 01 Photoshop comes with a number of text and font tools. 02 Typography is used to manually apply text styles to an image. 03 Typography allows you to easily apply text styles to an image. 04 Typography also allows you to place text in various locations on an image. 05 Typography allows you to adjust the alignment of text on an image. 06 Typography allows you to rotate text. Light and Shadow 01 The Shadows features allows you to add shadows to an image. 02 Shadow allows you to place shadows on an image. 03 You can add shadow effects to various parts of an image such as the background, objects, and the foreground. 04 You can also add shadow effects to the edge of an image. 05 The angle of shadow effects depends on the direction in which they are applied. 06 You can adjust the intensity of the shadow. Patterns 01 A Pattern is a texture that can be used to provide a new look to your artwork. 02 Patterns can also be used to place an image under another image. 03 If a pattern is placed in an image, it cannot be removed or edited. 04 You can create Pattern or Gradient Paints that you can copy and paste to other images. 05 You can adjust the visibility of pattern effects. Gradients 01 A Gradient is used to create some of the most

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP3 Processor: 2.8GHz Dual-Core or equivalent RAM: 1GB Hard Disk: 2GB Graphics: 256MB Video card with Pixel Shader 2.0 support or equivalent Recommended: Processor: 2.8GHz Quad-Core or equivalent RAM: 4GB Hard Disk: 8GB Graphics: 1024MB or greater Video card with Pixel Shader 3.0 support or equivalent


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